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Reeferman Marijuana Seed Bank Marijuana Seed Strains List

  Strain Rating Reviewers
Acapulco Gold X Highland Nepalese

A landrace based F1 that will fuckin’ amaze you. Tops in tokes, true reefer madness up there with Willie Nelson. Like heroin …
Amstel Gold X Blackseed

A classic strain from Prairiefire Seeds, this is a proven producer both inside and out. Great hybrid vigor, this plant makes …
  Apple Pie

Acapulco Gold x Highland Nepalese. True American Weed. A landrace based 100% Sativa hybrid that will fuckin? amaze you. Tops …
  Asia Girl

Thai X Nepalese X Thai X Nepalese X Reeferman’s NL #5. Watch out, Asia Girl has come to town. Super sativa structure but well…
BC Mango

Our unique to Canada Mango is one of our best overall strains indoors and out. She has the intoxicating aroma of Sweet Mango …
Belizean Sativa (Pure)

A sativa landrace collected from Rastas in Belize. Very strong sativa buzz, very motivating, heart racing and potentially par…
  Big Thunder

A cross of Kodiak Gold and a select Humboldt strain, Big Thunder lives up to it?s name, huge plants with huge buds and huge y…
Blackseed (Pure)

Blackseed is a mostly Mexican IBL that dates back to about 1974, and fueled early BC pot culture. It stands as proof that str…
Blue Alaskan (Feminized)

We used our reversed sativa pheno Blueberry to pollinate our Kodiak Gold sativa pheno mother (f-8). This particular Kodiak Go…
Blue Jack

Blueberry X Jack Herer X Reeferman’s NL #5
1 report
  Blue Nepalese

A mostly Nepalese sativa hybrid with some Blueberry sativa in it?s genes, this one finishes fast for a sativa with dry fruity…
  Blue Thunder

A classic Prairiefire Seeds strain rereleased, we’ve taken a trio of exceptional and super stable Kodiak Lavender F9 males an…
1 report
  Blueberry Blast

If quality and commercial yields are what you seek, then this F-1 hybrid of Reeferman’s NL #5 and Blueberry Indica will blast…
1 report
  Blueberry Magic (Feminized)

A select Headstash pheno of Magic Carpet Ride (Headstash X Cambodian) is crossed with the Blueberry Sativa to create some Blu…
Blueberry Sativa (Feminized)

We selfed our sativa pheno Blueberry, this is a rare find, full on purple stocks, very beautiful plants. A 1 in 100 find, med…
1 report

Wow! SOL’s Shiskaberry #3 pollinated with a select Burmese male. Shisk #3 is a hashmakers dream. Shisk #3 is a high yielder, …
2 reports
ReeferMadness1942, prince of dankness
  Burmese (Pure)

A highland cultivated landrace from Burma. True Breeding.
3 reports
Orchidman, WannaBeBreeder, sugabear
Burmese Delight

This one is a gourmet treat, incredibly intoxicating aroma, smooth strong high and talk about flavor. Dipping with resin this…
Burmese X Cambodian

A landrace based F-1. 100% Sativa.
Butterscotch Hawaiian

Description pending…
1 report
Cambodian (Pure)

A true landrace collected in Cambodia and worked so that it’s hermie free. Old style Cambodian plant, squat sativa, slightly …
Canadian Classic

Two Vancouver classics marry to create CC, a select Burmese male pollinates the original Grapefruit clone that fueled the ear…
Charles Kush

Kush lovers rejoice, we’ve crossed a choice Kush cutting with an old school IBL which has increased the potency, taste and yi…
Cherry Berry

Cherry Bomb marries Blueberry Indica selected from the very best parental stock. This holy union will amaze and bewilder you….
  Cherry Bomb II

We have obtained Cherry Bomb from several sources, the original being from California and most recently we obtained Cherry Bo…
5 reports
HighClassHookah, Sensi Shaman, Abusive
Cherry Thai

Cherry Bomb X Oregon Purple Thai. Talk about flavor and soaring high. Medium yielding connoiseur buds, the infamous Cherry Bo…
1 report
China White

Chinese Indica and Nepalese Indica collide in this rare F-1 hybrid. Strong stocky medicinal cannabis, shockingly high yields …
Chinese Indica (Pure)

