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        Topical or Oral Administration 
    of Medical Marijuana Cannabis


                 Alternative ways to take your marijuana cannabis medicine!

            Medical Cannabis Topical Cannabalm (anti-cancer) Ocean of Lotion

        Happy Capsules Oral Intake Of Medical Marijuana

      Smokeless Marijuana Ingestible Marijuana

       Topical application of a natural endocannabinoid  
effective in reducing pruritus in clinical study

     Making Medical Marijuana Cannabis Tinctures: Alcohol And Glycerin Methods


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Five Topical or Oral Administration Ways
of Taking Your Medical Marijuana Medicine

Place 4 oz of leaf marijuana in a large pot of water with 1.25 cups of olive oil, bring to a boil and simmer at a low boil for 3-4 hours. Cool the mixture and strain through cheesecloth (wring well). save the liquid and discard the leaf. Refrigerate until the olive oil solidifies at the top. Peel away olive oil (this has the cannabinoid’s in it) and discard the water. 

For a salve (this is how my Curandera does it) melt 1/4 cup beeswax into the cannabinoid solution and allow to cool. I prefer to make a lotion by adding 2 cups aloe vera gel instead of beeswax.

 For cooking purposes: Use 1 pound of butter instead of olive oil. after straining , cooling and peeling, use the "puna butter" in place of oil in your favorite recipes. BTW, this is the formula I have been trying rectally the last three days. I am now using a frozen chunk about 1/2 the size of the cap of a Bic pen. I use it once a day. My knee pain is under control and for the first time in the last year, my hemorrhoids aren’t bothering me at all. The psychoactive effect is nominal at this dosage. I will continue to titrate my dosage up until I find a dosage that balances my psychological needs with my physical needs.

 More About Topical Marijuana Cannabis Usage Application & Treatment Method 

You are quite correct that the Cannabinoids are "lipophilic" in general which means they are absorbed into the cell membrane. Whether or not the Cannabinoids make the transit through the various layers of the derma remain problematic. Antidotal evidence indicates that topical tincture application is, in fact, efficacious.

Two of the major questions I have is whether or not tinctures really work topically and the difficulty in having enough cannabis to produce effective tincture. Most tincture is made from leaf. Tincture from kief or flowers would be far better but who has the supply to use such products for tincture?

Both osteoarthritis and muscle spasm from diabetes and MS are major indications for tincture relief. We know that there is a rich Cannabinoid receptor field in the soma which tincture could interact with, even without psychotropic effect. You are absolutely correct that much research needs to be done on this topic quickly. My guess is that patients are already conducting their own personal research and we should listen to them.

I read your article on Topical Administration of Medical Marijuana and Ingestion 

Cannabis being in an oil and our bodies being water based, we need it in a form that breaks the blood brain barrier (i may have said it wrong but close). Ingesting cannabis like in your article still pass’s a lot of undigested thc. The key to getting most of it to be absorbed is emulsification. Just like your article you choice the carrier oil of your choice. I like olive and sesame oil best. I do all this on the stove, in frying pan. If you ave a gas stove MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF THE GAS WHEN ADDING ALCOHOL. 

 I prefer everclear best or good vodka will do. After you have cannabis in oil heated up I add one once of alcohol which pulls the THC out of the plant, instant tincture, put right into oil. I then strain plant material out, and put oil back in frying pan and add three tea spoons of lecithian powder per gram of cannabis. After lecithan has melted I let simmer for about 45 minutes. I then use this to make any meal smoothies, eggs, pasta, it makes the best pesto to put on pasta and your traditional brownies. This can give you a 6-8 hour body high, very good muscle relaxer.

Now for topical application, you have heard of Super blue Stuff, I make Supper Green Stuff and bath salts. Emu oil is the most penetration oil I have ever tried, better then DMSO I think. This is probably to expensive for the average person, but it works.

You can make hash oil quickly distilling it or the slow way machinating it in alcohol, which is making tincure and evaporating off the alcohol. I take a 1/4 oz of hemp seed oil in extremely small pan 2" and gently heat 180 degrees and dissolve 3-8 drops of cannabis oil into it. Then I let it cool down and add 3 drops of birch oil, 8 drops rosemary, and 3 drops thyme oil and one vitanine oil capsule as preservative or evening primrose oil. These are volatile oils and it is important for oil to cool down before adding essential oils. I then mix this into 3/4 oz. of emu oil. Dab a little on you and it goes a long way.

I find the most powerful use to be bath salts. I take the above oil and add 15 eye drops to a cup of epsom salts and blend it in. Fill up bath tub with hot water. sit down and add to water, behind your back, use hand to help dissolve in water. Lean back and have an electrifying experience. It goes right to spine and spots that hurt on body.


Lupulin (Hops resin)………. 3 parts Valerian Root………………….. 3 parts Cannabis “shake”…………….2 parts

Tincture 1:4 in 65% alcohol. When finished, add enough fresh Pulsatilla (Anemone) Tincture to bring final strength to 1:5 potency. A narcotic-analgesic, especially for referred visceral pain. Dose 15- 45 drops as needed.

Here is another recipe for a tincture of medical marijuana

Taking a hint from the bubble hash makers, will work wonders. Remember, oxidation is the destruction of medical use of pot. Take the alcohol, that has been kept in the freezer for at least 12 hours, put in a blender with an equal volume of ice cubes and the herb. Blend until all the ice is melted and the herb is finely shredded. Do not under any circumstances allow this mixture to warm. The evaporation process described below will severely decrease potency. Seal in a glass bottle and keep in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use, and store the rest in the same cold storage. The amount of alcohol is not significant in medical use. The loss of potency in tincture form was a major cause of the alleged unreliability of pot tincture for medical use in the 18/1900’s. With refrigeration and light exclusion, this can be overcome.

1 ounce Cannabis, Roughly Chopped
1 pint 95% Ethanol (190 Proof)

Place the cannabis and ethanol in a large glass Mason jar. Shake at least once a day. Place the jar in a brown paper bag. Leave in a warm spot, like near the window, for 30-60 days. The mixture should turn a very dark green. Strain with a cheesecloth like in the cold method, making sure to squeeze any excess liquid. This tincture has a nasty taste, but it is very powerful. It may upset fragile stomachs. You should take the tincture orally in cranberry juice or coffee with sugar. Store your tincture in a light-blocking glass jar in a cool, dry place (like the refrigerator or freezer). You can keep the cheesecloth in the freezer as well and apply it over an area of the skin for a few minutes with gentle rubbing.

The main difference between this method and the cold method is the preparation of materials. Light must be avoided also.

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