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              Chris’s Marijuana Growing Survival Tips #1


Learn how to grow your own killer medical buds! & How to survive encounters with the cops!


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When the cops knock on your door! First off DO NOT PANIC! 
If they have a warrant, let them in and keep "Your Big Mouth SHUT!"

If they do not have a warrant?  Do not let them in! Do NOT Consent To Any Search!
They will try to convince you that it will go better for you if you just let them in!


Make them go get a warrant!

It will take them at least 24 hours before they will be able to get back!! they might threaten to arrest your wife! or call Children & Family’s on your kids!! It is all BULLSHIT!!! They are just trying to make their job easier! its a pain in the butt to get a search warrant & put a raid together! DO NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO SEARCH YOUR HOUSE! if they search your house without the warrant or your permission! Anything they find will be thrown out in court, as soon as they leave immediately shut down your grow room. 

DESTROY ALL POT PLANTS!!!  hide the grow equipment at another location! REMOVE ALL SIGNS THAT THERE WAS A GROW ROOM!! within 90 minutes of them leaving there should be NO SIGN THAT YOU HAD A GROW ROOM!!!

About your electric bills. Most electric company’s put right on the bill the NEXT METER READING DATE! It is VERY important that on meter reading day, THAT YOUR METER IS NOT SPINNING AT MOCK SPEED!!!  If you are running 2-4  1000 watts of lights, You MUST CUT BACK YOUR LIGHTS THAT DAY! Cut it back to just one light!   Meter readers are trained to look for meters spinning faster then normal, Using just one light which will keep your light cycle going, So it won’t throw off your grow cycle, & It doesn’t raise any eyebrows with your meter reader!


WASHINGTON (AP) — Police violate the Constitution if they use a heat-sensing device to peer inside a home without a search warrant, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. This is a "Major" victory for the medical marijuana grower!! If they can not just use it with out a warrant, The next place they will start looking is your trash! To get the evidence they need for a search warrant! But as a reminder the cops do not need a warrant to search thru your trash! So you need to be real sure that you do not throw anything connected with pot in your trash cans!! Everything trash from your grow room MUST be destroyed! Prior to throwing it in the trash! 

 Side note! I have yet to find any trash from a grow room that could not be destroyed or melted down by throwing it into a Charcoal Grill .

How To Hide From Airborne Infrared Flair Detection Devices

Don’t Tell People

Why? They will only be jealous. People love to feel important and that is why they will tell other people; because others will listen to them. Keep it to yourself. YOUR BEST FRIEND! OR YOUR EX MIGHT JUST SELL YOU OUT!!! When I run a grow room NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT IS!!! If it is where I live! Then NO ONE! is allowed to know exactly where I live!! ITS THAT SIMPLE! with cell-phones & beepers your friends don’t need to know where you live!!!

Don’t Overwater

Over watering kills marijuana plants. Water once the top few inches of the soil dry out. Hydroponics is harder to over water because rockwool has such excellent drainage properties. As long as the rockwool cubes are not sitting in liquid it is virtually impossible to over water a hydroponics setup. A hydroponics setup could either be watered constantly as the drip method, or once to three times a day as in the flood and drain method.

Touch/kill Germinating Seeds

Please have some patience. It sometimes takes 10 days for a seed to sprout. Some people don’t like the paper towel method of germination! I do like it! Its pretty simple! take a roll of about 5 paper towels, fold them up, So you put the seeds on top of four of the towels, spread the seeds out so that they don’t touch. fold the 5th towel flap over to cover the seeds. put it on a tray or bowl, add enough water to moisten all towels, and put them in a dark warm cabinet. Check the moistness of the towels daily. The towels should be completely damp, but just no access water, if you tip the container slightly NO water should run out! Around the fourth day start checking the seeds CAREFULLY lift just the top towel. When the seeds have sprouted move them into soil VERY CAREFULLY! Handle the sprouts like they are made of NITRO! and you will be fine!

Grow seeds from seeded marijuana

One of the greatest disappointments known to the growing man.
90% of what the final product will be is in the seed’s genetics and has little to do with the environment the plant is grown in. Many get their hands on the seed and think they have a gold mine. They will probably grow something like this: hermaphrodites, tall late flowering females coupled with early flowering males. This is because the only pollen that could have produced the seed was from a hermaphrodite or a very stunted and late flowering male the grower did not notice. Unless you are prepared for possible disappointment don’t use "unknown" seeds. This is why people buy seeds from seed banks. I have several seed banks listed on my seed bank page! I highly recommend HD SEEDS out of Canada! Costs are from $50 dollars to $230. Depending on what you want!

CO2 Enrichment!

CO-2 Generators, Lots of photo’s, Prices, Why they are needed in a Grow Room,

                                              CO2 For ‘Free’ A Great Article Learn How To Get Free CO2


This is a biggy!!

