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4 Different Plans To Build Your Own Marijuana Cannabis Vaporizers‘s!

Everything You Need To Know To Build Your Own Marijuana Vaporizer 4 Different Step By Step Design Plans.

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In A Vap Vaporizers



MAPS/NORML Study Shows Vaporizers Reduce Toxins in Marijuana Smoke
(maps.Vol.11 Spring – 2001)

The vaporizer produced THC at a temperature of 200 C. (392 F.) while completely eliminating three measured toxins – benzene, a known carcinogen, plus toluene and naphthalene. Temperatures of around 200 C. appear to be most efficient for vaporization. The potency of the cannabis in the study was on the order of 10% – 12%. Significant amounts of THC (around 5%-6%) begin to be released at 180 C., with slightly more (7% or 8%) at 200 C. Carbon monoxide and smoke tars were both qualitatively reduced by the vaporizer.

If Anyone Out There Is Building One Of These Vaps By Hand?
We Would Love To Get Some Step By Step Photo’s To Help Guide The Other Patients. Who May Not Be As Mechanically Inclined As You Are. So Please Feel Free To Submit Your Home Made Vap Photo’s & Directions To Us. To Help All The Other Medical Patients Who Come After You. You Do “Not” Have To Even Use Your Real Name.

Plans To Build Your Own Medical Marijuana Or Cannabis Vaporizer’s 

Plan #1 of 4  Make Your Own Vaporizer Plans

Due to several requests I’ve rewritten my plans for a water cooled vaporizer. Vaporizers work by heating the material to the point that the essential oils are boiled off or vaporized. The tars and other noxious substances are left behind. A witches brew of toxic chemicals are produced whenever anything is burned. By operating at lower temperatures, a vaporizer can deliver the THC to you safely. It also makes the herb go farther.

The idea of vaporizers is nothing new, but this particular design is my own invention. I give everybody permission to build and adapt this for their own use.

I use a 60w bulb for the heating element. This is plenty hot enough. I use a small bulb that was intended for a ceiling fan. You can get them anywhere. I use a piece of wood about 6″ X 12″ for the base. I mounted a light socket on a square of 3/8″ plywood about 4″ X 4″. The small square of plywood with the socket mounted on it is mounted on one end of the 6×12 board.

I used 4 spacers to raise the small square up off the board about 3/4″. This allows the cord to come out. If you want to simplify it you can just drill a hole in the 6X12 board and mount the socket in that. The cord will come out the bottom then, depending on the design of the socket.

To collect the vapor, I use a 2 liter soda bottle. I cut off the top of the bottle so I could fit it over the light bulb (bottle upside down) I then drilled a hole in the bottom of the bottle which was now where the vapors would collect. I put a piece of 1/2″ plastic tubing in the hole and ran it to a jar of water. This cools the hot vapors.

I had another piece of tubing coming out of the jar for a mouthpiece. The jar is mounted on the board next to the light socket. I used a jar with a big cork stopper. I then drilled the two holes in the cork. If you don’t have a drill bit as large as the tubing, enlarge the hole with a small round file. You can use a jar with a metal or plastic lid if you like. Don’t skip the jar because the vapors come off hot and you will feel it in your lungs.

This is the basic setup. You can substitute a few things to make it simpler or to make it more sturdy. Copper tubing instead of plastic is an option. If you have a large glass jar you can substitute it for the soda bottle. If you use a glass jar make sure its large enough to go over the bulb and it should rest on the wood without touching the bulb.

You need some space above the light bulb for the bowl. Its very hard to drill a hole in glass, so you would need to run the tubing from the bottom up to where the top will be. Remember, vapors rise to the top so you want to collect them from the top. I use part of a lamp shade to keep the soda bottle from touching the bulb. I use the part that mounts with the socket and that you attach the shade to. I don’t use the lampshade:-) If you run your tubing up from the bottom, I recommend metal tubing because if it touches the bulb, plastic will melt.

USING IT… Alright we’ve got it put together and now we want to fire it up. I aluminum foil for the bowl. Its easy to shape and you need something light. Make the bowl of just one layer of foil and be sure it is in close contact with the bulb. Chop up your herb very finely. You don’t need very much. Cover the bottom of your bowl with the chopped up or powdered herb. The layer should be less than 1/8″ thick for best results. Put the bottle over the bulb and get the tubing hooked up. Turn the light bulb on, it takes about 30 seconds for the vapor to start coming off. You know what to do now. The vapor will continue to rise for a minute or so. When it slows down quite a bit, turn off the light. Don’t try to get the last tiny bit of vapor out of the herb because toward the end its just tar and such. The herb should be dark brown when you are done. If its black you went too long.

