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 What if Cannabis Cured Cancer..? sa prevodom a Marijuana History Video
P.S. SSSH!  It’s A Big Government Secret!  "But Cannabis Really Does Kill Cancer Cells!"  
But SSSH! Don’t Tell Anyone!

  Watch Online Original 1920s thru 1970s Reefer Madness Propaganda Movies
    Hilarious Marijuana Movie Clips, Drug War Propaganda Films, We have finished the 
    work on adding about 12+  Original "Reefer Madness Propaganda" Films, Movies, 
    Motion Pictures dating back to the 1920’s, Please be patient while we get them all  

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  Run From The Cure The Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Video


   "Breaking The Taboo" Video Watch It Right Here Online 5 Stars
           Groundbreaking New Documentary  Film Uncovers The UN Sanctioned War On Drugs,

                Medical Marijuana’s First Ever TV Commercial   


   A Must Read For Everyone Concerned With
   Protecting Their US Constitution Civil Rights!

              Scenes from the movie Zeitgeist – watch it for free:


  Magic Weed-The Story of Cannabis Video Documentary

         WHIO TV does a news story on Ohio medical marijuana
       patient Tonya Davis and follows her to the Ohio statehouse. 

                      A must see video


                 Click Both The Arrows To Start The Video Player

                       Get Up!   Stand Up!  & Fight Video!
      For Legal Medical Marijuana Cannabis Access Everywhere


 Irv Rosenfeld’s HB 5470 Michigan Medical Marijuana Testimony

                 Click Both Arrows To View This Video

Irv Rosenfeld has smoked over 200 pounds of medical cannabis provided to him by the federal government, and continues to do so. He is a stock broker who handles millions of dollars on a daily basis. He smokes 10-12 MMJ cigarettes per day, and has for over 35 years with NO adverse health affects. This video should be required viewing for all Americans.

    Video Directions On How To Grow Or Set Up A Indoor Marijuana Grow Room


 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) has released a scathing 
 12-minute "mini-documentary critique of modern drug prohibition … 
as a way to educate the community about the drug war and the crime it creates.


             Awesome Short New Video from "Emperor Of Hemp" 
              Creator Jim Hightower on Marijuana War, 
                  Spitzer Flakes on Medical Marijuana   

           Rebirth Of The WONPR

    The Women’s Organization For National Prohibition Reform


    A Video Documentary Of The Horrific Police-Terrorist 
        Assault On Goose Creek SC. High School Kids

               Click Both Arrows To Start The Video Player

 Video: How To Set Up A Marijuana Cannabis Grow Room


 Mofilms & Americans For Safe Access are proud to announce the 
    world premiere movie release of "Regarding Medical Marijuana v.2"
           From http://www.medicalmarijuanainfo.com/

                "Regarding Medical Marijuana v.2"
                    This 30 minute documentary is 
                       available for
Download Here
                              Windows Media Version 

                                  Quicktime Version

This powerful documentary was the winner of the People’s Choice 
Award at the Compassionate Use Film Festival in February 2004.

                                       Windows Media Player

                                        QuickTime Video Player      

                         Watch the Law Enforcement
                          Against Prohibition Video
                       "From LEAP" A 13 Min Video


        Cab Calloway – Video Song  "Reefer Man"  High Quality


  Exclusive: Video Tour Of The High-Tech Cannabis Factory of Tomorrow

  California’s Cannabis Culture Video By Amanda Van West

How To Make a Simple Marijuana Gravity Bong Video Directions 

The Marijuana Song – Live Video  –  By Kevin O’Grady

 Pass The Marijuana – Video Song  – By MYSTIC ROOTS

    Slide Show Of The DEA Raiding A Medical Marijuana  
   Dispensary in LA CA. With Local LA Police Assisting Them.

 The Fight To Be Well. A powerful video about medical marijuana
   From the UK.

  ASA’s San Diego’s Medical Marijuana TV Commercial 
San Diego ASA TV Commercial .mov
      Click To Watch Using The Quick Time Player

    CN BC: Reality Bytes In Drug Use Film REALITY BYTES IN DRUG USE FILM
  Youth have been given the power to tell, in their own words, exactly what pressures
   they face with drugs and alcohol. Alouette Addictions Services has produced Rewind,
   a film allowing the youth to have their say — with no adult perspective to cloud reality.
  "Off Topic" But I still found it to be a very interesting news story, About a very interesting
   movie about to be released soon. On a Very Hard Hitting Topic!  Chris. K.     

  Video- Patient discusses benefits of medical marijuana to husband Melissa Cotter, a 
CannaHelp customer, talks about how medical marijuana has helped her husband, William, 
and the problems the couple are facing in getting the drug with the dispensary temporarily
 suspending sales. 

 Video- Medical marijuana advocate in Palm Desert. Krista Silva of Sky Valley asks the Palm
 Desert City Council to keep the CannaHelp medical marijuana dispensary open so her husband,
 Garry, can use  the drug, rather than the more expensive and addictive pain killers he needs for
 back injuries. 

   How To Grow Dutch Medical Marijuana Free Online Video’s Parts 1, 2, 3, 4

      DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class


                Read The News Story On This "DEA Sharpshooter"
             Then Watch The Video For Yourself When He Shoots Himself 
              In A Gun Safety Class.  Full Of Young Middle School Kids 

                 Watch Val & Mike Corral (QuickTime)   Of WAMM
               in a recent episode of the PBS show California Connected    

  Montel Williams – Marijuana: Illegal Drug or Medical Treatment
Montel Williams interviews patients who use medical marijuana. 
               (RealPlayer video) (
Windows Media Player )

     Montel Williams on his use of Medical Marijuana
Montel Williams has Multiple Sclerosis and uses medical marijuana 
to treat his disease.

