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OnlinePot’s Buying Marijuana Online MOM Scammers Hall Of Shame

An OnlinePot Exclusive Online News Report Expose’ 
Are You Buying Pot Online, Medical Marijuana Online? You Need To
 ALWAYS Be Sure To Check Here In The The Hall Of Shame First Before You Send Your $$ To ANYONE! 

Those Posted Here In The “Hall Of Shame” – They Are The Online
Scammer MOM’s & Predators Who Just Want To STEAL YOUR MONEY…!

And You Need To Just Avoid Them Completely!
If You Scam Online MOM’s Or Patients?  All Your Info Will Be Posted Here Online!

Unlike A “Certain Online Location” You Don’t Need A Secret Password, Just To Check To See If Someone Is Legit Or A Online Scammer! The Info Is Clearly Posted Here Online For All To See For Free, Anytime, 24/7-365 Days a Year,
Anytime You Need To Check On Someone Online?   

U.S. Postal Service Logging All Incoming Mail For Law Enforcement
It’s Called The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking Program, And Mail Covers Program
This Issue Shouldn’t Worry The Patients, Its ALL The MOMs That Need To Be Aware Of This. If you’re facing criminal charges for mailing marijuana, we recommend San Diego criminal defense attorney Vikas Bajaj.

SECURITY ALERT!  Max Security Alert On Safe-Mail.Net Emails ARE NOT SECURE! SAFE-Mail That’s NOT Safe!
They Have A Secret Spy Code Embedded That Forwards Copy’s Of Some Emails Sent Out To From Their Email Service  At www.Safe-Mail.net. We Have Use Snipit & Photo Captured This


All the major scammers of money from Disabled Patients trying to buy medicine
online! Via MOM Message Boards or Operations, (MOM) “Mail Order Marijuana”
You have to seriously scam to make this page! These are just the worst of The Worst
Of The Online Scammers. There are a whole bunch more of little kiddies that you need to be
careful of!

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of a Scam    

Main Entry: scam
Pronunciation: 'skam
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1963
: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

Despite The Many Death Threats & Everything Else These Online Slime Bags Scammers Threaten Me With Due To This Section. It Just Makes Me “Even More Determined” That I Am Doing The Right Thing Here. Keeping The “OnlinePot’s Hall Of Shame” Up & Online. Listing The Major Online MOM Scammer’s
& Thief’s & That OnlinePot Will Always Continue To Try To Protect The Medical Patients From By Providing Them This Online Section To Check Someone Out On. 

     The Online Marijuana MOM Scammers & Thieves

                     “The Hall Of Shame Section”     

For Those Online Scammers & Who Like To Make Death Threats Towards Me!
Since Posting The Above Page Online, It Has STOPPED! The Amount Of Death
Threats From The Online Scammers By About 99.9%” I Used To Get 3 to 5 Online
Scammers Death Threats A Year. LOL
Just Goes To Prove “1 Picture” Is Truly Worth A 1000 Words   

Owner-Webmaster-Medical Patient-MMJ Activist-
Online News Journalist-Online Medical Patient Advocate 
NEW 100% Encrypted Email Server

                                        Scam Search
                   But Since CR’s Death, Has Not Been Updated In About 5+ Years
But The Intel Is Still Good!  By Listing The Old Pro Scammers,
Whom Just Keep Changing Their Online Names & Email address
And Just Pops Back Up In A Few Months With A New Name Scamming Patients

This Hall Of Shame Section Is Hereby Dedicated To The Memory
Of  “CR”, A Fellow Online Scammer Hunter from the Market Place
Message Boards. Whom We All Lost To His Medical Illness
Recently. CR You Will Truly Be Missed, But You Will Never Be
Forgotten About.  ‘Rest In Peace Bro’ Nov 7th 2007


Mail Order Marijuana?  Buy Marijuana Online? MOM’s Buy Pot Online?

         Online Medical Marijuana Patients MOM Providers

The best way to check an Online MOM out before you send them any $$,
Is to simply “Google Their Name” “Google Their Email Address” Google
Their Web Address” Even Google their mailing address”  In 95% of the
time it will tell you all you need to know to see if they are 1, a long-term MOM,
& What has been posted online about their service..? “Both good & bad reports”
All you need to know in most cases is “All Ready Posted Online Somewhere?”

In Scammer Hunting & When Trying To Decide If Someone Is A Legit MOM? Or Is A Scammer?
Remember To Use The Occam’s Razor Theory To Help You In Your Own Decision Making!

We All Try To Use The “Occam’s Razor Theory” When Trying To  Decide If Some One Is A Legit MOM? Or Scammer?

In Simple Terms, The Theory Is “The Simplest Explanation Is Most Likely The Correct One”

Or In Even Simpler Terms, “Your First Gut Call About Something? Or Someone? Is Usually The Correct Call”


Remember Our News Report Exposé’s Pages On
The Politics Of Contraband In The Mail? & The Tips
Page On How To Avoid Being Scammed Or Ripped Off. 

     News Report Expose’ The Politics Of Contraband In The Mail?

          How to avoid being scammed or ripped off, when buying
           your medical marijuana medicine online, News Expose!


 Remember you can always set up a small closet grow room to handle
your own personal medical marijuana needs. Our grow guides section
has plenty of options for you to consider, To teach you all you need to
know to learn how to grow your own medical marijuana medicine!
100’s Of Marijuana Grow Guides

Why Spend Your Money Supporting Foreign Drug Cartels? Or Street
Gangs & Getting Crappy Street Swag.  Grow Your Own Medicine! 

High-Grade Medical Quality Marijuana Seeds Buy Seeds Online
International Marijuana Cannabis Seed Banks!


Click these links to learn more about these slimy scammers of disabled medical patients!
You are pretty bad when you scam from “Sick Or Terminal Disabled Medical Patients!” 

      Is too good for these slime bags.

            Do Not Ever Send These People Money!

These Pages have all been Meta Tagged & Submitted to all the search engines. With all
their information posted that will all start coming up when people enter their info into
search engines! 

             If You Have Any Information Concerning These Persons,
Or If You Spot Any Postings On Message Boards About Them!   

                       PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL
At  medicalmmjman@countermail NEW! 100% Secure

  Come Whisper In My Ear Any Details Or Information That You Might Have!
No One Will Ever Know Whom Told Me What About A Online Scammer!

   We Always Just Love Getting Current Mailing Address’s Or Other Info On These Scammers

“Scammers Steal Money” From Sick & Suffering Medical Patients. So We Have No Problems
Posting Their Address’s Email Accounts, Websites, Forums Etc! Scammers Change Their Names
& Email Accounts More Often Then We Change Our Bed Sheets. But They Usually Keep The Same
Mailing Address. & By Posting Their Address’s, It Enables Anyone To Be Able To “Spot The Online
Scammers” After They Do A Fast Name Change, 
& Before Any Sick Medical Patients Lose Any Money
   To These Slime Bags!

              Online Marijuana MOM Scammers Never Prosper
             As Long As You Are Careful & Check Them Out Before
Sending Anyone Your Hard Earned Or Low Income $$

         No More Sick Innocent Victims Scammers!

   We Hunt Down & Post The Information On The Online Marijuana MOM Scammers Here.

   An Online News Report Expose’ On Online Marijuana MOM Scammers!

What Is The Difference Between These Scammers & Legit MOMs? Its Not About Just Making
Money. It’s About Helping Sick Patients First!  A Legit MOM will replace a lost order, A patient Isn’t
happy with an order? It’s The “Moms Problem” Not The Patients Problem! Legit Moms Fix Problem
Orders. A Happy Patient Tells 3 Other People! While a Unhappy Patient Tells EVERYONE!  If A MOM
Needs To Substitute One Strain For Another? Its Of Equal Or Better Quality Then What Was Ordered!  
a Lower Quality Grade Of Meds. If You Can’t Fill An Order? a Legit MOM Emails The Patient, Asking
If They Would Like A Refund Of Their $$ Or Order Something Else! A Good Legit Patient Caring MOM,
Doesn’t Stop Until That Patient Is Happy! That’s Why They Are Called “Caregivers!” 

The People Posted Below Here In The Hall Of Shame! Either Forgot All Of The Above A Very Long Time Ago…?
Or Are Just To Uncaring About Everyone! & Only Caring About How Much Can “They Steal From Sick Patients…?

           Scammer Chasing Policy “5+ Years NOW!”

This we will now be doing with any board that allows scammers free reign. We
are no longer going in & running the scammers off, Or posting warnings about
them for years now this was how it was done. We go in post warnings & do
battle with the scammers & chase them off. & All they would do is just move
onto the next message board. & It was just an endless cycle. That we would
have to keep repeating on every new board. So we are changing our method
of attacking the scammers, From now on we are NOT going to be going onto
the message boards after them & running the scammers off them. 

