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  Buying Mail Order Pot-Marijuana Online MOM Providers
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  Secret Mailing Loophole’s They Don’t Want Anyone To Know 
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  Small Amounts Of Pot, Hash Or Cannabis Seeds In The Mail.
 Always Keep It To Small Amounts Only 7 to 14 Grams Max!


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     Sending or Buying Pot Thru The Mail? Marijuana Seeds, Medical Marijuana?
         Buying Pot Online, Cannabis, Marijuana Seeds Online Thru The Mails?

ONLINE NEWS REPORT SECURITY NEWS EXPOSE’ 2-20-13  Uncle Sam Out Of Cali, Has Started Putting Holes In Some
 Of The Corner’s Of The Small "Priority Mail Box’s!" & Assuming They Are "Trying To Use a Scope To Peek Inside?"
 Some Box’s!  "Without A Legal US Federal Warrant!" ALL US Postal Mail Requires A Warrant From A US Federal Court
 Judge! Before Any US Mail Can Be Opened For Inspections! (Excluding US Customs Checks) Just Double Check
  Your Inside Packing Stealth? Make Sure That There Is NO Visibility Thru Either 2 Vacume Bag Layers! And Pass On
  The Bad News On Any Forums Of This NEW Security Check Method! So Far So Good ! With No Loss’s Being Reported
 They Can’t See Thru The Inside Packing Stealth. So Its NOT Going To Effect Any US Based Patients! The Online MOM
  Caregivers Are ALL Aware Of This! It Only Has Occurred 3 Times At This Point Of Time. & The Scope AIN’T Seeing





This News Report Expose  is just for Patients, Caregivers & Providers Information or Research or
 Knowledge Only! Legally We Can Not Recommend Or Suggest  That You Try This Information,
 It Is a Crime If You Do
, Please Seek Legal Advice From A Lawyer First. This is just a Online News
 Report Expose’. Our Free Speech "PROTECTED" By the US Bill Of Rights. If you ignore our warning,
 You do so at your own risk!! We are not responsible for anything that you may do or try with this News
 Report Information!  Please Seek Legal Advice From A Lawyer Before Doing Anything That
 Might Be Illegal Where You Live.

  This News Report Expose’ Page, Was written so that Any Medical Patient! No Matter where they live! 
  No Matter How Big or Small the Town or Country you live in is! Can have the Information needed to
 "Not to have to settle for that Cheap! Nasty! Swag, (Dirt Weed)", Which is totally useless
 quality wise for any valid medical usage. That you get from the Local Streets! & For those
 Older Invalid Patients who have no idea where to find their much needed marijuana medicine locally.

   For All The Visiting Federal Drug Agents Here Checking This Page & Website Out!

      Original Drawing Of A Victorian "Tea Party" (Marijuana) Circa Mid 1860’s

 So I Hope Everyone Can Hopefully Understand That, "I Walk a Very Thin
 Grey Line Legally"
  With My Work I Do Online With My Fellow Sick Patients,
  & The Knowledge & Information "That I Have Posted Here Online" For The 
  Sick Online Medical Patients Here On My Website. I Can "NEVER" Cross 
  That Thin Grey Line Ever! Or They Will Shut Me & My Website Down "EXTREMELY FAST". 

  They Are Just Waiting & Have Been Trying For Over 11+ Years Now, To Get Me To 
  Cross That Line. Or Any Other Excuses They Can Think Of To Try To Trick Me 
  Or Entrap Me Into "Doing Some Illegal Act".  But I Never Do!   I Provide & Post Online 
   Only As Much News Information, Knowledge, & Years Of Research As I Can Do Legally.  
   Regretfully I Am Not Legally Able To Assist Any Patient With More, Then Just The 
   Information That I have Posted Here Online Or On Any Message Boards That I May Visit. 
   "I Can Not Assist Anyone Ever" in buying their needed Medical Marijuana-Cannabis Online. 
   These News Exposé’s Pages Are Regretfully The Only Form Of Assistance At This Time, 
    That I Can Legally Give A Sick Patient. 