A true breeding landrace from SouthWest China, this is one fantastic plant. Very resinous buds, sweet and sour aroma, one fin…
Doc Chronic

A hybrid of our vintage Fraser Valley Sativa Hashplant with a refined California Indica, this one has a super rich aroma, gre…
Double Afghan Slam

An F1 hybrid of 2 stable early Afghani lines, Double Afghan Slam is quality outdoor that finishes fast. Great mold resistance…
Early Outdoor Cambodian

Nice very earthy green and gold buds with wine coloured hues, strong indica with a hint of sativa, buzzy couchlock high. Mold…
EII – Early Island Indica (Pure)

A fast hardy mold resistant himalayan indica with nice full colas on a short candelabra frame. Has been inbred by a local isl…
EII X Early Pearl

A cross of 2 stable varieties this one yields well, grows 6-8 feet, makes full light green buds lightly spicy, earthy with a …
EII X Northern White

We selected the mother of this from over 100 seedlings, a high yielding indoor and outdoor strain, buds finish white like Whi…
EII X Thunderbud

A cross of Early Island Indica with a proven local clone called Thunderbud. This one makes resinous rock hard orange bud. A r…
EII X Timewarp Twister

Great yielding early mold resistant outdoor with a fantastic high. This one grows a medium sized shrub with nice full colas d…
1 report
  El Diablo (Pure)

A smooth sativa smoke that tastes like grapefruit with orange undertones, we received this true breeding strain with very lit…
Full Melt Madness

A sweet and fruity Afghani hybrid that is easy to grow, easy to clone, resistant to pests and powdery and as the name suggest…

G-13 x Godbud. You have to go through G-SUS to reach God. A match made in heaven with many redeeming qualities, G-SUS is squa…
1 report
G13 x Burmese

Our G13 Airborne mother was hit with pollen from an elite Burmese father.

A cross of Burmese with our Kali Mist Indica pheno, great AAA commercial strain. Single Cola dominant, works well in tables. …
Great Garberville (Pure)

An old IBL from Garberville, this one was originally a cross of old school Thai and pre-soviet Afghani-Hawaiian and since bee…
Gypsys Kiss

First Lady queen mother of White Widow meets Petrolia Headstash from Northern California. Strong strong medicine, lime greenf…
  Highland Afghani

An early and reliable F-1 hybrid of two highland Afghani cultivars. Makes solid hashy nuggets, some with purple colors. Great…
Humboldt Select

An F-1 cross of 2 select Humbolt varieties. Super stinky and great yielding, fairly bushy. Big Plants. 50% Sativa / 50% Indica.
Kalis Bliss

For lovers of Kali Mist the Reeferman proudly presents Kali?s Bliss an exceptional F-1 hybrid of Reeferman?s Cambodian and Br…
Kings Cross

(King x Charles Kush) x King, this is a backcross to a highly coveted Vancouver Island clone. Compact growth, classic piney k…
  Kodiak Gold (Pure)

This is the original KG from Kodiak Island, AK. KG is some strong and long-lasting herb that is proven medicine for many diff…

Here comes the Lambada, the weed that makes you want to dance. The Lambada is a cross of our strong willed Highland Nepalese …
  Love Potion #1

Love Potion #1 is an outstanding hybrid of G-13 and Santa Marta Colombian Gold backcrossed with the original SMCG male. It?s …
Love Potion #1 x Nigerian

A select Love Potion #1 female was hit with pollen from a pure Nigerian male.
Low P.T.

A cross of a Lowruder male (aka Lowryder) with the sweet and sour Oregon Purple Thai momma. This is for you northern and prai…
Lowland Afghani

An F-1 hybrid of 2 lowland Afghani cultivars. Solid dependable outdoor, makes mid size plants with large nuggets. Low odor. S…

NewBerry is a top secret creation from the Reeferman Seeds lab that is soon to be legendary. No details will be released on t…
  Nigerian Nightmare

Awesome early outdoor plants with super frost production, nice chunky nugs with some strong dry skunky aromas with mango carr…
Nigerian x Burmese

A fast flowering pure Nigerian female was hit with pollen from an elite Burmese studmuffin.