 We are just going to post The Entire Message Board As A Danger! As a Warning
To Everyone To Stay Off It. So The Message Board Owners & Message Board
Moderators CAN EITHER START DOING THEIR JOBS..?   & Run Off The Scammers & Run
A Clean And Safe Message Forum Board That Everyone Can Enjoy & Can ALL Be Safe On.

             Or Their Entire Message Boards Forums Will Be Posted As
Online MOM Scammer Safe Havens” That No One Will Go Near!

  Currently Avoid These “10 Online MOM Scammer Message Forums Are NOT! Safe”
“Blogger.com & Friendly Face, & VOY Forums” “Weedmaps.com” “Topix Forums”
Nugtrader” & “Potboyz” “drugbuyersforum.org”  
  “Black Market Forum”
All Are Online MOM Scammers Safe Haven Forums!” AVOID THEM ALL!

           Just AVOID All 10 Of These Small  Message Forums!        

         They Are “Out Of Control With MOM Scammers & Trolls

There Are Other Website Message Forums Out There, That Are All “Patient Friendly & Safe”

 I Even Had To Shut Down a PHP Based MOM Forum I Was Running Back About 4-5+ Years
Ago! I Learned 1st Hand That “It Is Impossible” To Run A Forum Where MOM Talk Is Openly
Allowed! That Its Just A Matter Of Time “BEFORE” The Online Scammers & All Their Online
Trolls, Using Many Fake Names & Disposable Email Accounts, & Hiding Their Real Computer
IP Address’s Using TOR. It Got So Bad On The Forum I Was Running For The Sick Patients,

It Became Crystal Clear That The Online Scammers Were There! & There Was ONLY ONE WAY!
That I Knew I Could STOP The Scammers From Stealing From The Sick Patients? & That Was To Just
“Hit The Big DELETE Option” & With No Advance Warning To Anyone! If I Had Posted That I Was
Going To Just DELETE The Entire Forum To Stop The Scammers That Were There..? They Would
Have Just Sent Out An Instant PM To Everyone On The Forum. To Just Email Them & They Would Have
Just Keep On Scamming The Sick Patients! So I Did The ONLY Thing I Could Due To Stop The Online
Scammers..? And I Just DELETED My Entire PHP Message Forum OFFLINE!  I Just Lost My Investment In
Time & Money Spent Setting Up The PHP Forum! But No More Sick Patients Were Getting SCAMMED!

 Let Them Post What Ever They Want To About It & Me Online!  Who Gives A Crap What Some Slime Bags Say..?

Everyone At Rollitup.org Marijuana Message Forums Click & Read This Page

The Sick Or Terminal MMJ Patients “Always Have & Always Will” Come First & For Most With Me! And You Can’t
Scam Anyone? If Your NOT Selling Anything! Do You Seriously Think..? That After 13+ Years Now Running
This Website, That If I Was Selling Any Pot? Or Scamming ANYONE? The Cops Would Have Shut Me Down YEARS AGO!
  13+ Year Now & NOT Even Once Have I Got A Knock On My Door For Even A “Simple Roust” From ANY Cops!

Avoid The Small Newly Posted MOM Forums, & Unless the poster has been posting
on the forums for at lest 6+ months..? & Have posted at lest 400+ Posts..? Don’t Believe
A Dam Thing They Post!  Most Of The Forums End Up Being Run By The Scammers
Themselves, & Posting Fake Posts! Using Many Different “Fake Board Names & Email Address’s”
 Which Is Called “Chumming” For Fresh Suckers!  Don’t You Be One!


So Guess What’s Going To “POP UP” When Anyone Like Future Schools Or Job Employers!
“Goggles” Your Real Names, Your Email Address, Online Names, Real Street Address!

   And There Are NO LEGIT Medical Grade MOMS Based Anywhere In the African Territories!
It Is ALL Wild Grown Seedy Ditch Weed!  Why Import Cheap Wild Growing SWAG…?
When It’s All Ready On Every Street Corner In America! And Is Basically Medically USELESS!

And Always Remember One Thing! I NEVER EVER! Make Any Posts On Any Message Forums PERIOD!
I Only Post Online Here On My Websites ONLY! Anything That Is Posted Elsewhere? Is Posted By Some SCAMMER!

MOM’s That Have Been Proven Over Time To Be Legit! ONLY Get Posted On The MOM Page Here On OnlinePot

  Online Mail Order Marijuana MOM Scammer’s



Zippybud@hush.ai Online MOM Scammer

  Dutch Freedom Online Marijuana Scammer
“See Below For More Info On This Long Time Scammer”

Online MOM Scammer MarijuanaGrams Is Back Scamming Again!

 They Are Running 4 Different Online MOM Scamming Websites


kushloards.com 10 seconds to hit google search to find the below!

Kushlords.com are scammers! – Tokers Q&A – Grasscity Forum

forum.grasscity.com › Medical Smoking and UsageTokers Q&A

Aug 10, 2013 – 20 posts – ‎13 authors

Page 1 of 4 – Kushlords.com are scammers! – posted in Tokers Q&A: I got scammed $300. BEWARE!




We Have Altered The Websites Names By 1 Letter

            W Enviro
1027 Davie St.
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4L2 Canada

 Longtime Online MOM Scammers BCMEDS & HESNICE Have Popped Back Up On Radar!

 Working Out Of Montreal Canada, Claims On Their Website That They Have Been In Business For Over 9 Years..?
Yet “Statscrop.com” Says Their Website http://buds4u.b*z/ is ONLY One Month Old!  🙂 LOL Online MOM Scammers!
I Have Changed 1 Letter To Make The Website A NON Work-Able Link!

Scroll Further Down The “Hall Of Shame Scammers Listing” Here For More Past History With These Two Slimebags!

Online MOM Scammer Greenstacks111 Or Hashman

uses the name greenstacks111 or hashman

 uses western union as payment option 

Shane Fagan 20 Redwood Close,  Kilnamanagh, Dublin24

P.S. I Am Being Nice & NOT Posting His Photo!

 Online MOM Scammer Email Copycat Oldfriend

  Be Carefull There Is ONLY One “Old Friend Now MOM”
There is a “Look Alike Clone Scamming” Now From 
  This Is NOT The Real Old Friend Now!

Another Email Address That This Slime Is Using 

Emails addys have been disabled so they cant be click thru used!

Mailing Address The Copycat Clone Scammer Oldfriend Is Using

Unit #1006 CHARLOTTE, NC 28202

Online MOM Scammer  ‘LATREEHOUSE’ Online Scammer

Someone is posing on safe-mail as ‘LATREEHOUSE’ There is a real latreehouse in LA,
but these scammers have set up an account on safemail and attach a link to the real website
www.latreehouse.com. They tell you to email them your credit card and/or mail out cash, etc.
Then they disappear. I called the actual latreehouse and they know nothing about it.

Longtime 10+ Years Now! Online Scammer Rene Prins From Dutch Secrets
Has Once Again Started Back Up His Scamming Website Again! BEWARE!


   There Is Even More History Of Him Scamming Over The Years! Further On Down This Hall Of Shame Listing Page Of The Online MOM Scammers
Just Keep Scrolling Down This Page Near The Bottom, & You Will Find Even More Info On This Online MOM Scammer! Stealing From Sick Patients!

              Big Boy Kush Online MOM Scammer

          Using Green Dot Money Pak’s For Online Scammer Payment

                   & Signs It “God Bless BBK” 

                        Online MOM Scammer 

                          Mckee’s Rocks PA

  Online Scammer CANA-MED.CA   Online Scammer Email INFO@CANA-MED.CA

Will suck you in with a small order, & Then when you place a big order?
They Then Turns Into Scam City!  Not Even Returning Your Emails!  Or Money!

Some Web Designer Spent Some Serious Time & Money! With Building This Online Scammer Website!

Online Scammer Seed Bank, Clones, Mushrooms


Online MOM Scammer PriorityWellness


 Online MOM Scammer Mail Order Marijuana MOM

 Online Scammer!  Mail Order Marijuana Discussion, M.O.M reviews.

Online Scammer Website http://mailordermarijuanamom.blogspot.com 

   Bubble Food Store Online MOM Scammers

   bubblefood@l*ve.com   I Altered Email Address’s By One Letter! To Make Them NON Working Email Address’s

  U & Me Supplier Online MOM Scammer umevendor@*mail.com

  Dutch Green Club Online Scammers

        Based Out Of The Netherlands & Germany

    A Group Of Some Very Dangerous Scammers!

         Be Very Careful With This Group!

Graigs List Online Scammer 420 Exotic Flavors  Or Exotic Flowers Online Scammer

Advertising in NY : 420 Exotic Flavors (one ad) or Exotic Flowers (2nd ad) claims 6 years experience growing med grade
in N Cali 707medicalpharms@gmail.com

Pot By Post Online MOM Scammer! Out Of BC.

Had 3 complaints on this supposed MOM service?

Only 1 out of the 3 have ever had their orders come thru?

After supposedly “Many Attempts & Many Weeks” IE: 3 to 5 resends!

And Then ONLY After Having ALL Their Information “Posted Here In The Hall Of Shame!