  With the Knowledge & Information that is posted here, Hopefully It Will Enable Any 
   Sick Disabled Patients Or Caregivers, To Learn What They Need To Know To Learn 
   How To Help Themselves Or A Sick Loved One, & Stay Healthier & Safer When Online. 
   Knowledge Is The Power To  Learn How To Live A Better Quality Of Life, Despite 
  The Medical Problems That You Might Be Going Through In Your Life.. 
                                    Sincerely Chris K. /OLP


                      Patriotism, Activism and Ripples of Change

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so
 when it violates the rights of the individual." 
Thomas Jefferson

           How to avoid being scammed or ripped off, when buying 
         your medical marijuana medicine online, News Report Expose!     
           How To Avoid Being Scammed When Buying Medical Pot Online
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Do Not Even Waste Your Time Ask Us To!"

 We "Can Not & Will Not" even give a view on which MOM to chose from. 
And that even includes the Mail Order MOM’s Posted Here!

We can though post the "Hall Of Shame Section" Of the MOM’s whom have been proven 
in the past to be "Online Scammers & Thieves!" & Whom You Should Avoid Like The Plague!

  Time For An Update & Reminder Of The Online Pot’s Online News Reports Exposé’s

   We Are Constantly Everyday Updating The News Report Information Posted Here!
   There Is "No Need" To Email Me For " The Latest MOM News!" If I know Of Any New MOM
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 Also Please For "Your Own Sake" You Seriously Need To Keep Your Amounts DOWN!!!  to only 1/8th’s- 1/4’s- & 1/2’s Oz’s ONLY!   
"Do Not Go Above These Levels!!  With ANY MOM!" This Is What Helps Keep You Safe!  And Far Less Likely To Get Scammed,  And
 Or Loose Less, When Or If a MOM Service "Suddenly Shuts Down For Any Reason." Or Loose An International Letter To The Green Tape Monster?

We Will Always Love To Get Your Feedback & Input On The MOM’s?  Good & Bad
    Feedbacks! Whether They Are Advertiser’s Here Or Not! Or Listed On Another Website Or
    Message Forum! So Come "Whisper In My Ear" No One Will Ever Know Who Told Me What 
   You Tell Me & Who It Comes From? &  Working Together Is The Only Way We Are Going
   To Keep The "Online Scammers" At Bay"

                                          Sincerely Chris K.
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   Remember you can always set up a small closet grow room to handle
   your own personal medical marijuana needs. Our grow guides section
   has plenty of options for you to consider, To teach you all you need to
   know to learn how to grow your own medical marijuana medicine
  100’s Of Marijuana Grow Guides  

   Why Spend Your Money Supporting Foreign Drug Cartels? Or Street
   Gangs & Getting Crappy Street Swag.  Grow Your Own Medicine! 

         High Grade Medical Quality Marijuana Seeds Buy Online
             International Marijuana Cannabis Seed Banks!

          Magic Vacume Machines Shrinks Wrap Your Medical Marijuana 
    Before Mailing! or Storage & Increase Your Medicine Safety & Freshness

       For those who don’t have access to vacuum sealer, 
               these reported seem to work very well.


 Plausible Deniability And Evasion Of Burden Of Proof A great PDF. on the in’s & outs of
 Deniability, & Them Being Able To Proof You Had ANY Knowledge of things that might happen?
 Or things that might appear in your mail.   By Professor Douglas Walton From Department of
 Philosophy,  University of Winnipeg Canada.

