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GrowFAQ :

How do I roll a tulip joint?

  Added by: snoofer  Last edited by: snoofer  Viewed: 132 times   Rated by 8 users: 9.75/10
Contributed by: DocChronic
Submitted: February 1st, 2005
Images archived: 2005

lot of people have never heard of a tulip joint. This is why I posted this tutorial. It smokes just as good as any other joint. But it?s my favorite joint because it?s unique. Most people simply roll it up normally, or with the backflip, and maybe now more people will start smoking tulips.

You?ll need: rolling papers, marihuana, cardboard (roach), and a little bit of time.

Step 1: I’m going to skip over the part where you cut up the weed into an even mixture because everyone can cut weed. Make a square shape out of your rolling papers. Depending on the paper, you can cut them down, or put 2 or 3 together, you can do it if you think creatively.

Step 2: Fold the paper diagonally, but leave the gum exposed. You?ll need it to fold over the edges of the paper and make a seal.

Step 3: Lick the gum and fold it over.

Step 4: Fill the cone up with weed and pack it down nicely. You?ll need to leave some space to that you can wrap the tube with some paper and seal it. Start filling the cone with very fine pieces of bud, that way the cone is completely and evenly full.

Now onto the tube?

Step 5: Make the roach. I prefer to use a longer roach, I usually make half of the paper length the roach.A longer roach can do three things. 1)Add structural stability to your joint. 2)Make it easier to smoke the whole way. 3) Cools smoke down a bit. Licking the roach will help it stay rolled up tightly. Some like to heat it a bit with the lighter, its all a matter of preference.

Step 6: Fill the paper with the roach and an even mixture of marijuana, or tobacco.

Step 7: Now roll it up. I used the backflip method because it uses less paper, but you could roll up a traditional fatty if you wanted to. Remember to make sure the tube-like joint is fat enough to support the weight of the tulip, I can’t stress this enough.

Step 8:Insert the weed end of the tube-like joint into the end of the cone, then try to wrap the paper tightly (as possible without slaughtering the joint) with the gummed strip from another paper. Remember, your tube should be fat enough to support the weight of the tulip. You could use string or an elastic to secure the cone to the tube, but you?d be smoking rubber or wool.

Step 9: Slice off a tiny tiny bit at the top so there is a tiny hole, Spark it up, inhale, exhale, and prepare to get lifted

For all of you Dutch tulip appreciators and joint connoisseurs, here are some pictures of a tulip joint smoking in progress.

Note:the weed will not fall out of the cone. The joint will ash itself when its ready.

Since the way it is shaped, the paper is tapered to hold the weed in, ive never had a problem with weed falling out, also, Take EXTREME care in ashing it, I typically just lightly knock the ash off…..

Q: Would this work if the cylinder joint is a cone? I usually roll my joints backrolled-cone style, and feel cone joints burn and smoke better than cylinders.

A: You bet it would work with a cone. But I like to make the joint for the tulip straight because the original tulip is based on a straight tube, and I don’t want to modify the joint that much, I just wanted to get rid of the cardboard tube because you can never finish smoking the actual bulb when you use a cardboard tube., well you can but you’ll be smoking cardboard before you are done the tulip. With this joint, you can smoke the whole bulb, which is what I like about it.

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