They do NOT provide tracking #’s Even Though Canadian Postal Does Have International
Tracking Numbers Ability. And Uses YAHOO For Their Emails, Which Is About As Secure
As A “Wet Paper Bag” In A Cat 5 Hurricane! I WOULD JUST AVOID THEM! They Are Either Completely
Incompetent As A MOM? Or Just Outright Scammers? Either Way They Are VERY Bad News For The Sick Patients!

8-18-2011 Update: From A Patient, It has taken almost 9 months now, But he finally got PayPal to
force them to return his money he sent them! It only took them from last “Nov To Today” To get
his money back from them. almost 9 months for a refund!

7-24-12 Update: I Just Had This Dimwitt!  Try To Buy An Ad On Our News Reports Page About Legit MOM’s Advertising
Page. LOL He Has Been Posted Way Down Here In The Hall Of Shame For a Couple Years Now! So I Just Bumped Him
Back Up To The Top Of The Hall Of Shame Section Online Scammers List!  Chris.

 New Online Scammer Just SPAMMED E-Mailed Me
& About 80 Other Email Address’s AVOID THIS SLIME!

The Scam Is For The Following Ukash Vouchers!

I sell Ukash voucher at an affordable price, my value rates up to $5000 Ukash vouchers of all products GBP,Eure, USD, German Ukash etc. and also you can buy product with Libertyreserve and Perfect Money.
I Buy Ukash voucher is but at a value rate of 100 USD, Eure, GBP, German. Also please no scammers aloud For sellers

High Supplies Online MOM Scammer

E-Mail: highsupplies@secure-mail.biz
Registrant Organization: CINIPAC IBC
Registrant Address1: Level 14, Perak Techno Trade
Registrant Address2: Bandar Meru Raya, Off Jalan
Registrant City: Ipoh
Registrant State/Province: Perak Darul Ridzuan
Registrant Postal Code: 30020
Registrant Country: Malaysia
Registrant Country Code: MY
Registrant Phone Number: +1.2024701095

Magic Mail Order Online MOM Scammer Website

It’s a recreation of the budmail site’s and a near carbon copy of
maryjanes.biz along with the paid for google ads!

Both Bud Mail & Mary Jane’s Biz Are Longtime Online Scammers!
See Below For More Information About These Two Online Predator’s!

Legit Online MOM Providers “Don’t Need To Keep Changing Their Websites”
Because It’s Real Simple!  Because THEY DON’T RUN WEBSITES!  PERIOD…!

     And Anyone Offering To Sell You POUNDS? 98% It’s A Scam! They Just Want To Steal Your Money!
And It’s Way To Risky For YOU!  The Very 1st Time They Find Felony Weight In a Package…?
The Cops Will Just Due a “Controlled Delivery On You Ass”  Where The Delivery/Mail Man Is A Cop!
And Your Butt WILL Then Be “Cuffed & Stuffed Into The Back Of A Cop Car” & Off To Jail You Go!

Small Amounts Are What Keeps Both You Medical Patients & Providers SAFE!
It’s NOT Worth The Cops Or Custom’s Time For A Lousy 1/2 A OZ Or Less!

Online Scammer Look A Like “Email Address Cloner” Is caregiverdotcom@safe-mail.net.
This Is NOT The Real Caregivedotcom! There Is NO “R” In The Legit MOM’s Email Address.!
Don’t Be Fooled By This “Email Address Look A Like” Online Scammer CLONE!

NEW Online Scammer Copycat Troll Is Around, 

With a similar Email addy For the Legit Caregivedotcom

Beware Of Email Caregiver@safe-mail.net COPYCAT/ TROLL ONLINE SCAMMER!

Or Also Using Copycat Cloned Email Address of  caregivedotcom NOTE: The Slight Difference!

Don’t Fall For Their Copycat Email Address Cloning Scammer!  It’s NOT The Real Caregivedotcom

   Ambercares Online MOM Scammer 

ambercares@hush.com Online MOM Scammer!

WU info is as follows:
Jenny Smith
Pearsall, TX
Test question: favorite color?
Answer: Purple

  Also Using This Name & Western Union Location

    Samantha Powers  Online Scammer
WU Payment Transfer Went To Austin Texas  
Updated 2/24/12

  kushpuffs.org Online MOM Scammer

Email support@kushpuffs.com

 RC Enterprise
50 Hamlyn Rd
Unit 149
St john’s, NL
A1E 5X7

Roccusa Online MOM Scammer

Current Email Address’s

roccousa@hushmail.com Online SCAMMER

roccousa@privacyharbor.com Online SCAMMER!

He Starts His FAQ Email Like This


   And Then He Gets Even Nastier!  

  And Is Using GreenDot Money Packs For The Scam Payments!

Very Pure Fishscale Cocaine
1g $***
Original Oxycontin 80mg’s $** OR 5 oxys for $*** (ONLY 80’S)

And I Found This After Simply Goggling His Email Address! It’s Even “More Disturbing…?”

    GFbuds2010 Online MOM Scammer


             Based Out Of Alabama

  He Was a Small Legit MOM For Several Years, But Has Now Turned To The Darkside
Instead of just quietly retiring & closing down, He left several patients with NO$ Or Meds! 

Globe Buds Online MOM Scammer



New Online MOM Scammer International420.com


Prices Are WAY To Low To Ever Be Legit!

If It Sounds To Good To Be REAL…? Then Don’t Believe It!

    Onion Weed Store Online MOM Scammer TOR/Onion Forum

Email Addy onionweedstore@Safe-mail.net Online Scammer

Online Scammers TOR Web Site Forum- http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/weedshop8/inex.php/langu*ge/en

Website Has Been Altered By 1 Letter To Make It a “Non Workable Link”

         UHASH Online MOM Scammer  

Supposedly Based Out Of The Netherlands, But Ships From The UK

Was working off a  Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Facebook Page!

And Also Website http://m-o-m.we*ege.com/sativa.html
Website Link Has Been Altered To Make It A Non-Working Link!

Using UKASH For Online Payments

  Dutch Secret Online Longtime Amsterdam MOM Scammer!

                   “Online MOM Scammer “Dutch Secret Online MOM Scammer!”
“Rene Prins Online Scammer Based In The Netherlands”

          He Does Have a Slightly Better Track Record With Orders Going Into Europe..?

But He Is About 100% Incompetent On Getting Medical Marijuana Safely Into The USA!

     Always Has Been This Way!   Rene He Simply Just Doesn’t Care If It Makes It in Safely Or Not! 

  Current Email Address As Of 7-25-2011 menu@dutchsecret.com ONLINE MOM SCAMMER

Oct 7th 2009  Rene Prins Has Added A New Email Address That He Is Scamming From,
The new email address that Rene Prins Online Scammer he is using Is

              Scroll On Down Further On This Page To Learn More About This
Online Scammer’s Rene Prins “Dutch Secret” Online Scamming History!

Online MOM Scammer “Indica Boi” “Easy2you” Online MOM Scammer

 US Based & Working Out Of Penn State

Way To Many Different Patients Complaining!

But I am NOT posting the real name he is using!

Mailing Address Used
510 Pleasant Ridge Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136-2092
United States

Current Scammer Email Address’s

1. indica_boi@hush.ai
2. indica_boi@safe-mail.net
3. eazy2you@qualityservice.com

Taking Your Money Via

1. Cash [EUR or USD]
2. Western Union
3. Liberty Reserve
4. USPS Money Orders, ONLY!
5. MoneyGram
6. Pecunix

       New Online MOM Scammer Website That Appeared This Week

      New Copycat Online MOM Scammer 

  “American_Sticky” Online MOM Scammer

        Using a Cut & Paste Copy Of CaregiversDOTCom Menu!


Typical Message Board Scamming! Online Scammers Making Posts That Their Legit & Open For Business,
Then Have Other “Forum Newbee’s Vouching For Them”  It’s Called Chumming For Fresh Suckers!
When The 1st Name Gets Blown? They Just Make Up Another Forum Name & New Email Address & It All
Starts All Over Again!  It’s Usually The Same 1 Or 2 People Who Just Keeps Doing Fast Forum Board Name
Changes! And They Just Keep Right On Scamming With Just A Simple New Forum Name & Email Address!

When Are These FOOLS! Going To Learn? You Can’t Keep The Online MOM Scammers Off These Type
Of Message Forums Set Ups!  IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! To Keep The Online MOM Scammers & All Their Trolls,
With Their Many Multiple Forum Fake Names & Email Accounts Plugging The Online Scammers Off These
Type Of Forums!

So I Will Just Make 1 Big Master List With The Online Scammers Names
& The Many Fake Forum Names They Have Used So Far To Date! On This TOR Forum!

              maplesyrup,  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
availability,  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!

isomerfairy,  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
isomer            ONLINE MOM SCAMMER
“A Selective Online Scammer” 2 Names & Same Online Scammer!
Sends To Some! & Just Scams All The Rest!

thehydroguy,  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
zigzag/Wetcircle, ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
Anonsupply       ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
BB69/biggerben69  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
rikki                 ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
Biggerben69       ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
opensore             ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
captain of the 2 seas  ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
icecold/toocold          ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
Zippy Bud           ONLINE MOM SCAMMER! –

  Aero, Brian, Walker, Johnathan, Anthony, MattyB,  Molly Shop,
Are All The Same Online MOM Scammer!