If you are growing indoors you must add CO2, CO2 Levels Must Be Kept at Between 1200 to 1600ppm, normally air is between 200 to 400 ppm, you must add CO2 to a indoor grow room! if you are using a full-size room, go with the CO2 generator! it runs off propane or natural gas, its about $550 dollars for a small one! it does put off a little heat! so plan accordingly, But the beauty of it is, propane you can buy it anywhere!

If you are growing in a small indoor enclosure! where excess heat is a problem, go with a CO2 tank of compressed gas! this you can buy from a welding supplier! a 20# pound tank will last about 1 month with a small enclosure, You will have to pay a refundable deposit of about $100 on the
 tank, you can buy a valve to automatically keep the CO2 level at 1600ppm, for about $170 from your lighting supplier Be discrete when you get the
 tank of gas from the welding supplier! And then add on a automatic CO2 Level detection monitoring Equipment, Will bring your total up to around
 $550..?  Do not give them your real address of you grow room!!

By adding CO2 to your grow room you will increase your crop that you get by 40% To 60%! and it decreases your grow time! You will go from 2 1/2
 crops per year without CO2 added, to around 4 &1/2 crops per year with CO2 Added to your grow room! Its the best $550 bucks you will ever spend!.


Don’t Over fertilize.

Fertilize after first 2 spiked leaves appear follow the label. DON’T FERTILIZE EVERY TIME YOU WATER!!!  Start with 25% and work your way up! Leach the plants with lots of pure water every 2-4 weeks. Organic growing is recommended. Its tastes better and burns much better. If the leaves suddenly twist or fold under, Leach and Spray with pure water for several days!

Don’t Under fertilize

Under fertilizing is less common but it happens. If you are one of those people that likes to give the plant just enough nutrients make sure you use a organic soil mixture with blood meal and bone meal or some slow release fertilizer with micro nutrients.

Don’t Start with Clones.

Start with seeds. Bugs are a pain, So are plant diseases. Many growers are able to grow indoors without pest problems for years. If they do get pests they are probably not enjoying the change from their usual diet to marijuana resin! But as soon as you come in contact with others grow material (cuttings) it is almost guaranteed that its from a long time grower that has many different pests all eating marijuana and bug spray (and surviving) for hundreds of generations!… Think about it.

How long to grow

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can run a large grow room for a long term basis! The longer you run the grow room the more the odds are that the cops will learn of your grow room!

Set up the grow room and harvest 2 CROPS & then shut it down for awhile! You can grow 2 crops in 5 months! set up you room with 3 1000 watt lights, You can grow 16 plants per 1000 watt light, 16×3 =48 plants! just below my 50 plant limit! You will get A minimum of 1 &1/2 oz  to has much as 6 OZ of prime buds per plant, per crop! that minimum amount = 72 oz of buds per crop, 72×2 crops =144 oz of killer buds in 5 months! Harvest the first crop, by cutting the top halve of the plant off, put your lights back on 24 hours a day, for around 3 weeks, then cut back to 12on, 12 off. for budding. Shut down the grow room after your 2nd crop!

Get your self a Good Vacume Sealer! Start Vacume sealing all your Buds! Then Hide all the equipment in a storage locker, sit back, throw a big bud in your bong! and get this big SHIT EATING GRIN ON YOUR FACE!

Don’t Start Too Early Inside or Outdoors

For several reasons! If you are starting outdoors June 1 is perfect. But if I start earlier I will get bigger buds right? Probably Wrong!
Its strange but usually true. ill explain. Plants started in early spring will get big but they will take significantly longer to start flowering. This is because at the peak vegetative period they sense the light cycles getting longer and longer, until June 21. But they don’t realize that its time to flower yet. Finally in the middle of August the plant says "HEY" "time to flower already" and it produces buds in August and September or later they will be tall as trees but thinner buds due to the fact that the sun is not as strong in September. Now if the ganja plants were put out later, as soon as they get a foot off the ground they say "what’s going on" I am just in early veggie and the light hours aren’t getting longer in fact SHORTER" Then the plants go crazy and since the sun is so bright in July and August you get amazing 6 foot trees that are heavier than the plants started in April!!! in addition to finishing earlier the late started plants are not nearly as noticeable.

Indoors is the same for different reasons. The light cannot penetrate more than a foot or two. So flower when plants are a foot tall. If you wait longer because you want bigger yields, you will get smaller yields and wait longer for them.

Don’t Provide A Bad Environment.

Always provide air circulation and fresh air even during the night cycle is fine. All the air indoors should be replaced at lest every 2 hours.
Humidity between 30-70% temp aim for around 75-85′ Even seedlings need a gentle fan to strengthen the stems.

Don’t Harvest Too Early.

I know its hard. You see the buds and resin forming at a rapid rate. The buds are potent and you feel tempted to chop em down! The only problem is that another 25% of the weight will form in 2 more weeks. Wait until the plants have totally stopped growing and the white pistils are at least 50-75% brown.
*NOTE: Outdoors if security is a factor make your own call on when to sacrifice the fields. Also take buds continuously in case of thieves.

