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MMJ Patient, Medical Activist,
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Online MMJ News Journalist 

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  "It makes as much sense to put Robert Downey Jr. in
       prison for drug abuse as it would have been to put
       Betty Ford in prison for alcoholism."

                    DEA Judge James P. Gray


                      Big Boss Sausage Video “Just Say No… Thank You"



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Medical Marijuana Animated Parody Cartoons

  High Times TV: This Is Your Brain On Drugs Parody Video


Check Out These Awesome Animated Cartoons

         Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!

After The US Supreme Court Decision 
On Medical Marijuana Issue -"Pain Man"

   The Real Threat of Medical Marijuana!

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Vin Suprynowicz commented, "It would be tempting to say federal drug
 warriors have taken leave of their senses." He added, "But that would imply the drug warriors ever had a
 firm grip on reality — or a concern for the opinion of decent folk — in the first place."

           Another Awesome Animated Cartoon
                  Is Everybody On Drugs?


President Obama Changes Stance on Drug Legalization After Being Caught With Bag of Weed!

    Reefer Madness Marijuana Parody Stories 

        "Reefer Crazed Teens Cause Terror Alert"

  Pot Smokers Cause Terror Alert Installment #1

Interview with a Pot Head- Inside the Walls of the Lillian
 Carter Center for the Treatment of Marijuana- Rancho
 Mirage, California
Rancho Mirage, California An Interview
 with the Terror Suspect Installment #2

 BTW,  I’ve heard from sources at the Family Research Council
 in Florida that Dawn Biloxi has been sending and receiving
 coded messages from Milo’s cousin Richard Stickit. Obviously,
 something’s up. 

         Some Crack Reporter Obviously Needs to Check This Out

News Alert! Action Bulletin from the Family Research Council 
     (“Where the Right is Really Right”)  Installment #3

 Installment #4 Of Teens Cause Terror Alert Installment #4

Pot Smokers Cause Terror Alert, 8/15/03 Installment #5

Excerpts from President George Bush’s remarks to the
 American Association of Bourbon Distillers (AABD) 

Osama Yo Mama Bong Laden And the coming of the Great Green Peril 

The Ballad of Pearly Sweetcake

The Mouse That Coughed Part 1 & Riot at Stuart Little Memorial
 Service Part 2,
The Death Of Stuart Little. The Mouse That
 Coughed Part 1 & Riot at Stuart Little Memorial Service Part 2,
 The Death Of Stuart Little.

           The Ten Commandments of Weed                   


   Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to
    whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is
    indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood,
    just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have
    reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the
    mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the
    rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with  
    fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights 
    unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is 
    what I have done. 

                         And I am Caesar.

          Anti- Marijuana Billboards

          260+ Search Engines & Website URL Submitters

             12 Steps On How To Be An Activist

     Medical Marijuana Patient Survey Form,  If you are 
    a medical marijuana patient please fill It out, It takes 
    less then 5 minutes. And It will just help us to put
    together a better profile of the "Average Medical
       Marijuana Patient’s Needs" & Other Data Details

        To Be Used For Research Purposes Only 
                     No Real Name’s Are Needed!

   US Government Grown Medical Marijuana

 Irv Rosenfeld’s HB 5470 Michigan Medical Marijuana Testimony

                 Click Both Arrows To View This Video

 Irv Rosenfeld has smoked over 200 pounds of medical cannabis
  provided to him by the federal government, and continues to do so. 
 He is a stock broker who handles millions of dollars on a daily basis.
  He smokes 10-12 MMJ cigarettes per day, and has for over 35 years
 with NO adverse health affects. This video should be required viewing
  for all Americans,





                              govpotcan.jpg (112916 bytes)
      Click On The Above Photo To Enlarge Photo Of USA Government
       Issued Medical Marijuana, The 7 Federal Patients That Are Still 
       Alive Receive 1 Can Just Like This One Each & Every Month
           Gee! Maybe We Should All Go Down To Oxford Mississippi


   Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Irv Rosenfeld Video

    Only 1 of 4 patients remaining US Federal Patients of the original group of medical
    marijuana patients Whom get each month. A can of 
    "Pre-Rolled Joints" from the US Federal Government 
      and Irv shows the pot and talks about his illness.


                 Just Click  Arrow To Start The Video Player

 Here At OnlinePot We Also We Broke The News Here Of Another US Government Funded Medical Marijuana Pot Farm
  Secret Federally Funded Medical Pot Farm In Hawaii,  With National Guard & FBI As Security  9/21/02 

         The  Same Old Case Of  "Do As I Say  Not As I Do!"


    Famous Cannabis Quotes From Ancient Books Thru Out History


         Student Term Papers, School Reports, 
      Thesis’s, On Medical Marijuana & Cannabis

      If You Are A Student & Write A Pro-Medical Marijuana Or Cannabis
     Term Paper or Thesis’s For Your School
. Feel Free To Send It In To
    Add To The Online Collection Here. So Others Can Read Your Reports
    So To Help Them With More Possible Idea’s &  Such. To Help Them In
    Writing Their School Reports Or College Master’s Thesis’s On Medical
     Marijuana & Cannabis.  