    WWS – Worldwide Supply ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!
Email Address Is WorldwideSupply@nym.hush.com

   Payment through Liberty Reserve Only! $400 Minimum Order
– Do Not Contact For Less -Kilos Available- MAJOR ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!

When Ever You See The “nym.hush.com” That Means
That It Is a “Paid Hushmail Account” Which allows you to
in the matter of just 30 seconds, Setup A All New Email Account
Address For FREE! That Then Just Gets ALL Emails Forwarded
To Your Real Paid Hushmail Email Account, Thus Hiding Who You Really Are…?
    He is some kid. He is also from Kentucky.

Another Completely Different Website Forum
WARNING – Stay Away from “Black Market” ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!

Website www.m xvendor.biz I Have Removed 1 Letter
From The Website’s Real Address To Make It A Non Working Website Link!

            New Online MOM Scammer

Email Address jacktrash589@lavabit.com  Online SCAMMER!


  New Online Scammers Working Off Of The High Times Message Forums

Email Account  cannasource@hotmail.com 

Board Names are  farmerman, Online MOM Scammer
budd Online MOM Scammers 

      Using Western Union wiring money to rochelle clark

    BCMeds Online MOM Scammer
BCMeds 2 Online MOM Scammers

BCMEDS.NING.COM is a scam you can see his forum with all the members waiting on orders..

He also started a new site with the menu pricing and strains set up almost identical to his past sites..

420express@Safe-mail.net is his new email… 

CAUTION!  maryjanes.biz a Long Time Online MOM Scammer! 
Has “Bought Google Text Ad’s” That Can Appear On Marijuana Website Related Ad’s!
Do NOT Get Fooled By Their Google Controlled Text Ad’s!  It’s a SCAM!
And Running a Facebook Page As Well Now.

        Budz4u2 Online MOM Scammer?

This Guy Was NOT Even On Our “Radar Screen” Until He Sent Me A “Taunting Email?””

The $64 Dollar Question Is Now “WHY?”  But Basically It Tells “Me!”

The Only Thing That Makes Sense Is? That This Is Just A “New Name” For An Old Scammer?

         That’s When I Found This CC Message Forum Post About Him!
Budz4u2 Online MOM Scammer?  Courtesy of the CC Website

  There is a “New Website” That Should Be Avoided! That’s Just “To Dam Cheap” To Be A Legit!
Being Run Out Of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada! List Prices Are About 1/2 Of What They Are Any
Else! Then They Are Going To Loose Another 10% to 12% Changing USD Into Canadian Dollars!
Which Makes The Low Prices “Way To Low To Be REAL!”  I Have Altered Their Web Address, So
Not To Make It A Working Link!  RED FLAGGING THIS ONE!  www.mailo*derwe*d.org

   If It Sounds To Good To Believe?  Then DON’T Believe It!

              Online MOM Scammer: Terica Jons

kushterica@safe-mail.net Online MOM Scammer

         Moritza Santa Maria in San Bernadino, CA. Online MOM Scammer

                   Weedmaps.com Online Scammers!

Claims to have all of these strains ready to go. Takes western union under the
name of “Moritza Santa Maria” in San Bernadino, CA. Found him on Weedmaps.com
classifieds. Sent money via western union and after it had been sent he wanted me
to change the payment to Cameroon, Africa…Carl Dung or something like that.

www.maryjanes.biz Online MOM Scammers

I thought it looked like the budmail/ext42/bx2 sites, oh well
another one bites the dust! Postal address for them is:

And Is Now Operating A Facebook Page As Well.

   Online MOM Scammers
390 Topsail Road
PO Box 39100
St John’s, NL A1E 5Y7

            AKA  Frankdank420 Online MOM Scammer
AKA Harvest-420 Online MOM Scammer
AKA BudMail Online MOM Scammer
AKA Jon Miller Online MOM Scammer!

      Tdot Budmailer, toronto_bud@hotmail.ca aka’s Of Jon Miller Online Scammer!

  Email Address’s frankdank420@HUSHMAIL.COM
Or Harvest-420@hotmail.com

Here Is Another AKA Fake Name Of His Is AKA “budmail” 
Scroll Down This Page We Have More Listed Below About
AKA BudMail Online Scammer!

Partial Altered Website Address http://frankdank420.terap*d.com
But Its Enough That You Will Know The Site When You See It!

         Using The Name Jon Miller ONLINE SCAMMER!
in Vaughan Ontario For Western Union Payments!

His Facebook Page Is http://www.facebook.com/frankdank420 ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!

                       A $50 Dollar Mailing Fee?  Big Time Major SCAM!!!!
At That Rate It Best Be Delivered By A 1/2 Naked Stripper Giving Away Free! Friction Lap Dances!

   New Online MOM Scammer  crashme@hushmail.com SCAMMER!

   Another One Of His Email Accounts Is  crashtrades@nym.hush.com SCAMMER!

 With Hush Mail Accounts When Ever You See The @nym.hush.com? As email address
With “Paid Hush Mail Accounts” They Allow You To Set Up FREE Temporary Email Address’s That all
Gets Re-Routed Into The Original Hush Email Address Inbox! Where the name can be anything they
want to put there? & Then it lists the Name & @nym.hush.com? As The Email Address! So a Sample
Would look like say  “joeblow@nym.hush.com”

Were trying to get more info on him now, But in the meantime here is his email address’s

         Online MOM Scammer “Bud Service” SCAMMER!

         His email address budservice@hotmail.ca

  Also Now Going By is now posting as
j.joints@hotmail.com SCAMMER!

Using Either Cash Payments Or Western Union

              2943 Major Mackenzie Dr
PO BOX 96771
Vaughan, On L6A 3N0

Wire info:

Western Union
4080 Hwy7 #1
Vaughan, ON, L4L1A6

Online MOM Scammers

Business listing: www.buy420.biz



Very responsive during ordering process, but after payment arrives:
nothing. They were “Accepting Medical Marijuana Orders” from Patients!
All The While They Knew That It Was Going To Be 2+ Weeks Before They
Would Even Have The Meds To Send Out To The Patients. & Saying NOTHING
About It To The Patients When They Placed Their Orders!  That Is “Unacceptable”
From Any MOM.

Sept 25th 2010   Update On This Past ONLINE MOM SCAMMER!

He was back online scamming again!  You Patients Seriously Need To Read
These Postings Before Sending Anyone Your Hard Earned Money!
He has been listed here as a online scammer for 2+ Years Now!

his new email is actuallivingmathematics@safe-mail.net

And he was running www.supplyanddemand.biz

Their Real Names Are Hwang Woojin, 20, of Patterson NJ,
and Marcelo Castillo, 22, of Passaic NJ,

Trafficking In X Online? That’s “Federal Mandatory Minimum Hard Time”
See Ya In A Min Of 15+ YEARS At Your “1st Parole Hearing” Hwang!
Don’t Drop The Soap Buba!! 

He was busted so I assume all his sites will now be run by the DEA to entrap customers (he’s the korean guy)


            livingmathematics@hushmail Online MOM Scammer
& actuallivingmathematics@safe-mail.net

This Online Scammer He Has Also Used The Board Name
“ActualLivingMathematics” MOM Scammer

                                      His AKA’s
“livingmathematics”  Scammer
AKA “ActualLivingMathematics” Scammer

 I had known this Section 8 wackjob physco /mental health consumer is the “PC Term”  for about
6 months via emails. It got so bad a couple months back that I had to block all his emails. This
was about 3 months ago,

This is a disaster waiting To Happen. 2 days ago”10-2-09 He Emailed me trying to buy ad space
for this MOM scam, & the way “The Email Was Worded” was just “Real Spooky & Sinister
Like?” & I Told Him To NEVER Contact Me Again. And I Refused To Take Their Advertising
& Blocked this new email address As well. Well he went “Serious Pysco Troll On Me”
Because of this on a message forum that I was on.

   This  “livingmathematics” AKA “ActualLivingMathematics” ONLINE SCAMMERS!

         Online Scammer Natural Meds!!!!

          Was working in Co-hoots With DR. Green Online MOM Scammer!
Who Is One Of The Most Notorious US Based Scammer’s That Is Out There Today!

       He has been fairly silent for about the last 2 YEARS NOW?
He is probably Either DEAD? Or In A Jail Cell? Turns Out He Was In
Stockton California County Jail, (Pending Trial) Which was deadlocked.
1 Jurist Refused To Convict Him! So They Are Preparing To “Re-Trial Him Now!” 

  There was also a scammer who “Cloned A MOM’s Email Address!”
Cloning means that they picked an email that was almost identical to the legit MOM
At the same time that these scammers were scamming the patients on the forums!