              OnlinePot Tip Of The Day

       For those of you who would like to vacume seal your
         items for the "Flattest Most Outcome Possible" 

         Magic Vacume Machines Shrinks Wrap Your Medical Marijuana 
    Before Mailing! or Storage & Increase Your Medicine Safety & Freshness

Take 2 pieces of either cardboard paper or light plastic,
find some thing really thin, Insert the "Items To Be Sealed"
in between these 2 pieces before you place the whole
thing inside the vacume sealer bag, Then hit The Sealer Button

 By having the other 2 pieces of construction paper of thin plastic or
  whatever other material "Inside" the vacume pack during the sealing
  process, It will allow the final finish vacume pack to be "Maximum Super
 Thin" As in no more need for "Bubble Envelopes" or any other types of 
 "Bulky Mailing Methods". Which "Do" Get More Attn. From Customs Inspectors

  You can use plain Legal Size Letters Envelopes, & Can have them
  come out "No Thicker" then a Normal Business Letter Bulk Mailing
  would be looking like.

And then use your computer to print up the letter envelope for a return
  address of a business, & Use a computer printer to print the send to
  address as well. & Then Just Keep Changing The Names Of The
 Business’s that you are using on your "Return Address" That way it
 will make it next to impossible for them to spot "Your Mailing Patten"  

    & You Will  Have The Ultimate 7+ gram " Stealth Letter"

With that "Stealth Letter Zipping" right on thru those pesky "Check Points" 
Stealth Letters Will Beat The Bubble Packs On Security & Safe Arrivals Every
 Time! With A Little Experimentation On Your Part, & Lost Letters Will Soon
  Become Just An Occasional "Fluke Mailing Occurrence" 4% to 7% Max

  & If You Mail A Lot? Get The Best Vacuum Sealer You Can Buy.
  Because You Do Get What You Pay For With Sealers, The Better Ones
  Just Do So Much Of A Better Job, & You Get a Much Better Finished
  Outcome With The Vacuumed Sealed Package.

 Vacume Sealers Are Also So Extremely Handy To Use In Your Own  Kitchen.
 Vacume Sealed Packs Will Last For Years, If The Items Are Properly Cured & Dried.

 Now if when you do re-open the vacume packs, & If you would like to
"Refluff Up The Items" Some more back to what they were before you
 sealed,  Then use those old canning jars, Put the "Items" that you just
  unsealed from the vacume sealer into the canning jar, Add in a Nice
 Big Crisp Piece Of Fresh  Lettuce, & Then seal up the canning jar

 1. The moisture for the lettuce will help refluff up your items again overnight. 

 2. Lettuce has almost ZERO taste to it, So it won’t add any major
 amount of "Foreign Taste" to your "Item" from the Moisture of The

Online Law Enforcement Federal Drug Task Force Counter Intelligence!!!
A MUST READ! For Every Marijuana Webmaster or MMJ Message Boards Owners 
& Mods! Online Law Enforcement Federal Drug Task Force Counter Intelligence!

G.W. Bush Pushes The Envelope & Signs Law On U.S. Spying Into Your Mail

How To Fund & Use An E-Gold Account Securely & Anonymously

  New regulations for mail coming into Canada, Please read carefully.

         U.S. opening some private mail in terror fight


 Plausible Deniability And Evasion Of Burden Of Proof A great PDF. on the In’s & outs of Deniability & Them Being Able To Proof You Had ANY Knowledge of things that might appear in your mailbox.  ../96deniability.pdf

Now on those rare occasions when thru shoddy packing & using a US Based service & you do get a phone call or a knock on the door concerning them finding an illegal substance in a letter sent to your address. The name of the game at this point is that you should be shocked that someone unknown to you, would would send such a nasty disgusting illegal substance to your address & thank them for finding it!  & maybe rant on that it must have been those dam 9/11 terrorist or some such nonsense! Feel free to use your imagination! The one thing that you NEVER DO! is to debate the failed drug war with them! You should appear to be just shocked that some unknown despicable person would send something like that to your house! 

     Say Nothing Ever!   Always DENY!  DENY!  DENY!

