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      Reservoir Marijuana Seed Bank  
    Marijuana Cannabis Seeds Strain Listing

  Strain Rating Reviewers
  Apollo 11 G4

The nexus of Reservoir Seeds’ Apollo 11 hybridization program. “T-Minus three… two… one. We have lift-off.” Strap yoursel…
6 reports
Aroma Terrorist, Calyxander, G-Diddy
Apollo 11 Select

Our own Apollo 11,with the finest parents from multiple generations selected to produce exceptional Apollo 11 genetics. Flo…
Apollo’s Mist

Devout followers of Kali Mist will be astounded at the flawless alchemy between their favorite smoke and the divine Apollo 11…
Apollos Trip

3 reports
Novus, Young Gun, cidney202001
Basic Diesel

A Reservoir Seed Very Limited Release Heirloom SSSC Skunk #1/Basic Diesel (aka M39) x Sour Diesel An exceptional Sour Diese…
Bottle Rocket

Created from BCGA Killer Queen X Grimm’s Durban/Thai~C99 (DTC99) When Cinderella 99,Airborne’s G13 and the Super Sativa Se…
1 report
East Coast Sour Diesel v3

One more step in bringing you the perfect East Coast Sour Diesel mom for your garden. The best and most stable line yet. Fi…
1 report

This hybrid’s so explosive that we decided that only one name would do: Firecracker! A Willem’s Wonder-dominate Willie D mal…

A Reservoir Seeds Very Limited Release Gonzo#1=(Heirloom Skunk#1/Basic5 (aka M39) x William’s Wonder) Two absolute Classics…
Kill Bill

(Killer Queen x William’s Wonder) A Reservoir Seed Limited Release Airborne’s G13,Cinderella 99,and William’s Wonder all me…
Killer Apollo

Killer Apollo is: Killer Queen (AG13/C99) X Apollo 11 (Genius/C99) They love this one up in Humboldt County,clones fly out …

Created from Soma’s NYC Diesel X Grimm’s DTC99 Soma’s exceptional NYC Diesel meets Grimm/SSSC’s Durban/Thai Cinderella 99….
2 reports
shocks, The Accused
Orange Apollo

Did someone say psychedelic? The hippie parents of this lovely hybrid beam with paisley pride over their sunny lovechild. A …
Original Strawberry Diesel

The Original Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough Clone has finally been bred to Sour Diesel! The flowertime’s going to be in the…
Princess Diesel

The Grimm’s Ice Princess meets Sour Diesel. Fat,quick plants that finish at 56 days,with superb yield and specifically bred …

The One the Sour Diesel lovers have been waiting for! The Multiple-Award-Winning Sour Diesel is finally stabilised,in an inb…
Sour Diesel BX 1.5

Sour Diesel Clone X Sour Diesel/Soma’s NYC Diesel. The flowertime will average 65-70 days, those of you who have the itch to …
3 reports
Lenyo-Grande, Blue Marlin, scough
Sour Mist

Four Double Sour Diesel males pollinated this perfect Dutch-Coffee Shop-Hazey Kali Mist Mom.If you’re big into sativas,and do…
Sour Queen

Four Double Sour Diesel males pollinated my top-shelf Killer Queen Mother. Diesel genetics, C99 and Airborne’s G13 all combin…
1 report
Sour Wonder

Williams Wonder X Sour Diesel Flowertime’s gonna run 60-72 days on these and they’re gonna stink like holy hell…and knock …

Created from Paradise’s Sensi Star X Grimm/SSSC’s DTC99 Hard-core indica meets psychedelic tropi-sat….hence,the name! Th…
1 report
The Accused
Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

A Reservoir Seed Limited Release Our favorite Old-Stock Greenhouse Super Silver Haze mother mets Sour Diesel for the matchup…
Thunder Fuckin Wonder

A Reservoir Seed Very Limited Release (Grimm’s Matanuska x William’s Wonder) Two Legends collide,this is the result. Heavy…
Thunderfuck Diesel

Grimm’s MT x Sour Diesel Reservoir Seeds Proudly Presents: THUNDERF*CK DIESEL A 2005 Limited Edition Series Special Release …
Willems Firecracker

This hybrid’s so explosive that we decided that only one name would do: Firecracker! A Willem’s Wonder-dominate Willie D m…
1 report
William’s Wonder BX#2

A Reservoir Seed Extremely Limited Release The second BX to the William’s Wonder Mother,I made these for my own breeding pro…
William’s Wonder IX-1

(The first sibling WW incross) Like William’s Wonder? This is perfect William’s Wonder. Flowertime of 55-65 days,insane yi…
Willie D

Willem’s Wonder X NYC Diesel F1
2 reports
hitman4d4, Rezdog
Wonder Diesel

(William’s Wonder x Sour Diesel) Sour Diesel meets William’s Wonder. The first time around,Sour Wonder sold out too damn fa…
Wonder Haze

A Reservoir Seed Limited Release (GH SSH x William’s Wonder) If growing Haze indoors seems a bit daunting,this will make it…


Recently added reports for Reservoir Seeds
East Coast Sour Diesel v3 from Reservoir… by celtic
Apollos Trip from Reservoir Seeds by cidney202001
Sour Diesel BX 1.5 from Reservoir Seeds by scough
Sour Diesel BX 1.5 from Reservoir Seeds by Blue Marlin
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by tokinafaty420
Apollos Trip from Reservoir Seeds by Young Gun
Sour Diesel BX 1.5 from Reservoir Seeds by Lenyo-Grande
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by zenden
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by cheebacheeba
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by G-Diddy
Sour Queen from Reservoir Seeds by hitman4d4
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by Calyxander
Mindfuck from Reservoir Seeds by The Accused
Speedball from Reservoir Seeds by The Accused
Apollo 11 G4 from Reservoir Seeds by Aroma Terrorist
Bottle Rocket from Reservoir Seeds by hitman4d4
Willie D from Reservoir Seeds by Rezdog
Apollos Trip from Reservoir Seeds by Novus
Willems Firecracker from Reservoir Seeds by pSi007
Mindfuck from Reservoir Seeds by shocks
Reservoir Seeds – Breeder Information  
Rez, the owner of Reservoir Seeds, has been growing and breeding since the late 1980’s. The Reservoir Crew makes their home somewhere in Ad Infinitum, that spinning black void you see just before the lights go….out. Here at Reservoir Seeds, we hope to help you achieve a lofty goal. To always have the best herb in the room! The goal at Reservoir Seeds is, first, to stabilize the SSSC’s Legendary, Original Willem’s Wonder, and secondly, to produce (very) small batch, super high-quality hybrids that you won’t see elsewhere. These seed lots are a one-shot deal, and all are extremely limited in supply.

  International Marijuana Cannabis Online Seed Banks

Marijuana Seeds Review – Reservoir Seeds