They get up to US $100 or more for a commercially made vaporizer. They are worth it. The one I described here can be made for about 3 to $4 in parts. Maybe a little more if you buy everything new. I built mine in an afternoon, I like mine a lot. Enjoy.

Plan 2 of 3 Of Make a Vaporizer

How To Make A Pot Vaporizer!!

-5 Gallon jug (you need this so the plastic wont melt at the top)
-Small Soldering Iron (with screw off tip)
-Thimble or Brass Plate that is bowl shaped
-Light Dimmer (optional, read about it)

Soldering Iron
Find a soldering iron with a screw off tip.  These can be found at ANY hardware story, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Home Base are obvious examples.  Unscrew the tip.   Find a screw that can screw into the hole you just made by unscrewing the tip.  Just match the width of the hole with the width of a screw that size.  Find a brass plate, or bowl shaped brass plate thing that you can drill a hole into.  One with a hole already in it would be nice.  Drill a hole that is the width of the screw into the brass bowl thing.  Then screw the screw through the brass bowl into the soldering iron.  You are done with this part.

Hooking the Iron to the Jug
This might be hard.  You need to use a cap, that will fit onto the jug, but also allow the soldering iron to go through the cap also.  Its illustrated below how it should look.  If you can get the soldering iron to hook onto the jug, without a cap, do it.  If you can’t, make a hole in the cap that can fit the soldering iron through it, then snap or hook the cap to the 5 gallon jug.

Dimmer Switch
You can also add something called a “Dimmer Switch” which is used to dim or lighten lamps. You can use it with this to lower electricity to the soldering iron.  This lowers the temperature at which the weed burns at, so if you want it to burn and produce more of a “smoke” you can raise the temperature.  Remember, the point of a vaporizer is to make it so the THC doesn’t get burned, because when you smoke it with a pipe under a flame it destroys around 50% of the THC. With a vaporizer only around 5% is destroyed.  This is optional though, soldering irons usually only reach the temperature that vaporizes THC, about 210-220 degree’s.

Now you should have the soldering iron in the jug, and it looks just about ready,….its not. Where are you going to suck the smoke out? This is where a nice drill would come in.  Just drill, or cut a hole in the top of it.

Plan #3  Design For Pocket-Sized Vaporizer

 I noticed an inquiry while searching that asked about a pocket vaporizer. I made/designed one the other day that does not use a battery. It uses a lighter, a one-hitter, and a glass pipette. If you have access to a biology or chemistry lab (which I do) then these are very easy to come by.

Most of my stoner friends have one-hitters (they may go by a different name in your area—they’re the little cigarette-like metal pipes that you can get one to four hits from, depending on packing technique), so I’ll assume that most of the readers here do.

Get your one-hitter, and a glass pipette that fits over it well (mine is extraordinarily air-tight). With a very hot torch (like a propane torch), heat up the glass enough to crimp it about 3/4 inch from one end (not too much…just enough to break up the flame a little bit before it hits the bowl). Wait for it to cool, and then cut the other so that the length between the edge of the crimp and the far end of the glass pipette is about the length of the one-hitter.

Now, put the end of the glass with the crimp onto the one-hitter (with a packed bowl, of course), and light the lighter at the other end of the glass. Inhale. This should heat up the weed about enough to vaporize it. It’s worked for me quite a few times. Actaully, earlier today I took two hits off it from the roach of a blunt and I forgot where my next class was. Fun times, fun times.

 Plans How To Build Carp’s Vaporizer

What is a vaporizer?. This page is designed to answer that question. Not only is this page here to answer that question but to tell you how they work and how to build them. They are by far the best way I have smoked weed and are not hard to make.

What Is A Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device for smoking marijuana. It uses a heat source to heat the bud without burning it, rather vaporizing it.

This produces a white cloud of THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol — the main psychoactive chemical in weed), along with other canniboids (the 61 chemicals found only in the cannabis plants). Since the weed is not burned it is much cooler than a joint and contains very few tars.

How Exactly Does It Work?

The vaporizer uses a heating element rather than burning. A quick look at the THC MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET reveals that THC boils at 392 degrees F.

Thus if it is heated to 400 F the THC boils and produces a vapor. This is not hot enough for it to burn so it does not produce the toxic products of burning.