His cloned email address is Eyeofhorus@hush.ai & Its Possible Only???
That the supposedly legit MOM was also in on the scam???
They all arrived around the same time & They all left around the same time!
That type of happenings always make me go
“Things That Make Me Go HMMM…!”

               He was Based out of the Philly Penn Area of the US

 Some Money Gram payments were sent to the following name & information

Carl Smithstein, 2xxx riverbend road, Allentown. PA.
Or maybe address was 2458 riverbend road? Allentown PA

With some of the money being sent to a “Pet Store In Las Vegas” which is just a mail drop location!

             Name Of Pet Store & Address was

Pinnacle Pet Supply LLC
1785 E. Sahara Ave
Suite 490-553
Las Vegas, NV 89104

The above address is just a Mail Drop Location!
But someone had to show “Real ID” to rent the mail drop!!!

In the future avoid any supposed MOM’s using this anything close to this mail drop address!

           1785 E. Sahara Ave
Suite 490-553
Las Vegas, NV 89104

The packages were They were post marked from new jersey with the return address in PA.

Whoever sealed the sample packages probably has a black dog with white spots.
There were two black hairs with white tips stuck to one of the vacuum seals.

Others money was sent Via Western Union

         Forwarded message from naturalmeds@hushmail.com —–
Hello kiddies,

I’ve had enough fun for now. So it’s time to say what you all
know by now….you’ve all been FUCKED! That’s right FUCKED! And I’m
happy about that, as its always better to be the fucker then the
fuckee. Didn’t you morons catch on? I had funds sent to a PET
supply store in LAS VEGAS? That’s near the ARIZONA border! Do any
of you know another famous AZ PETS location nearby? And how about
the MoneyGram payments in PA? Oh, that you were right about. You
see, after that little bitch ratted on me to Chris, I had to find
a new assistant.

If anyone has any more info to add to this scammer posting?? Please send it in to me!!!,
The more information that we can post the better the warnings can be for the other
sick patients who might fall prey to these scammers

      See below for more information about DR. Green- AKA AZ Pets- AKA Dakota Pets

Including This Cut & Paste From The Old Merihemp Marketplace Forums
NOTE: The Above Quote About “Better Being The F*cker! The The F*ckee”

straight from the horses mouth

Registered on
More User Info

Message #160302 posted by kindbuddies (Info) January 12, 2007 08:49:23 ET

[QUOTE=DrGreen;8722]Its always best to be the F….or, and not the F….ee…hence, Law School…and skip the ethics part…[/QUOTE]

He’d rather be the fucker than the fuckee. lol I couldn’t have said it better myself…

         The Above Post was from this direct link thread

It’s also posted in the Dr. Green Online Scammer Section Below Here! It’s Classic Dr. Green!

Here Is Another UK Based Scammer Working Off Of The “Topix Message Forums”

   Online Scammer J Kerry or Ross Ker, or J Reilly Or B Kerry

 Bank details acc no: 03169760 sort code 771941 (Manchester)
Loyds TSB

               Mr. Kerr
Sort: 77-19-41
A/C: 02040868
Town: Sheldon B26 3JW
Branch Tel: 0121 7427744

B Kerry
375 Wilmslow Road

      Online UK & Dam Based Scammer’s Several Names & All The Same Scamming Operation

                     Online Scammer  “greenmom”

                    Online Scammer   “greenmom-gramz”

                       New Online Scammer Forum Coming out of the UK

          Online MOM Scammer Forum “Friendly Face Forums”

                          Typical Scammer Run Forum, Small in size,
With the typical false chumming posts from brand new members

     New Online Scammer Has Appeared “SoCalBuds”
Was the partial website name & address

& Working off of these message forums “voy.com & 420.com” Typical Scammer Posts
&  then 3 mins later! Another name posts a “Glowing Review” To Suck In The Newbee’s
And then they will even PM the Newbee’s, Trying to suck them into their scams!

Name’s On The Western Union Transfers?  Online Scammer “Michael Fitz” in San
Diego, And Online Scammer “Michael Sepich Also From San Diego” Supposedly. 

Online MOM Scammer Richard F. Sentz, Scammer DakotaPets, Arizona Pets,
RFS Industries, & Now A New Fake Name AKA “Richard Stockton” Online Scammer!

DR. Green “AZ Pets- Dakota Pets -Arizona Pets Richard F. Sentz” HE’s BACK!!!!

 He Is Now Out Of Prison & Back To Scamming Patients Once Again!

Almost 10+ Years Now Of Patients Getting SCAMMED BY HIM!

    Except He Is About To Find Himself “Back In Jail”  
  Stockton Cali Is Holding His Cell With His Name On It!.


 The Last Trial There Was a Single Holdout That Prevented A CONVICTION!
& They Are Retrying Him Right Now As You Are Read This! 9-1-10

He Has 10 Year Of “BAD KARMA” To Start Paying For! From Scamming 1000’s
Of Sick Patients Over The Years!  And Its Time All Your Victims Get Some
Legal Justice Out Of Your Hide!” “Don’t Drop The Soap BUBBA!”

AKA Richie Sentz Online Scammer Dr.Green, – AZ PETS, Dakota Pets,
Arizona Pets, Richard Stockton, & His Many Many Many Other
Fake Names
 He Uses! He is Currently Based In Stockton California Area!

  Online Scammer Dr. Green, AKA Richard F. Sentz, AKA Richie Sentz AKA Barbara Arky (Ex Wife)

DR. Green Is One Of The Most Notorious US California Based Scammer’s That Is Out There Today.
He has also reappeared  with one of his old handles on a certain message board
Scammer “
Vincent Von Blown” = Dr Green.   

 6-18-10 And he is now once again trying to get set up scamming the sick patients
& is operating out of California still. They must have just let him out of jail? There had
been nothing from him in about a year or 2 now? Bragged in an email to me this am that
he “Is Well Rested” He should be after “2 YEARS IN A CALIFORNIA PRISON CELL!


He is using “PayPal Once Again”  Current email is azpets2000(AT)yahoo.com & DrGreen@safe-mail.+*%,
Avoid This Long Time Scammer!

             And is Using “The Topica Email Service”

     Online SCAMMER Dr. Green Website  www.dakotapets.com

6-28-10 If Anyone Spots Him On Any Websites Or Message Forums?
Please email me with his current online scamming location?

    And he has appeared now on the TY Message Boards using the “Dr. Green
board name & This current email address  drgreen@Safe-mail.net 7-18-07

   DR Green, AZ PETS, GOA, Yoda2go, Dakotapets, Green of AZ, Arizona
Pets, Dr. Green, Elevated,  Elevated Airlines,  Alternative Care Tempe AZ.
And Dozens & Dozens of Other Fake Names, That Have been Used In The
Past 10+ Years Now.         

  6-7-06 & I just now have come into my possession of numerous emails 2
months old from DR Green to his webmaster “Summit” instructing him to
create another message board for him to work off of. 

    8-9-06    The Current Board Message Board That Dr Green
The Scammer Is Working Off Of.

RFS Industries Is Dr Green  http://www.prop215.net/  It Lists
“Bed Sheets” That Your Buying,  But Go Visit “His Real Current
Message Board”
& It Will Show You What Your Really Buying!
“If” He  Decides To Even Mail It Out???

  He Is “Over Charging Friggn $70 Dollars” For Just an “1/8 Of An OZ ” Of
“Marijuana” Where Most Other “Legit Delivery Services” Their “Prices Are
Only Charging  $40 To $45 For An 1/8 Of An OZ. & Mail Order Prices Are
Only On Average Of Charging $80 To $100 For A 1/4 OZ Of Medicine!  That’s
Almost Double The Amount Of Money That He Is Charging You For Meds!

3 Statements From A Then 17 year Old, Who Was Working For DR Green
Concerning him seeing DR Green spray his own Urine Or WD-40 onto the
Mexican Swag & Then Mailing It Out To Sick Folks. WD-40 Contains “Benzene”
Which Has Been Proven In Lab Tests, To Cause Cancer & Leukemia! Let
alone the Host of all the other Chemicals in the WD-40 would do to a
All Ready Sick Human Body When Ingested.   

The Below Post Was Taken From The IC Magazine Message Board At This Thread Here.  http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=42151&page=2

11-20-2006, 03:20 PM   #21
stone fool

Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 691 

OK, IC Folks, here is the real skinny on this thread. This chap [dr g] is the premier, slick scammer here in the states, very, very slick. How so? He supports some folks a bit where he can get credit for it, like the bike trip last year, but folks with no public voice, the little people, get swag or scammed for their money.

So, this scammer, comes here, posts a bit, looking to be a concerned medical provider in his entity here, like a citizen. Then, he will start soliciting business from folks here, and will run with it till somebody talks about getting screwed, then he will move on. But, he will keep all the personal info he has mined here for future use. This is a predator folks, Need some snake oil? How about some blackmail?

