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SukonmiSkunk’s Marijuana Cloning Method Step by Step


Found on OZStoners


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Contributed By SukonmiSkunk

Heaps of people ask me how to take clones..when to take clones…so I have done this little tutorial.

Propagation of cannabis can happen a few ways, as explained in Marijuana Botany, by Robert C Clark, an older book but I think its one of the best and every serious grower should have a copy. If you dont have a copy..then I suggest you get one.

Sexual Propagation starts with a male and female plant, once the female has recieved the pollin from the male the seeds will start to form and take about 6-8 weeks to mature..these seeds can be planted and the life cycle begins over…obviously the females are the ones we prize, but we do need a male too. Once you have a pure female then we can think about cloning or what is termed as Asexual Propagation

Clones can be taken at any time of the plants life, but they usually take easier while in vegetive stage, I think because the plant has higher levels of nitrogen, its easier for them to take root, that could be a myth?? Clones do seem to take better while in vegetive stage.

To take clones you will need, a twin batten flouro, with grolux tubes, a humidity crib and heat pad, clone cubes, perlite, a sterile knife, some plastic cups, and some cloning gel..oh also a bucket of clean water and a glass of water.

the plastic cups can be bought from any supermarket.

ok lets start………..

There are 2 size clone cubes, I have used the larger ones. Using a knife, cut the cube into 8 equal parts.

OS Image

All cut up.

OS Image

Here are the cups, using your knife Cut small v’s at the bottom, so water can drain out, one either side should be enough. Fill the bottom with some perlite, about 10-15mm.

OS Image

Cut the cubes so they make a nice snug fit into the cups…not too tight but not too loose either. Leave about 10-15mm at the top for more perlite later.

OS Image