This stable F-1 hybrid offers the infamous Reeferman’s NL #5 crossed to the building block of Blueberry, Oregon Purple Thai. …
Northern Dream

We used a NL #5 male to pollinate our best KG thunderfuck mother and then backcrossed to a exceptional NL #5 cutting that has…

Airborne G-13 x Petrolia Headstash. Some seriously strong indica that Reeferman found made his left nut tingle. Big chunky nu…

A classic stabilized strain from Oakland has been reinvigorated with one of its parents to return it to its prime. Stoney sti…
  Odins Hammer

Odin kept his hammer in his pants, only the ladies and an occasional enemy he wished to defile ever got to see it so the lege…
Orange Peako Cambodian

OPC is a refined well stabilized cross of Nepalese Indica and Cambodian Sativa. A pleasant yet powerful high, solid buds for …
Oregon Purple Thai X Blueberry Sativa (Feminized)

Description pending…
Original Bubblegum (Pure)

The Original Bubblegum from Indiana and Kentucky. Sativa pheno, smells just like bubblegum. Tall plants that support their we…
Petrolia Headstash (Pure)

A highly coveted true breeding strain from Humboldt County originally brought over from pre-Soviet Afghanistan and inbred by …
Petrolia Headstash II

An F1 cross of our very favorite Afghanis, these are vigorous plants that make lots of classic afghan nugs. Good yielding out…
  Phnom Phen

Thai x Haze x Cambodian. Crazy Old School Thai Weed! More description coming soon.
Pink Kush X Blackseed

Description pending…
1 report
  Potent Purple

A cross of Oregon Purple Thai with a refined indica male. This one is electric, heart pounding with a clear high, light green…
1 report
  Purple Pineberry

A classic BC Outdoor strain which has been dominating the commercial market for the past few years. Also known as ?The Purple…
Red Congolese

This F-1 is a cross of exceptional Congolese Sativa with a stable Mexican/Afghani. Super frosty plants produce aromas like sa…
Reefermans Champagne

Reeferman?s version of the Champagne cutting that was in vogue throughout PNW in the late 90?s. The Champagne is a Hashplant/…
Reefermans G

G13 Airborne x (G13 Airborne x Santa Marta Colombian Gold). From our Cup Winning Love Potion #1 line we isolated a G13 domina…
Reefermans Grapefruit (Feminized)

We’ve crossed the original SOL Sweet Pink Grapefruit cutting with a top secret Reeferman strain which also tastes like grapef…
1 report
  Reefermans Hashplant

Reeferman?s state of the art hashplant is an exceptional hybrid well suited for commercial production in Sea of Green and Buc…
Reefermans Hashplant #1 – Lebanese

Old school meets new school, our classic Lebanese heirloom hash plant meets our exceptional Cali Hash Plant. The mom is a sup…
Reefermans Hashplant #2 – Turkish

Old school meets new school, our classic Turkish heirloom hash plant meets our exceptional Cali Hash Plant. The mom is a supe…
Reefermans Hashplant #3 – North Indian

Old school meets new school, our classic North Indian heirloom hash plant meets our exceptional Cali Hash Plant. The mom is a…
Reefermans Hashplant #4 – Tajikistani

Old school meets new school, our classic Tajikistani heirloom hash plant meets our exceptional Cali Hash Plant. The mom is a …
Reefermans Heavy Duty Fruity

We’ve selected the best parents from various HDF seeds and cuttings and have succeeded in improving this strain to create a h…
Reefermans Herijuana

Using select Herijuana seeds from the original breeding stock, we have taken the sativa pheno from a Kentucky strain (Killer …
Reefermans NL

Northern Lights #1 x Reeferman’s NL5. More description coming soon.
Reefermans NL #5 (Pure)

A unadulterated true breeding NL #5 of the highest order, originally from Neville’s stock.
1 report
  Reefermans Romulan

We’ve improved upon the original Romulan cutting making a Romulan which is easier to grow and yields better while preserving …
1 report
  Reefermans Sour Diesel

The original Sour Diesel clone was crossed with a classic citrusy Kush ibl to make something really explosive. Easy to grow, …
1 report
prince of dankness
Reefermans Space Queen