I’m a jack asshole myself, but I watch out for my pack.


  6-19-6  Latest News & Intel On DR Green & his connection To His
Webmaster “Summit”, & All the Money & Payments That was made To
access his service, 🙁  With Input From Many Other Folks & His Victims.

straight from the horses mouth

Registered on
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Message #160302 posted by kindbuddies (Info) January 12, 2007 08:49:23 ET

[QUOTE=DrGreen;8722]Its always best to be the F….or, and not the F….ee…hence, Law School…and skip the ethics part…[/QUOTE]He’d rather be the fucker than the fuckee. lol I couldn’t have said it better myself…

         The Above Post was from this direct link thread

 Read All The Reports From The Above Links That Have Been
Provided! All From Different Boards & All By Different People!
Is Everyone That Had Dealings With Him Over The Past Years.
Are They All Wrong About Dr Green?  

   Longtime Scammer for the last 10+ years, Dr. Green & His Many Names Has Been Kicked Off
and Banned, From Just About Every Major Message Boards That Is Out There. “For His Scamming”
& “Predatory Behavior” Towards All The Sick or Terminal Medical Patients & Other Customers.  

   Address’s For
Dr. Green from the Scam Search Website

  Mailing Locations, Some Of The Many Fake Names,
Used By Dr Green, AKA Richard Sentz – AKA Dr. Green
Dakota Pets Online MOM Scammer

 Locations Used by AKA: Richard F. Sentz  AKA Dr. Green  AKA Richie Sentz
AKA Barbara Arky:  AKA Arizona Pets. AKA Dakota Petz, Etc. Etc. Etc.

  7158 Santa Monica Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 602-5945

115 Mark Randy Pl. Suite B
Modesto, CA 95350

115 Mark Randy Pl.
Modesto, CA 95350

17835 Robin Rd.
Twain Harte, CA 95383

8575 Magnolia Trl.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-6626

12650 Sunnybrook Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55347-2719

3721 Joanita St.
Pahrump, NV 89060-2349

5192 W. Nighthawk Way
Tucson, AZ 85742-9497

– CottonWood, Arizona

– Lake Havasu, Arizona

– Mesa, Arizona

– Sedona, Arizona

– Yuma, Arizona

  You have now seen all the information that’s posted online about him.
Are all these people wrong about him & his past actions? all the information
about him are from several different “major message boards posts” And
threads”. And all provided by many different people. So it is not just 1 person
posting this information on his past “Predatory Behavior” Towards the sick
and terminal medical patients.

   Here is the news expose’ on this person Dr Green. With all
the known online information about this online DR. Green.
Now you can just all decided for yourselves, If you want to
have anything to do with this person or not ???…

    Whistler Grower Online MOM Scammer

               (From About 3 Years Ago)

        Online BC MOM Scammer His Real Name

social insurance number 727 540 6*3
tell. 250-731-0272

HE IS LIVING IN THE PENTICTON/HOPE area in BC. his mom lives their
and his sister, his dad did 13 years in the pen for murder, a
robbery gone bad.  the cops  know who he is, he has been arrested
before for domestic abuse. He has taken over 30,000$ from friends
of mine and yours. this info, give it to all our victims

   Marijuana Grams Online MOM SCAMMER For Many Years Now!

        charlesbernard37@gmail.com  Current Email Address as of 3/2/10 

The address they ask money orders to be sent to is some sort of courier pick up address on Davie Street, Vancouver.

         Online MOM Scammer Charles Bernard  Vancover BC Canada!

                  Online MOM Scammer  420 Distributions

        ldg po box 46533 Newman Lasalle, Quebec, Canada H8N 3G3-

They are using western union or transfer services of their choice, and to bait people, they send
.8 gram of some harsh mediocre weed and want $330.00 USD per 28 gram order. I know this is just a bait tactic and they are going down in SHAME-

Online Scammer Maxx Pearlman
from trychominvestments from Florida

        Online Marijuana Scammer   budsbuddy


Kelly Kinds  Has now been shut down from “Legal Issues”
When Canadian LEO’s walked into his mail drop company 

So he has closed down. 

Online MOM Scammer “Budmail” Seems To Be Back Again!
Slightly Different Name This Time “BudMail2”

The First BudMail Went Bad & Turned Online MOM Scammer!

Gee I Wonder What The Odds Are On “BudMail2”????

      Tripple J The Online MOM Scammer = Is Now 420distributions

       Tripple J Has Now Tried Doing A “Fast Name Change” To

420distributions = Tripple J Longtime Online MOM Scammer

               Dutch Secret Online Longtime Amsterdam MOM Scammer!

                   “Online MOM Scammer “Dutch Secret Online MOM Scammer!”
“Rene Prins Online Scammer Based In The Netherlands”

          He Does Have a Slightly Better Track Record With Orders Going Into Europe,

But He Is About 100% Incompetent On Getting Medical Marijuana Safely Into The USA!

     Always Has Been This Way!   Rene He Simply Just Doesn’t Care If It Makes It in Safely Or Not! 

  Current Email Address As Of 7-25-2011 menu@dutchsecret.com ONLINE MOM SCAMMER

Oct 7th 2009  Rene Prins Has Added A New Email Address That He Is Scamming From,
The new email address that Rene Prins Online Scammer he is using Is

In response to Rene’s lame ass LIES the he is posting on his website in a lame attempt to confuse this issue!

From:  G Delivery Systems <gdeliverysystems@hushmail.com>
To:  olpwebs@hush.ai
Date:  Tue, 12 May 2009 08:44:43 -0400

This message is encrypted, and is not digitally signed.

Chris is a compassionate person who puts himself before anyone.
He does not keep many of his excess medicine for himself, but
donates it to terminally ill individuals.
In the 2 years we’ve known Chris, he has communicated with us about
making donation as well; to also help patients in need–which we’ve
No one should deface Chris’s honesty and loyalty to his community.
If they do, they are mistaken and should stop immediately.~JB
The GDS Company, LLC

& Note My Email Posts ALL have the “Email Headers & Their Names!”

Thursday, May 28, 2009 1:04 PM
To:”olpwebs@yahoo.com” <olpwebs@yahoo.com>
This note is on behalf of of Online pot. I have known Chris for many years and I can say this from my heart…
he cares about the patients. He has donated many very expensive vaporizers to patients with low income many times,
I know for a fact and I know his heart is in the right place Always.  To accuse him of doing otherwise is totally wrong.

Tonya Davis 

Here Is Rene Prins Latest Death Threat Towards Me!
That Came In On May 12th 2009

From:  René <rene@dutchsecret.com>
To:  ChrisK/OLP Webmaster-Patient-Online MMJ Patients Advocate <olpwebs@hush.ai>
Date:  Tue, 12 May 2009 03:36:24 -0400

This message is not encrypted, and is not digitally signed.

I am really very sorry Chris, it is out of my control now, I can not help it,
I wish you strength, farewell,

Rene Prins has been posted here for about the last 7 or8  years now, Give Or Take
& Was Originally Listed As “Just A Caution” Because Of The Below Information 

 He is now threatening to post patients real names & their info on his site.
Because they keep trying to get the money back he has taken from them!

I have been provided “Rene Prins Own Email” with this threat.

Just making the threat of posting Patients full details online!

Gets him a Permanent Position Here in The Hall Of Shame

When you convert US dollars into Euro’s, (Only Type of  payment he takes Euro’s)
It comes out to From $42 Dollars To $55 “PER GRAM” 

Which is more then Double The Rate then any other legit MOM charges. This is the
worst case of “Price Gouging” I have ever seen in my last 9 Years of protecting the
sick patients online.

                       You Can Use Him If You Wish To To ?

                    He is charging up to $50 for a gram of solids.
Which Converts Out To $1500+ A OUNCE!

    While Most Of Other Dam MOM’s Are Only Charging $12 to $20 a gram!

5-9-09 Of all the bullshit LIES that RENE is now posting on his website, To try to blackmail me into removing his post here! Is my photo that he got from my website here, this is the page with the photo! It was posted online about 3 months ago due to the death threats that I was getting from some of the online scammers  Well for the last 3 months I had NOT received even 1 death threat! Until Now!

            Dr Frank Online Marijuana Scammer          

                                     Mailing Address Sent To
Mrs coldland
785 apt 2 Des Pivoines
sherbrooke quebec
J1E 3A7

                           Website http://ordermarijuana*ail.com/index.html
                      “I deleted 1 letter in the website to make the link inoperable”
But I left enough so that everyone can tell if they stumble upon the website

                                 Online Marijuana Scammer Website!

Websites Offering To Openly Ship You “POUNDS” Is Screaming Loudly

“Looking For Fresh Suckers!  So I Can Scam You  & Steal Your Money!