Normally only about 4 to 5% of packages May get inspected by US CUSTOMS. They just Do Not have the Manpower or the time to check more. & about 90% of the time, if a letter gets found out. normally its because The Sender DID NOT PACKAGE IT RIGHT!  US Customs will slit open 1 end of the letter & try to see if they can "Fish out" anything illegal. "If" Its packed right they can slit the end of the envelope & still NOT find your much needed medication.

3 Fold Brochures work great for concealing small amounts of Medical Marijuana in Letters. Place the meds inside the 3 fold brochure & then glue all the folds together. Then Place a couple other paper items in the envelope with the 3 fold brochure.

 If you Vacume seal the medicine when you put it in the brochure, You can fit up to 14 to 15 grams inside just a normal legal size business envelope. To help get the vacume seal pack flatter take 2 pieces of either light card board or plastic or some other  material & place the meds inside it, & then seal it in the vacume seal pack. It will help seal it so flat a normal letter can be sent with with no bugles at all. If you package it right! You will not be able to tell that its not just a Normal Business Letter, Also be sure to use a computer to print up the address labels on all letters.

    We have Never seen the "The Green Tape Monster"  on any letters when they were using

                1. A Company’s Business Envelope 
                2. Mailing & Return Address Printed On A Computer
                3. Vacume Sealed Or Heat Sealed
                 4. A slight change in the receiver’s "legal name"
                   Drop a letter or add a letter to the last name.
                   This gives the receiver "Legal Deniability" Its
                    Not even their real legal name!  

         No Bumps, No Bulges, & A Business Envelope 

                     = No US Customs Inspectors

             & "No Green Tape Monster" Eating your Letter.

& To The Online Service Providers!  Always have it the back of your head on ways to change every once in a while the outside look of
 your mailings, Varity is a good thing!  & Very much necessary for long term survival. It makes it almost impossible for them to spot
 your mailing pattern, If you start losing letters, then that means they have spotted your pattern. Time To Change Mailing looks, As
 well as working on improving your stealth. 

Multiple lost letters happen for 2 main reasons 99% of the time, 1. Bad Stealth. 2. US Customs has got your outside shipping pattern
 looks down. Its always best to stay below 10 grams for the stealth. Its always better sending 2 separate. 10 grams vacuumed sealed
 totally flat normal business looking letters whizzing right on thru US Customs, Then 1. big 20 gram bubble package taking the odds
 of being opened & Lost to the Green Tape Monster. The Stealthier One Will Always Win :):) Once you get your letter stealth down pat,
 A legit lost letter will be a very rare occurrence. Which means more reliability for your medical patients & less problems for both of
 you. & Less Free Resends you will end up having to send out. 

If you use a business envelope from legit Company’s It will just look like a normal company mailing, Just print up a few fake company
 envelopes on your computer printer. We knew a good Swiss Service who took the time to do it just right! &  He NEVER lost a letter!
 Even during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, When every other service shut down for a few weeks, His letters were making it safely right on
 thru US Customs Safely!

            It only costs a dollar or so to package a secure letter properly.   

 We are also suggesting now that if you are going to send a Medical Get Well Card to a patient, That you really should go pick up a
 box of either hospital or food prep plastic gloves, Any drug store will now carry them. They are only a couple bucks for a good size
 box of them. & It will prevent your fingerprints from being found on the inside of the package!  It’s Always Better Being Safe! Then Sorry!

 For those who mail Medicine to other Medical Patients!!

Always use First Class US Mails to ship medicine!! First class mail the Federal, State, or
 Local cops need a warrant from a Federal Judge to open it. & Federal Judges Do Not like to
 open US Mail.
Remember that US Customs can open any package, letter, box, or whatever.
 With no warrant needed Its their job to. 

                Non 1st class mail the cops Do Not even need a warrant to open it!