  Montel Williams Uses Medical Marijuana Interview Video

  Click Both Arrows To Start The Video Player

      US Army Experimenting With LSD On Live US Army Troops

    Video Of Actual British Army Testing Of Troops Tripping 
     & The Bad Trip To Edgewood  It Really Happened Folks In 1958! 
    They Had Me Right Up Until They Gave Them A Live Rocket
    Launcher, While The "Soldiers Test Subjects Were Tripping"

      Hallucinogenic Weapons: The Other Chemical Warfare
       Edgewood Arsenal’s Medical Research Laboratories  

   Excerpts From ‘Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten’ Edgewood Arsenal


      Making Hashish From Marijuana, Cannabis  
                Leaf & Trimmings Online Video “ 
                  6 Min Online Video Directions

              By The Author: Sarah Kershaw Note: 
An Audio Slide Show "Smuggling in Indian Country"  is currently available Right Here http://www.nytimes.com/packages/khtml/2006/02/18/national/20060219_SMUGGLE_AUDIOSS.html

Medical Marijuana Film Documentary About The Travesty
Of The Arrest, Trial & Ultimate Death Of Todd McCormick, 


                  Marihuana/Assassin of Youth/Reefer Madness DVD



      The Original Reefer Madness Movie From 1936 Viewable Here Online
                          Watch The Reefer Madness Movie Online
                                 (1936) Directed by Louis J. Gasnier Writing credits Lawrence Meade 
                                 (story) Arthur Hoerl (screenplay)


   The 1937 Original Reefer Madness Movie Script PDF File  reefermadnessscript.pdf


               Raymond Evans  Hemp for Victory (1942)

         US government propaganda film made during WWII touting the virtues of hemp. 
         The film was aimed at farmers at a time when the military was facing a shortage of 
         hemp, it shows how hemp is grown and processed into rope and other products.

                  You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

                                    Director: Raymond Evans
                                    Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

                                 item image
                                     View thumbnails
                                      Run time: 13:51

                                64Kb MPEG4 (dialup)
                              256Kb MPEG4 (broadband)

                        Download It

                                64Kb MPEG4 (15 MB)
                                256Kb MPEG4 (30 MB)
                                MPEG1 (170 MB)
                                MPEG2 (776 MB)


             Some Online Live Video’s Of Marijuana Grow Sites! 

                              LIVE ON THE WEB!

                                     Live verkoop
                                 Wach Them Grow
                             Willie Wortel CannaCam

                                  All Pot Videos Online

                      He-Man Cartoon Looks For Weed (700k)
                      Marijuana Farm
                      Amature Documentary – Weed Smokers
                      Saturday Night Live Weed Skit – Head Shop

      The Snitch, or informant, is frequently an integral part of drug stings and raids.  
     The Snitch is a criminal with whom the law enforcement agency has struck a deal. 
     The incentive – the Snitch gets a reduced sentence, and/or payment, for leads about 
     other drug dealers. All too often, the leads are fictitious, made up, false, and outright 
     lies (as in this particular case)  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/snitch

        NY City Mayor Bloomberg’s You Bet I Did Smoke Pot Video 

   Media response to the New York City campaign has been extraordinary. Talk shows from 
   Letterman to Leno, as well as national news reports on MSNBC and others, have covered NY 
   City Mayor Bloomberg’s now famous quote. See for yourself and enjoy this entertaining
   collection of media snippets.


Windows Media
Select Connection
Download Player

Real Audio
Download Player

You Bet Video


All Connections

                                                        Provided By NORML        

And for those of you with fast connections check out

A Televised Discussion About Cannabis Reform In Canada

Phil Lucas, Matt Elrod, David Hadorn and Ted Smith 
on "The New VI" (CIVI-TV Channel 53, Victoria) discussing 
Canadian decrim:


    How Canada Could Have A Major Impact
      On The World By Legalizing Cannabis

          By Richard Cowan at Marijuananews.com

"If the Canadian politicians and people just knew the power that they have to change 
the world by restoring freedom to the American people and the global victims of the drug war, I think that they would rise to the occasion."


U.S.  Drug Czar John Walters discusses Canadian 
drug policy on the O’Reilly Factor.


Video:   http://www.drugpolicycentral.com/real/oreilly.rm

The Supreme Court Of Canada Hears Marijuana Constitutional Challenge


Video:   http://www.pot-tv.net/archive/series/pottvseries-109-0.html


Meet the Quadriplegic Man who is the DEA’s First Oregon Medical Marijuana Victim
The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation is proud to help Leroy Stubblefield, a quadriplegic man, and 
his 2 caregivers, who are Oregon’s 1st state-licensed medical marijuana patients known to have 
their garden seized by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. We are happy to give them 7 
new healthy plants and an ounce of free outdoor organic cannabis flowers each. We interview 
them about their ordeal and look at the DEA agents business card. The DEA agent threatens 
quadriplegic Stubblefield and says, "You’re lucky we don’t seize your house." THCF announces 
it’s press conference on 10-21-02 at Stubblefield’s announcing a lawsuit against the DEA and 
participating officers.

Reefer gladness – Documentary ‘Weed’
 Takes lighthearted look at marijuana subculture of ’90s 
By Anthony DellaFlora