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Shawna R. Tonya D. Owner
MMJ Patient, Medical Activist,
Online Patients Advocate, 
Online MMJ News Journalist 

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My Own Permanent Chronic Medical Injuries History


Here is the story of my own permanent medical injuries, ruled "completely inoperable" 
by my doctors, resulting in my own Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Necessity.


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I am , a 54-year-old male. I also take Medical Marijuana with all my doctors’
 documented knowledge. I have been permanently disabled since 1989
with Chronic Pain
 Syndrome, from a spinal injury at L5-S1, and I now have seven blown spinal disks
 by MRI  scans, with 3 or 4 more suspected blown disks, pending MRI confirmation.

I have the deadly combination of significant diffuse degenerative disk disease, along with a relatively
 small, congenitally stenosed spinal canal. In plain language,
it’s squeezing off my spinal cord
the C3 thru C7 neck disks. My disease is diffuse, which means there is nothing any of the
 doctors or Neuro specialists are able to do medically to help.

 I have been ruled by the doctors "absolutely, completely medically inoperable." All the doctors could
 do was to try to make me as comfortable as possible with highly addictive pain meds!

                           My Ortho-Nero Specialist Report Page #1 of 2
                            My Ortho Nero Specialist Report Page #2 of 2

I then REFUSED TO TAKE any more of their recommended 20 to 30 pills each day. The doctors
 wanted me to take even more pills. but I just
couldn’t take any more. Since the collapse of my cervical
 disks, I was forced back onto the heavy
 narcotic drugs. After 10 years of fighting to stay off them, and
 being able to manage my chronic pain with
just my Medical Marijuana,
Relaxation methods, and Music
 Therapy, I was forced to be turned into a “Legal Pill Junkie”
by the doctors’ prescription pain
 medications. I was on at one point 30 mg of Dilaudid daily,  and 50 mg Fentanyl

I just hated it. I was doing so well the last 23+ years, managing my chronic pain levels,
 staying off the narcotics, and just using a little “God-made medicine” called Cannabis. When
 I have access to my AAA medical-grade Cannabis, I can cut the
damned narcotic pain meds
 down to none.
As of 2010, I am taking NO narcotic pain medications whatsoever.

I suffer from chronic pain, stage II diabetes, severe degenerative disk disease, severe muscle
 spasms that drop me to the floor screaming when they hit me, and chronic obstructive
 pulmonary disease (COPD), and the doctors have performed two FAILED spinal surgeries.
 Regretfully, my
disease is "degenerative," so I am only going to get worse.

My daily pain level is now at 8-½ out of 10 on a good day, and 9+ out of 10 on a bad day. 24/7, 365 days
 a year, this is what my pain is like.
I now end up spending 80% of every day in bed, when my neck hurts 
after being up and moving around for a few minutes without any support for it, or when I
have been working 
on the computers for long a period of time; 30 minutes now is the maximum for me before I need to lie down 
and give my neck a
rest when working on the computers.

My neck begins to feel like it’s on fire, and then no amount of pain medication will stop that
 burning fire in
my neck and arms. "absolutely, completely medically  inoperable," this is my
 “best case scenario" on how I will now be spending every day for the REST OF MY LIFE. 
  I cannot even remember the last day, That I didn’t Hurt! I still have 10 to 15 more years where
  I can get even medically worse than I am right now from the severe degenerative disk disease, 
 COPD and severe arthritis in both my ankles and feet, as well as severe panic & anxiety attacks at times. 
Thank God for 2 mg Xanax Bars!

I have had twospinal operations so far at L5-S1, both of which failed. During the second
 laminectomy surgery, the doctor or the bad disk cut through my dural sac (the lining
 surrounding the spine). This brought on a a bit of pain in my lower back, butt, and legs. There is a great deal of loss in
 some mobility in both my legs. And now due to the disease in my neck disks, and I am losing
 strength in my arms and
hands as well. 

With medical marijuana, I can control it on a long-term basis. When my chronic pain is BAD!
 and the severe
pain and depression kick in, when I am in extreme pain and the muscles
 start spasming, I am flat on the floor screaming in pain for the next 15 to 20 minutes!
When I
 smoke a few puffs of medical-grade Cannabis, 3 or 4 at a time usually, it’s the only time I
not in pain, and I can smile! It helps me make my life worth living by giving me a break
 from the pain, muscle spasms and depression for a few hours. There is not a day that goes
 by that for just a few seconds, it doesn’t go through my mind lately to just end it all, knowing
 that this
is how I am going to be, or possibly get even worse medically,

        For The Rest Of My Life.

      So I Am Not A Criminal!!!

And I Refuse To Hide Anymore And Or Act Like I’m One!

Fortunately, I am now a STATE-RECOGNIZED, LEGAL Medical Marijuana patient, with my written
 recommendation from a licensed state doctor and a state-issued Medical Marijuana Patient ID card.

I am not a criminal, just a disabled medical patient dealing with a permanent, chronic illness
 as best I can, choosing to do "God’s Work Online" with the
other sick and suffering medical
 patients and trying to
 help all of mankind online, instead of just being a drain on society,
 sitting on my butt and collecting my SSI government check of $698 every month. God smiles
 down on me every day for the work I do online with the other sick and/or terminal and
 suffering medical patients. I have no doubt at all that God has led me to do this work online,
 helping other sick and/or terminal medical patients for free.




Song Is "Marijuana Man" By The Rev Roland A. Duby

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