                  No Warrant Is Even Needed For any FedEx or UPS Mailings, 

 US Priority Mail Boxes or Priority Flat Envelopes  2-3 day service works great for mailings, They also have a Global Priority
 Package too, & Nice thick cardboard envelopes for that NO Bumps feel. Low cost presently
 only $5.45. 2-3 day delivery Anywhere in US,  & It Does Not require a signature to be delivered
 & You Can Get A Tracking Number, They can be bought right out of any post office cash machine. 
& Then just dropped into any one of the Big Blue Mail Boxes. & That’s about as anonymous as you can get. 
& Always  remember to wear those cheap latex hospital gloves when putting together a get well card for a 
patient, To make sure no pesky fingerprints end up where they shouldn’t be. & Be Sure To Change 
A Letter In The Receivers Name When Mailing A Get Well Card.  

                 To Give Them Legal Reasonable Doubt & Deniability

The US Post Office Handles 150+ Billion Pieces Of Mail Each Year, Being
 Delivered To 155+ Million Different Address’s. So The Odds Of Them Finding
 Anything So Small "7 to 10 grams MAX". Once Its "In The Mail System" It Is Next 
 To Impossible. A "Stealth Letter" Packaged Right With Vacume Sealing, 

 Which Makes Their Odds Of Being Able To Find It So Small.  It’s Dam Near Laughable.   

Mail Tracking System Raises Privacy Fears  

Copy of letter from US Customs when they find pot in a letter! A letter is all that happens when they find a small amount.

DEA Congressional Testimony on Smuggling Drugs thru the Mails 

Here is a small PDF File from The USPS, Its really Just A Fluff Piece written so the feds think that they are stopping drug shipments! This does not apply to less then 10 or 15 grams or so, They want to stop the big boys those that are shipping pounds! About Mailing large amounts of Drugs_05.pdf  

Drug Dealers Use U.S. Postal Service as Courier  


The Post Office could report YOU as a drug dealer or a terrorist Just for buying an
 international money order. 
             The Post Office Watch Program Is Called "Operation Eagle Eye"

                  Attn: All Service Providers & Patients! 

  All Medical Marijuana Packs Should Be Labeled With, Strain Name, & Clearly Labeled As
 Medical Marijuana, Packaged date, Where Grown, & Net Weight. As medical patients we
 need to know exactly what we are putting in our body’s. & All Medical Patients Should
That Our Medicine Is Clearly Labeled with all necessary information that we need to
 know. All our food & other medicine is clearly labeled.

                          So Should Our Medical Marijuana.    

"The government is going to learn what the music industry is learning. The Net is a wall buster," says technology journalist Jon Katz, who wrote the "Netizen" column for Hotwired and who now
 writes for the tech-news site Slash dot. 

           "It’s not police able. 

There are not enough cops in the world to monitor all the communications and digital commerce that’s going on. The effort to control the flow of drugs into the US is a complete failure with or without the Internet. The Internet is just going to make it harder.

There are millions of new ways for consumers and retailers to find each other. The DEA can sniff all the packages it wants, but it can never make more than even a fraction of a dent in the "Online Mailing Business"

Only 2% to 4% or Less of the letters sent get found! & If its just a small amount less then 15 grams? They just take it out & Put in it’s place a letter telling you its been taken! And to contact such & such address if you wish to claim it? Less then 10 to 15 grams is very easy & "Completely Unenforceable" by the US Customs folks. 

  And Most Good Legit Medical Services WILL Gladly just re-mail another letter for free! Upon proof of the green tape monster.  Its just a cost of doing business for them. & Its just good business sense. A happy medical patient is a repeat medical patient. 

Please keep us informed on How things are going with your importing your medicine from Other
 Medical Cannabis Friendly Country’s, &  Service Providers, We want to hear the good news on
 arrival’s, As well as the Bad, By letting us know, It should help us to keep any "Rip-off
 Artist’s" Out of Business,
  Everybody Needs To Help Everybody. & All The Medical
 Patients Can Stay Safe. If you are concerned about your security? Send the email  from a
 Public Library or a friends computer, Or use encrypted Hush Mail to email us. We do NOT
 even want your name.  Just a report on how that service was is all that’s needed. &
 NOT on your normal email account.