                          We Just Love Input!  Chris K.

Cannabis: an environmentally and economically viable method for climate change mitigation

Marinol vs. Marijuana: Politics, Science, and Popular Culture

    The Development of Drug Criminalization in America

  A+ Term Paper On The Positive Outcomes of Legalized Marijuana

Cannabis: an environmentally and economically viable method for climate change mitigation. 
http://www.activeremedy.org.uk/Thesis marcdeeley@yahoo.com 0141 6321223.pdf

Marijuana and the laws, By Farrah Enriquez  

The Witchcraze’s Latest Incarnation, by 16 year old
 Allison Balch. Comparing Today’s Drug War, To The
 Salem Witch Trials.

Marijuana: helpful or harmful? A school Report


A Term paper




A Term paper 


 Marijuana & Cannabis Essays & Term Papers

Title Author
A Cannabis Odyssey Lester Grinspoon
A Life Cycle Perspective on Cannabis Anonymous
A Little Dab Will Do You: Marijuana and Literary Composition Tim Brown
A Mental Journey Into Creativity Brandon Thomas
A School Teacher’s Confession Bob Smith
A Single Episode A Gentle Person
A Way of Life Emancipated
Allen Ginsberg and Mary Jane Lester Grinspoon
Amateur’s Notes "John Shade"
Basements "Dear 23"
Cannabis and Music Anonymous
Cannabis and Planetary Surfaces Anonymous
Cannabis and PTSD Michael McKenna
Cannabis and the Legend of the Sand Dollar Airie Hicks
Cannabis as a Philosophic Sacrament David
Chronic Pain From Hell Jana Christian
Cross-Cultural Discovery Tucker Clark
Dear Dr. Grinspoon Richard Pisano
Dear Honey Timothy
Dear Mom and Dad Rob
Deep Spirit and Great Heart Louis Silverstein
Discovering a Bridge Florence Siegel
Discovery Sherry Hall
Ego Trips Del Cogswell Brebner
The Emerald City of Oz "Prarie Dog"
Fat Angel Jatayu
Four Leaf Clovers Jeremy Wells
Freeing Time "Ferrell Beck"
Ganja the Musicmaker "Herb Garden"
George’s Rainbow Jeff Syrop
Grass, the Exponent Harry Bailey
How I Learned I Didn’t Have a Head for Ganja Jamie Gaffney
How I Use Pot Paul DeFelice
How Marijuana Ruined My Life Stephen Kessler
I Am An Addict Chris Ferguson
Lady Chatterly Stoned Robert Burruss
(Some Experiences With) Language and Learning T.D.
Living Better with Cannabis B.W.
Living Life as a Human Being Mr. O
Marijuana and Its Meaning for Me Anonymous
Marijuana and Music Peter Webster
Marijuana and My Fear of Death Anonymous
Marijuana and Spirituality Kevin Nelson
Marijuana as an Enhancer of Music Therapy Pete Brady
Marijuana as Family Medicine and Sacrament Synonymous
Marijuana, My Wonder Drug Brian C. Bennett
Marijuana Stimulates Creativity and Enhances Experience Jon Byrne, MD
Me and Mary Jane: Marijuana’s Influence on My Fiction Theodore Pelton
Medicinal…Recreational…and Beyond Joel Lindau
Memories of the Moment Beth Amberg
Miraculous Marijuana Paul Handshy
Mr. Barr and the Fountain of Youth Lester Grinspoon
Mr. X Carl Sagan
Mother Marijuana Dawnhuman
My Father Within Candace
My Friend Cannabis Adam Meadows
My Marijuana Experiences John Irwin
My Religious Experience "Rich Goss"
On Marijuana, Musical Creativity, and the Collective Unconscious Russell Ambrose
Pot: My Drug of Choice "Simona Place"
Pot: Not Just a Phase D.S.
Pot and Poetry Floyd Salas
Pot in Prison Anonymous
Pot to Alleviate Alcoholism A Working Mother
Puffy World Bootsy B.
Reefer Sanity Anonymous
Restoration of the Body Anonymous
Stress Control Doug Dusalle
THC and the Topical Gag Jeff Ward
The Case of the Conscious Connoisseur Anonymous
The Composition of Music Anonymous
The Great Marijuana Hoax Allen Ginsberg
The Healthy Effects of Marijuana "Mark James"
The Laidback Meerkat "Carla"
The Old Pothead Poems Sam Abrams
The Screening Room Doug Magee
The Senses Anonymous
The Spice of Life Martin Martinez
Twinkly Twinkly
Up From Illegitimacy Anonymous
We’re Not Bluffing Anymore E. Cleaves
What Marijuana has Done for Me Steven