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Good Evening Everyone


Well PayPal & Its mother company E-Bay still has not reinstated our PayPal Service Account, We went thru this about 2 months ago Right after I first started to get Florida ASA Organized. With in the first few weeks, Someone here in Florida are trying to prevent our rights to get the medical marijuana laws changed in this state. They are not man enough to come see me ?Personally?. So they hide in the shadows & try their best to ?disrupt our political attempt? to get laws passed, What most of you probably do not know is that Florida has the worst marijuana laws in the nation.


  PayPal’s Attempts To Silence "Our Constitutional Rights" For Free Speech 



What I would like you to do ?Today & Everyday? is just send a simple email to the following ?4 PayPal email addresses? & asking them to reinstate our PayPal account, with the hopes that they will reinstate our PayPal account, & everyday keep sending in emails to try to put pressure on ?Their Bottom Line?


press@paypal.com,   service@paypal.com,   settlement@paypal.comaup@paypal.com


 In The Meantime Boycott Using PayPal & E-bay!

& Let Them Know That You Are Going To Do This!

Until this situation gets resolved!


.Here is an example of 1 email that has all ready been sent in from ?StarChild? yesterday.


Please reinstate ‘s PayPal account immediately, 



and  issue a statement making it clear that the company erred and will 
not attempt to interfere with free speech in the future. I do not 
 look favorably on companies that discriminate against pro-freedom 
 political activists exercising their Constitutional rights and help 
 bring this country closer to a police state. If not part of the 
 solution (actively supporting liberty), I hope that PayPal will at 
 least not be part of the problem. Thank you, ((( starchild )))


& Here is an email that I sent them yesterday


High  Ho Everyone;


 Dear PayPal We went thru this same bulls*it about 2 
 months ago. My website name is just that "Just A Name" a "Marketing 
 Gimmick Name" OnlinePot.org the word OnlinePot just gives us better 
 search engine placement PERIOD! I have never broken any laws in the 
9+ YEARS that I have been running my websites to promote safe & 
 legal access for any & all sick patients! I am a 20+ plus year 
 "Political Activist" + an "Online News Journalist" & my site 
 receives "4 Million Hits" Each & Every Month! I break no laws, hell 
 I have not even had a knock on my door in the past 9+ YEARS from 
 the cops for any reason!


 I sell no drugs! I grow no drugs, I mail 
 no drugs! & I have not violated the user agreement in the last 9 
 years in any way, shape or form! we went thru this same issue 2 
 months ago & you folks realized that I was breaking no rules & you 
 re-instated my PayPal account. I am a world wide well known 
 "Political Activist & Online News Journalist!" & as things stand 
 right now take a wild guess on "who" my next online dirty laundry 
 news expose" is going to be about??? YUP PAYPAL!


You need to learn 
 pissing off an political activist! & A online news journalist who 
 has 4 Million Viewers each & every month. Who view my news expos??s 
 is not a good idea for you folks to be doing! I have all ready 
 posted online looking for reports & dirty laundry all about 
 "PayPal", Its post on the top of ever page. "All 10,000+ Pages" So 
 the first thing those 4 million viewers are going to see is my 
 request on looking for "Seeking Bad Reports Concerning PayPal, Got 
 Any Dirt Laundry On PayPal? For Future Online News Reports. See for 
 yourselves on my website! http://www.onlinepot.org/index2.htm


 Ever since I started promoting

safe  access for the sick patients here in Florida, Someone has been 
 "Pulling Your Strings" trying to prevent our "Legal Rights" to a 
 free press, freedom of the press, & the constitutional rights to 
 petition own US Government to improve the laws of our great 
 nation! Do you think that some "Piss Ant Corporation called PayPal" 
 is going to scare me any?? If so I would suggest that you seek 
 serious mental health care!


You can either re-instate our PayPal 
   Or get ready for a bad "Public Relation Nightmare" That you can not ever win! 
 The News Journalist will win "Every Time" Because we always get the 
 last word! I do not know exactly who is pulling your strings? But 
 you are being used "To Circumvent Our US Constitutional Rights" & The 
 rights that our beloved soldiers who have fought & laid their lives 
 on the line for the last 250 + Years! You can either reinstate my 
 PayPal account, Or face a Sh*t Storm Of Negative Publicly about 


Stay Well & Stay Safe Everyone


    Owner &
  MMJ Patient, Medical Activist, 
  Online Patients Advocate, 
  Online News Journalist 
  And News Reporter 


Maine Patients Coalition.org

The Reefer Madness Teaching Museum.org



God Made Medical Marijuana!
& God Doesn't Make Mistakes!