Unless you like long prison sentences you must keep the number of plants that you have to UNDER 50, under fifty is state court! over fifty is FEDERAL COURT! federal court basically ads a zero to the end of the sentence that you would have gotten in state court!!! even just 1 plant or clone over sinks your boat!  Updated on 12-07-08 This excludes the State Of Florida, Florida you must keep plant count down now to under 25!

. When ordering seeds or grow equipment thru the mail! have them sent to an address OTHER then the one you plan to grow at! When you go to a grow store to buy equipment, say nothing about pot!  do not even hint about it! THEY WILL THROW YOU OUT IF YOU DO. 

After you buy the equipment  ASSUME that the police might have the store under surveillance. Take evasive actions if need be to make sure that they are not following you back to your grow room! Even better don’t take the equipment straight back to your grow room, stash them someplace for a few days! I know for a fact that on a cops slow days they do stake out the grow stores! Personally I keep on old 10 day paper tag, from another car under my car seat, right before I arrive at the grow store, I put the paper tag on my car, so no one can get my real tag number. 

When you are running a grow room!

Its Your Personal Freedom We Are Talking About.

 Also be sure to put down a plastic tarp under your plants! It makes clean up a breeze if the cops should start coming around, & you have to shut down really FAST!!! My last grow room I had to shut it down fast!! within ONE HOUR there was no sign of a grow room left!! For the newcomers to growing marijuana, Do not try to use hydroponics" Rockwool" your first time out! Till you get the knack of growing stick to soil growing! it is much cheaper! & its a lot more Forgiving if you make a Mistake! & hydroponics is real tricky to get it right! & if it is not "perfect" they will DIE!! & it sucks to watch a couple hundred dollars worth of Dutch seeds die. Let alone the pain it does to your growing enough "medicine" to full-fill your medical needs.

 I learned this lesson the HARD WAY!



Q. When should I start outdoors?
A. See Biggest Mistakes #8

Q. I live in the US can I order seeds?
A Yes but check your local laws first. There are exemptions for medical patients in several states.

Q. Has anyone been arrested for ordering seeds in the mail?
A. Not to my knowledge . In the cases where seeds are seized by customs (usually from Holland) they forward a letter stating that cannabis seeds are illegal to import (if you intent to grow), the seeds were destroyed in testing and that no further action will be taken.

Q. How many seeds do I need to produce 1 big fat plant?
A. One seed is able to grow into a huge marijuana plant producing up to 4 pounds of sweet dried manicured buds. However only females are regarded as valuable smoke. So plant more than twice what you would like to finish with. Also it is best that each seed be given its own space to grow

Q. Can marijuana really grow in a northern climate?
A. Marijuana plants can grow anywhere corn can grow. All it needs is three growing months –
seed to harvest. 2 if started indoors!

Q. Why do I have to buy seeds? Why can’t I use my own that I picked from my own stash?
A. Most people desire, and want to be guaranteed, certain characteristics in their mature female plants. The seeds from any weed will all grow into something different. This is unprofitable and inefficient. As opposed to knowing the single set of requirements for all your crop, you must provide a different set of requirements for each of your plants.

Q. Which varieties are the most potent?
A. All the varieties are quite potent however White Widow, #14, Hindu Kush, Northern ICE and Alaska, & AK47,Prima Donna, seem to be the peoples favorites.

Q. What is better for a new grower; hydroponics or soil?
A. I believe the all around "better", more convenient setup is soil. Hydroponic grows faster, yet does not produce extra potent buds. Hydro should be attempted after you have a few successful soil crops under your belt.
If you are starting from seed and growing for personal, soil is the practical growing medium. If the crop is started with clones and is commercial a hydroponics setup is more practical.

Q. Why are my seedlings stretching?
A. Due to low light conditions. They also need a gentle wind. Plants will also stretch when subjected to conditions of high humidity.

Q. What kind of lights should I use?
A. Cheap 4 ft. cool white fluorescent tubes : for germination/seedlings
400 watt halide/HPS : for personal home growers
1000 watt halide/HPS : for some personal growers and commercial growers. Recommended to properly replicate the power of the sun.
*Use at least 40 watts per sq. foot of grow space.* Get lights online or at some local hardware stores or Hydroponics grow shop.

Q. How far should the lights be from the plants?
A. fluorescence : tips of leaves almost touching bulbs
400 watt halide : two feet away from seedlings and one foot away from grown plants
1000 watt halide: four feet away from seedlings and two feet away from grown plants

Q. How often do you water?
A. Once a week or once every two week for soil and twice a day with a hydroponic flood and drain system.
*When top 2 inches of the soil dry out*. Occasionally provide periods of extra dry and wet soil.
*Allow 10% extra water to drain out of the bottom of the tray.* This will prevent toxic fertilizer buildup.

Q. How long do your seeds last? What’s the best way to keep them?
A .Seeds can last over 5 years if kept cool and dry. They may last up to 10 years if sealed and frozen, but it will be harder and less will germinate.


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