    ONLINE SCAMMER 420Lover or

                         Both his e-mail accounts.

here’s what he said when asked about his menu resembling someone else’s

“I’ve been in the mom biz for nearly 2 years. I don’t know why it looks the same but i wish i did. I know one thing that’s different though and that I didn’t put ion my menu is skunk, white widow, northern lights, and super skunk for “65 a gram including shipping!!!“. I will be sending u my newest menu within an hour. because this menu is 2 weeks old, sorry i thought i sent the newest one.”

 A Gram Of Medical Grade From A “Real Legit MOM” Should Only Go For Around $15 A Gram!!!!

    Online MOM Scammer Website Is  

       Brandon From BC Has Turned Online Scammer

                brandon@hush.ai     Dec 23rd 2008

 And has now been moved over to the “Hall Of Shame”

Customer complaints of receiving “BUNK” instead of medical grade!              

“helpful harry” or temple420 is a SCAMMER.

I know plenty of ppl who’ve ordered off of him, then he claims he didn’t get it but if you re-send he’ll dbl your order. HAH

Also, he’ll send u a list of references, but don’t buy it, he sends EVERYONE the SAME 4 e-mail references. Hmmmm, wonder why..?

Also goes by BMG.
Located in the Midwest of the U.S.

He uses Western Union for payments & sent to  

Victor Vaughn
Warren, MI

Or Sent To  bigmoneygrip@hushmail.com wrote:

western union
robert daniels
houston TX
question: monday

he does the Western Union question, answer thing.
so NO ONE has 2 show ID anytime upon getting the money.

only does larger orders. and his O’s are usually, if not, always, priced at 400.

and here are the products he claims 2 have, incase he ever makes a new “MOM name”,
then ppl will still be able 2 tell if it’s BMG or not.

sour og kush
green crack
grand daddy purps
“The White” bud

also charges 25 / 50 $ for shipping and packing.

and he also claims 2 sell
3 harder drug’s.
won’t say the names but I’ll give u the first letter.

C, H, E.

 Part 2 Of Rene Prins Scammer & Terrorist Supporter From Amsterdam Area

He is now  threatening to post patients real names & their info on his site.
Because they keep trying to get the money back he has taken from them!

I have been provided “Rene’s Own Email” with this threat.

Just making the threat of posting Patients full details online!
Gets him a Permanent Position Here in The Hall Of Shame

    SCAM Websites Dutchsecret.com & Dutchfreedom.com

When you convert US dollars into Euro’s, (Only Type of  payment he takes Euro’s)
It comes out to From $42 Dollars To $55 “PER GRAM” 

Which is more then Double The Rate then any other legit MOM charges. This is the
worst case of “Price Gouging” I have ever seen in my last 9 Years of protecting the
sick patients online.

            You Can Use Him If You Wish To Loose Money?

                    He is charging $45 – $55 for a gram of solids.
Which Converts Out To $1500+ A OUNCE!

    But Most Of The Other Dam MOM’s Are Only Charging $12 to $20 a gram!

5-9-09 Of all the bullshit LIES that RENE is now posting on his website, To try to blackmail me into removing his post here! Is
my photo that he got from my website here, this is the page with the photo! It was posted online about 3 months ago due to the
death threats that I was getting from some of the scammers  Well for the last 3 months I had NOT received even 1 death
threat! Until Now!

That is until Rene posted his “Latest Death Threat Towards Me!  here is my picture page

& Here is his page of bullshit lies! & His latest Death Threats Towards Me!

Marijuana Cannabis Seed Bank Scammers



The following seedbanks I’ve heard many bad things about. They are NOT recommended. aka means also known as.
X means they seldom or never send the product. N means sending non viable seeds (non sprouting seeds)
M indicates they send very inferior seeds or nothing at all

A-1 Seedbank (X,N)
BC Seeds (X,M)
BCbuddepot (X,M)
Beeoo (X)
Fairlight (X,N)
Greenmanspage (X,M)
Software Services aka Cannabis4u aka Medical hemp aka cannabis@direct.A2000.nl [L.Pafort] (X)
Richies Seedshack (X)
Stinkey’s (X)
Weedseed (X)
Pot a Gold (X)

   Online Scammer alarm bells ringing about a site located at http://www.damtodoorstep.com

        Dam To Door Step SCAMMERS

Has Appeared To Have Turned Scammer on a Patient

     His Email Address  amsterdamsfinest@hush.com

  Left a patient high & dry after 2 months of bull & delays after the patient sent in his money.

  It Was Just 1 Excuse After Another &  No Meds & No Refund of $$

  The patient  was kind enough to forward copies of the emails that went over a 2 month period.


           Online Marijuana MOM Scammer Dr. Seuss, AKA Henice,

               Email Address’s That Dr. Seuss Has Used  AKA Henice

             “Compassion For The Passionate” Online Scammer


                      New Info posted on 12-11-08
Age: 43
Date of Birth: April 5, 1965
Sex: Male/Straight

                           & in another spot he listed


         Current Email address   hesnice@gmail.com  as of 12/11-08

       Email Address’s That Dr. Seuss Has Used AKA Henice


    7-19-06 Current Dr Seuss Mailing Address’s Used,  So check this address
before sending any other MOM’s Address’s to watch out for a name or email
change for this Online MOM Scammer.

  Mailing From Address                Mailed To Address
Mark Hill                                           Gare centrale
6550 Sherbrooke Ouest                    895 De la Gauchetiere
Mtl, Qc, H4B IN3                                   Po box 96543
Montreal, Quebec
Canada  H3B 5J8     

Latest Hesnice Location March 19th 2009

    Here’s another hesnice sighting. Same city (Montreal) and
same/similar website layout and similar/same menu layout. Here’s
hesnice’s new website:

I intentionally did a minor change to his website link.
So that it wouldn’t work, But left enough so if you stumble upon
his website? You will no to avoid him & his websites & emails

                          Online MOM Scammer Joint Dr.


    Using The Old “False Posting Spam Scam” Pretending to be a satisfied customer
When both This lame ass scammer used the same IP address for both the joint Dr
& The pretend happy customer.  Classic Text Book Scammer Behavior!

Hesnice Online MOM Scammer

BCMeds Online MOM Scammer

BCMeds 2 Online MOM Scammers

  DRAGON, AKA Vicky Secret Forums, AKA Hesnice, AKA HESNICEISBACK
AKA Whistler Grower, Are All Just The Same Online MOM Scammer.
Trying To Do Many Fast Name Changes To Avoid Detection!

   Here is a link to some more information from other folks about Hesnice
Hesnice AKA Hesniceisback The Online MOM Scammer

   Hesnice is at it again. Here is his new website
(identical layout, phrases and products):

And here is a current email address that he is using 2/14/08
AVOID THIS SCAMMER!  dutchmaster@hush.ai

   Hesnice New Name & Snail Mail Address  2/14/08
“Emmett Coleman, 2819 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219″

I am “NOT” posting his complete weblink above, to this latest attempt by this lame ass scammer.
But have posted “just enough of the weblink” so that the good folks can know
what to avoid

Legit Online MOM Providers “Don’t Need To Keep Changing Their Websites”
It’s Real Simple!  Because “THEY DON’T RUN WEBSITES! PERIOD….!

“It Just Attracts Way To Much Legal Attention & Legal Heat For Them”
A “Legit MOM” Running a 1/2 A Dozen Or More “Open MOM Websites”


Has scammed $1000’s & $1000’s of dollars from “many many sick”
Or Terminal medical patients

  Numerous Scamming Websites By These Thieving Online Scammers
Preying On the Sick Or Terminal Medical Marijuana Patients..

New 4-18-07 www.dragonmom.biz

 7-14-07  Latest Email Address This Online MOM Scammer is using

7-14-07  Henice’s / DR Suess’s Latest Mailing Address & Names.
Only Accepts Western Union Wire Transfers Send To

     New Name He is Using “Christopher Cochrane”
in Montreal Canada

4-18-07  New Website Addition To This Scammer’s Profile

www.BudsByMail.com  That’s Been online for about the last 9 months

3-08-07  New Email Address For Hesnice AKA Hesniceisback The Online Scammer

8-25-07 Report just in from a patient on a DR. Suess Spotting Online
               www.feeljah.com that bears a striking
resemblance to Doc Seuss’s site. Same $15 trial offer, same
scrolling banner. Not much consequence though, as the e-mail
address it links to does not appear to work. Just wanted to put it
out there to help others avoid getting scammed.

5-01-08   New Intel on this Scammer

Emails  dutchmaster@hush.ai or  ganjapal@gmail.com
Scammers Website http://dutchmaster1.blo**pot.com/

I have on purpose blocked out 2 letters in his above website link!

Marijuana Grams Scammer
Marijuana Girls Online Scammer

    Their Mailing  Address To Avoid

                       W Enviro
1027 Davie st
Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2

  Apparently, this site is just a rip-off.

  Current Email Address 7-16-07  amsterdameasy@hush.com


Major Warning  Has stopped responding to all emails
Has lost many letters coming into US, Due To Bad Stealth

        & Not Resending Those Letters That Were Seized
He Has Dropped Off Of Several Different Message Boards
& Is No Longer Posting, Or Responding To Messages.