Romulan x C-99, a Vancouver Island classic reborn. Stinky, complex aromas with strong pine, pineapple and earthy tones. Stron…
  Romulan X Blueberry Sativa (Feminized)

The original Romulan from Vanouver Island merges with our old school Blueberry Sativa pheno to make one humdinger of a strain…
  Royal Hawaiian

After 8 years of breeding with various Hawaiians we have come up with The Royal. 50% Indica/50% Sativa, 100% Hawaiian. She is…
Senor Garcia

Oregon Purple Thai x Panama Red, some trippy sativa named in honor of Jerry Garcia. A joint of this will send you on a journe…

A most delicious cross of Newberry with a Chinese Indica Male. One of our tastiest strains with sweet and skunky berry flavor…

An F1 hybrid of Burmese and a local favorite Texada Timewarp. Our sweet and frosty Burmese male was used to pollinate the 26 …
Sweet Treat

Our Version of the famous Dutch Treat crossed with an exceptional California IBL. She gushes sweet resin, light green with a …
Tajikistani (Pure)

Tajikistan is located smack dab between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and SW China, so it comes as no surprise that this …
Tajikistani x Headstash

Our heirloom Tajikistani Hashplant was hit with pollen from a very short and stalky Petrollia Headstash boy.
  The Crystal Ship

A cross of a super resinous Kali Mist indica pheno with our F8 Kodiak Gold father results in a bouquet of bubblegum, cotton c…
The Other Crystal Ship

Our super resinous Kali Mist Indica pheno gangbanged by 4 frosty NL #5 boys results in a doubly rich citrus aroma with mega c…
Thunder Pearl

Early Pearl female X Kodiak Gold male. This one grows in a candelabra, slightly bushy manner. She is piney strain with a nice…
  Timewarp x Headstash

Our best yielding outdoor strain that grows well in most of the states, this one makes some fruity skunky chunky and greasy n…
  Tropical Timewarp

A cross of Punta Roja Colombian Red with our beloved Timewarp (African) cutting.Big ass crazy sativas that kick ass in the so…
Turkish (Pure)

A fine hash plant from Turkey, which is a well known hash producer, this one grows quite columnar with a bit of side branchin…

A new generation sativa F1 hybrid of our elite Blackseed mother pollinated with a trio of frosty aromatic Burmese fathers. Th…

Wakeford is a recent hybrid bred for its namesake ‘Jim Wakeford’, who was the first licensed medicinal cannabis user in Canad…
1 report
Wakeford II (Feminized)

Wakeford II is a new improved version of the recent hybrid bred for it’s namesake ‘Jim Wakeford’, who was the first licensed …
Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is an F1 hybrid between Vietnamese and Highland Nepalese. This was bred specifically for the man it’s named aft…

An F1 hybrid of some of our favorite sativas, Vietnamese and Burmese using the same Vietnamese mother that was used in Willie…


Recently added reports for Reeferman Seeds
Burmaberry from Reeferman Seeds by prince of dankness
G-SUS from Reeferman Seeds by phloem
Burmaberry from Reeferman Seeds by ReeferMadness1942
Reefermans Sour Diesel from Reeferman Seeds by prince of dankness
Cherry Bomb II from Reeferman Seeds by Rudy 2 Shooz
Blue Thunder from Reeferman Seeds by lucke
Butterscotch Hawaiian from Reeferman Seeds by bigdaddyc9
Reefermans Romulan from Reeferman Seeds by olibrocoli
Burmese (Pure) from Reeferman Seeds by sugabear
Cherry Bomb II from Reeferman Seeds by Rudy 2 Shooz
Reefermans Grapefruit (Feminized) from R… by mr.flowerpower
Blue Jack from Reeferman Seeds by H2grow
Potent Purple from Reeferman Seeds by NiFty
Burmese (Pure) from Reeferman Seeds by WannaBeBreeder
Cherry Bomb II from Reeferman Seeds by Abusive
Cherry Thai from Reeferman Seeds by cogitus
EII X Timewarp Twister from Reeferman Seeds by Squiddy
Cherry Bomb II from Reeferman Seeds by Sensi Shaman
Burmese (Pure) from Reeferman Seeds by Orchidman
Pink Kush X Blackseed from Reeferman Seeds by mdanzig
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