  Do not put your real return address on the package! Use a dummy return address. We 
think its "Only" appropriate to use one of the names & addresses for those "Slime Bags" 
who still arrest valid medical patients, Or a local politician who is openly against Medical
 Marijuana. For a return address on a medical marijuana care package.

 There is very little the cops can do to the patient who gets the medical package!  
Just Always DENY! DENY! DENY!  If the cops even bother to ask! "If" its just a small amount
 (less then 10 to 15 grams) NOTHING will happen. As long as it was sent from a foreign
country. Where US Customs knows the sender is "Outside Their Reach" If its sent from inside
 the country? It does slightly increases the odds of a knock on the door, Because they know
 the sender Is within their legal reach, & They might try to rattle you to get to him. 

                          Always Deny! Deny! Deny! 
              & When you think you are done Denying?

                                 Deny Some More!  

                        As Long As You Say Nothing Else, 
                    They Have "NO CASE" On You At ALL

 But the sender is guilty of a” US Federal Crime"  Punishable by up to 3 years max per
 count. IE. 3 years max for every letter mailed! 

Remember there are many country’s that have Good Marijuana Laws, Not just the Dutch, 
There is England, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, & several
 others! They all have good marijuana laws! or ZERO Enforcement, The US Customs
 checks/opens about 4% to 5% of Dutch mails! because of the XTC & heroin coming out of
 Amsterdam,& they basically catch the medical pot as a by product of sorts, But they also due
 check the letters from all the other country’s! 

There Are Many Legit Providers Out There! You Just Need To Do Your Research FIRST! Take
 what you learn Here & go out in cyberspace & stay on the bigger message boards. & You will hopefully
 find what you seek a little safer, Because now you have Knowledge & Information. Which gives you
 the power to control your own medical choices.

About 95% of just the letters lost are just taken by US Customs or a Pot Head Postal Employee. 
  If you are a legal medical marijuana patient? & If you live in a state that allows small   
   quantities of medical marijuana? Then this is SEMI LEGAL!  Otherwise it is a Crime.  
   But! Its a crime that they Can Not Prove in a US Court of Law that you have done! As 
   long  as you
NEVER admit to ordering it! Or had ANY knowledge it was coming. The most
   that will happen is, On the slim chance it gets caught is US Customs will take the pot out, &  
   Stick a letter in telling you that you have been "A Very Bad Little Boy or Girl"  & That  
   its been taken & Seized. As long as its a small amount only. 7 To 10 Grams MAX Limit.
    What Keeps You Safe Is That It Just Is "Not" Worth US Customs Or The Postal Inspectors
    Time & Financial Budgets, To spend to go after someone with just a 1/4 OZ of Pot in a letter 
    that was sent from a Foreign Country, When they know they have "ZERO Chances" of every
    getting a hold of the sender. So you just get the "Bad Little Boy Or Girl Letter" In Place Of Your
     1/4 Oz  Of Your Medical Marijuana Medicine. BUT! The Whole Ball Game Changes, BUT! If You
     Move Up To Any "Felony Weight Of Pot" That all it takes is for them finding it "Even Just Once


       Always stay below felony weight. & No cop will ever knock on your door!

        BUT! Felony Weight If Found always assures a knock on your door & a  
        Jail Cell & a Butt Load of Cash for a Very Expensive Lawyer & Bail, Jail, 
        Probation, Fines, Community Service. Etc, Etc, Need I Go On?

  Legally we can not provide you with any names or contact information
  for medical providers, That would be a crime under current US Law & 
  We Do Not Break Any Laws Here. We Just Post "First Amendment Protected"
  Information Here.

   So Please! Don’t waste your time or ours emailing us asking us for more  
   contact info or to point you to a provider. The answer will always legally have to 
   be NO Sorry. We Have Posted As Much As We Can Legally Do Legally With
  These Online News Reports Expose’ Pages On This Topic.