What Are The Advantages Of Vaporizing?

Well first of all the vapor is not as harsh on the throat (though the taste can take some getting used to). Also THC boils at 392 F but burning it is much hotter and the heat of the burning destroys some of the THC (making it less potent).

I have personally seen 3 people get stoned off a small joints worth of good weed in a vaporizer.

Not only that but a recent study found that water filtration systems are worse for the lungs than joints! This is because the increase the amount of tars in the smoke per unit of THC (thus one must inhale more tars to get the same amount of THC). This same study found that ONLY VAPORIZERS contain less tar per amount THC than joints!

Simple Vaporizer Plans

These are plans on building a simple vaporizer out of a soldering iron, some wood, and a plastic 2 liter bottle.

Of course not everyone has the skills, tools, or time to make their own vaporizer. Fortunately it is possible to buy vaporizers.

The Carp’s Easy Vaporizer

First you will need the following materials:

— A soldering iron
— Flat piece of wood (any wood about 1/2 inch thick…at least 8 inches X 8 Inches)
— Wooden Dowels (long at least 22 inches and about 1/2 inch diameter)
— A plastic 2 liter bottle (the kind with the black part on the bottom)


First cut the flat wood into a triangle with equal 8 inch sides (60 deg. angles)

Second Stain and varnish the wood (or polyurethane).

Choose one side of the flat triangle to be the top Find the exact center of the triangle and mark it on both top and bottom.

Choose a drill bit size such that the soldering iron handle can be set into the hole created by the drill and have the rim on the top (handle end nearest the element) sit on it so it doesn’t fall through.

Drill with this size bit through the center of the triangular piece.

Turn the triangular piece over and mark 3 spots each about 1 inch from the vertex each angle.

Drill through each of these at a 15 degree angle with the smallest bit that the size dowel you have will fit into (snug is good).

Turn the triangular piece to the top.

Pull the plastic bottom piece off of the 2 liter bottle Cut out the middle of this piece (the indented middle part).

Place the black piece over the hole in the center of the wooden triangle and put a two nails through it into the wood.

Use Hot Glue (or better Silicon sealant) around the bottom of the black piece and fill in any cracks in it made in the removal from the bottle.

Place some wood glue in each of the holes on the bottom of the triangular piece.

Put a dowel in each of these holes and gently tap them with a hammer to set them (then let the glue dry).

Put the soldering iron power cord through the hole in the middle (trim the plastic if you have to).

Pull the soldering iron through so that it rests on the base…sticking up into the air.

Cut out the bottom of the 2 liter bottle (make a nice hole as big as you can but so that it still will go into the black piece and fit (leave some of the curved bottom).

That’s it…now just fashion a bowl and your all set.





Fashioning The Bowl
Depending on what soldering iron you use the bowl making is a little different. I usually use a more expensive iron where the tip screws on. It has the threads on the element (like a screw) and the soldering tip had threads like a nut (inside).

When this type is used the bowl is easy to make. There are two ways I have had success with. The first is Tin foil. Just wrap tin foil around the threads where the tip would go and make a little bowl (small bowl is good…like maybe 1/2 an inch diameter).

Heated tin foil is not a healthy thing to breathe, so the suggested bowl would be similar to the one described below.

The next way to make a bowl for this type is to buy a thimble (size 9 works nice). It must be a metal thimble! Take the thimble and make a hole in it (the top) work the hole till it is the size of the threads on the soldering iron. Now try to put it on. If it is too loose then take it off and wrap a few layers of tin foil around the threads and try again (this will tighten it up).

If you use the cheaper soldering irons (the ones where the tip screws in rather than on) then try leaving the tip on and using a larger thimble (much larger).

Using The Vaporizer

Pack the bowl with herb (pack it good) and put the bottle over the soldering iron and place it in the black piece.

Plug it in watch carefully and as soon as you see a white cloud coming up, then unplug it (or else it will get too hot and burn the herb) and wait for it to build up.

Unscrew the cap, push up on the soldering iron (from the handle) and take a hit, replace cap and iron, let it fill, and hit again. Unpack with tweezers and repack (the bowl is small so ya have to repack a lot)


Initial warm up can take up to 5 min. Plug in the iron and leave it on (uncovered and not packed) for a while before first use (you will see why).

You may need to pack it 3 or 4 times for 1 joints worth but I have seen 3 people get stoned off their asses with this little bit (I could not stand after that).

If the bottle is deforming from the heat then it is too hot (don’t leave it on so long) Enjoy!


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