     Many Patients Are On The Loosing End On This One!


              Scammer marijuanagrams.com
Seedbank  amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com
& “marijuana girls.com”


                  Scammer Of Meds from Sick & Also Runs A Seed Bank 


                 Their Mailing  Address To Avoid

                         suite114 1027 davie st
vancouver b c v6e4l2

  email address that they are using

The seed bank that they are Scamming from is
amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com   @nym.hush.com

            Scammer  Wild Bill

This person only accepts Western Union money
orders that can be picked up without a photo ID.  He/she has been
verified by at least 2 other people to falsely operate from Baxter,
MN and Brainerd, MN (2 towns within 5 miles of each other located
in central Minnesota, USA). 

 Known alias (which the Western Union M.O. where sent to) include

“Jara Masey” and “Andy Culpepper”

although he/she probably uses more.

This person uses the email: wildwestshows@hotmail.com

           Major Online Scammer

  smellyweed aka comfortablynumb35

Major Scammer & Name Changes, Has ripped off many patients of the little
money they had, & He Is still trying to keep the Con Going!  He is Using
Western Union For the Money Transfers.

                 His  Real Name & Address Is
Sean DeLorean
61 Belmont Road
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2M 5Y7    Canada

2-22-06 New Email Address smellygreen01@yahoo.ca

                       warminster, ontario canada
Thomas Grant (alias)

We Are Talking Ripping Numerous Patients Off For $1000’s Of
Dollars. 1 Cancer Patient Alone That Was Under Going Kemo
Treatments,  Was Hit For $5000 Dollars That He Conned Out Of
Her.  Under The Pretense To “Help Him From Loosing His
House” Which Was Just  A Lie. She Maxed Out Her 1 Credit Card
To Send This Slime The Money. & Now Will Probable Lose Her
House. She’s Disabled Living On A Government Check.

           Karma Needs To Take This Bastard DOWN HARD!

                           More Details Can Be Found Here

           Major Scammer  budz4u 

  Owes Many Patients $1000’s Of Dollars in Unshipped Orders

                & Is still trying to get patients to buy from him! 

                    “but cant fulfill outstanding orders”
but we are taking new orders !

                        Ya Right Asswipe!

         About Online Scammers  & Email Cloning
“CLONING”  A Legit Email address Is A Typical Scammer Trick
So Don’t Be Fooled by this “Typical Online Scammer Trick” Called 
Email Cloning”  By creating another email account “Almost Identical
 to a Known Legit Mom Provider. 


Jean in Cameroon

Address: B.P. 25180 Messa

City: Yaounde

Country: Cameroon

= Buy Weed in e-mail


                Scammers- 420 Group 

This site is posted because a few medical patients have reported not receiving their medicine,
& those that did receive all they got was Mexican swag! Which is About useless in any
medical usage form, It’s just not capable to ease any medical patients suffering Period!

So we have chosen to have them posted on the scammer page, Swag may be good for the
kiddies!  Your Mexican swag has a THC content of maybe 2 to 4% THC, where true medical
grade medical marijuana has a THC content of between 12% to 22% 

& They have been found to be using the old scammer trick of posting false reports
under fake names on message boards pretending to be satisfied customers.
(It’s Called Chumming) 

                       Avoid Them Like The Plaque! 

                  There Is Much Better Real Medical Quality
Available Out There Online

                     Mexican Swag Is Almost Useless For Any
Valid Medical Marijuana Patient Usage.

Yes It’s Better Then Nothing!  But The THC Content
Of Mexican Swag Is Maybe Tops 3% Or 4% THC Content

Where “Good Medical Quality Medical Marijuana
Will Have a Min Of At Lest 12% to 22% THC Content.

              Read some more about the 420 group from other people

         Marijuana Grams Scammer
Marijuana Girls Online Scammer

    Their Mailing  Address To Avoid

                         suite114 1027 davie st
vancouver b c v6e4l2

       Another website that is just meant to rip you off

         www marijuanagirls.com

     Online Scammer Name & Address 

E. Boomsluiter

Bosschestraat 6

2587HE Den Haag

The Netherlands


 At This Time After Consultation With Some Of The Other
Scammer Busters, We are “Not” positive “YET” On Who
The “Real Name” Is Behind This New Scammer. Popping
Up After a  Posting On  craigslist.com. With A Major “Too
Good To Believe Very Long” Shopping List. But From The
Reply It Reminds Us Of How Either -Marc H or Alex Van Horst,
Both Operate. Both Are Longtime Online Scammers & Both
Are Posted On Every Scammer List Out There, Including This
One. Just Scroll Below For More Info On These Two Slimes.

   Scammer Do Not Send This Slime Any Money

  Marc & Co, Marc the Deal-maker, Marc Haarhuis, Director,
The Cannabis Experience, Amsterdam

     He is One of the Worst Longtime Scammers out there

 About 98% Of Packages To The USA  He Sends Never Make It!

                                   “His Motto”

                “So Sorry On Your Lost Order”

                    “Better Luck Next Time”

                    “So Sorry,  No Free Resends”

             Check Out An Example Of His Stealth
Simple There Is No Stealth!

Marc & Co.
Marc the Deal-maker
Marc Haarhuis, Director,
The Cannabis Experience, Amsterdam

       & His REAL Name Is  Ron Masters SLIME!

          & his email is Ron-Masters@Ohdie.com


another scam list that he scams patients in the US from

& The following sites & scams


Health Innovations Ned. BV.  

or  Royal Electronics Ned. BV. 

PO Box  8955
1006 JD Amsterdam
The Netherlands  (Western-Europe)

The Online Scammer Mailabud AKA/ Ganja Smuggler
/ ACEE/ The Seedster/ Seedsonline,

Dutch Cannabis.com & The Cannabis Store are Rip-Off Websites! Do Not Order Marijuana
or Seeds From Them! Leo Pafort runs them,
 Leo Parfort, & Joey Parfort  Doesn’t Send!
Mr. I Will Sue You! Himself  “Till he found out it would have to be in a US Court of Law”  

        Alex Van Horst, AKA- Jan Van Vliet  Is A Scammer!
Online Coffee Shop/Weed Acces/sativaland,  



                9-29-05 New email address for this
Snake Scammer Alex Van Horst /Online

            New Name Jan Van Vliet SCAMMER

                     New Website

OLD Mailing Address

(name) Horst
(address) P.O. Box 36123
(zip code) 1020 MC
(city) Amsterdam
(country) Netherlands    His New Name, Same address as of 6/16/05

           (Name)         Jan van Vliet
(I assume this is the new alias he goes by)

(address)          P.O. Box 36123
(zip code)         1020 MC
(city)                Amsterdam
(country)          Netherlands

                 SCAMMER  Budsrus

Budsrus@ziplip.com  AKA – Brian Goodsell  he will send you an email saying he
is Scam Detector & recommending this budsrus! Its a scam!  AVOID IT!

            Just hit delete!

 Scam Detector NEVER emails anyone to recommend! 

   Scammer & Blackmailer  

& He is Back Scamming Again 12-01-06

Thomas Van Riper..
address: 6811 Creek Road # 1,
Chittenango, NY 13037

or  this  address

Tom Van Riper
105 S. Berkey Drive
Chittenango NY 13037


He went by the name “lohnlennon” on an auction site,
Recently but he got banned from there.

Also Has a Young Nephew That’s Around On The Boards
& Is Just About As Bad As His Uncle Is

email names: tomvanriper@yahoo.com 

and unclejohnsband2k3@yahoo.com.

He offers to trade you high grade Canadian buds for pain killers,
you send him the pain killers & he never sends you the buds, &
then he try’s to blackmail you that if you do NOT send him more
pain killers he will turn you in for mailing narcotic pain meds with
out a prescription!  

              Major Slime! 



 Scammer called SBG Coop


here is some background info on him

But you might have to cut & paste this into the browser to get it to work.


Works off CC message boards & Uses western Union to scam your
money, by getting you to call to reassure you on the phone.

Brian Rose

Phone # was trace back to this name
(Paul Stanford’s Caller ID)
# 636-724-6415
230 Riverbluff Dr.
Saint Charles, MO

Dr. Greenberg- NY

His Name & address is
 F. Nassim,
111 W. 16th ST,
NY, NY 10011
(Old Address Who Knows Or Cares)

Or possible located in Queens
Address is 120-08 103rd Ave,
3rd Floor, Queens, NY 11419

Shame DR Greenberg Shame!


   Remember Our News Report Exposé’s Pages On The In’s & Outs Of Mailing Marijuana?

   The Politics Of Contraband & Medical Marijuana In The Mails

   Online MOM’s Providers Ads

    How to avoid being scammed or ripped off, when buying
    your medical marijuana medicine online, News Expose!

Remember you can always set up a small closet grow room to handle your own personal
medical marijuana needs. Our grow guides pages has plenty of options for you to consider,
To teach you how to grow your own medicine!
                            100’s Of Marijuana Grow Guides