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Online Patients Advocate, 
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  International Marijuana Cannabis Online   
Award Winning Cannabis Cup Seed Banks



Learn how to grow your own marijuana medicine! Its not that
 hard! Pot is a weed after all. There is no reason
 why you have to settle for that cheap, medically
 "all most useless swag" that you get off the streets.
  & Why help support foreign drug cartels? Or Make
  Millionaires Out Some Of The Buyer’s Club Owners?

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 Learn Easily How To Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana Medicine!

Possession of marijuana seeds may not be legal in all locations & countries, So it is up to you make sure that it is legal to import seeds where you
 live. This page is just posted for those patients that are able to legally possess medical marijuana seeds. Onlinepot.org is NOT legally libel for any
 actions, if you fail to seek legal advice before proceeding. Please consult a Lawyer if you have any questions concerning legalities of marijuana
 seeds where you live. 

        How Reliable Are Marijuana Strain Names? Are Cannabis Strain Names Accurate?

        Marijuana Strain Data Base Which Strains Are Best For What Illness’s & Symptoms

         Medical Marijuana Cannabis Seeds, Tips On Picking The Best Strains & Buying Them



   Differential effects of medical marijuana based 
         on strain and route of administration

  International Marijuana Cannabis Online Seed Banks To Buy Your Seeds

             Be sure to Check out our Different Pot Strains Pages!
            Before you buy your MMJ seeds! With Lots Of Photo’s,

            We Have Now Managed To Secure The Famous
       Overgrow Marijuana-Cannabis Strains Guide. After The
       Canadian Police Raided Them & Shut Them Down. So 
       Till OG Can Get Their Servers Back Up & Online, We Will
       Provide Free Server Space For It Right Here At OnlinePot 

 This was gifted to us by someone at the OG website after they got raided & shut down 🙁
    Main Index Of The World Famous OG Marijuana Strains Guide,  
800+ Marijuana Cannabis Strains, With Seed Banks & Crossed With Genetics

   More Medical Marijuana Cannabis Pot Strains & Plant Descriptions

   Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup Winners 1987 Thu 2008


For those of you who may want to buy feminized seeds 

  The way they get the 99.99999999999999% feminized seeds is a
 grower finds a hermie, separates it from the rest of the crop and
 lets it self pollinate. That plant’s genetics prevent male-producing
 seeds from being produced by the lack of two differing DNA in 
‘hermie self-pollination’. These seeds do grow into all females
 unless something about some particular strain’s genetic code
 prevents growth if that hermie self pollinated. 

Sterility is common in nature.

New Update On Getting All Feminized Pot Seeds

we take male pollen produced by this hermie and pollinate a healthy non-herm female {{{DNA
 produced by herm XX mixed with
non-herm female XX = 99.9% female skipping male XY
. thereby confusing what you told people about sterility

    What are all female cannabis seeds and how are they created?

       The Characteristics Of Various 
         Marijuana & Cannabis Strains

     Lists Names Of Strain, Sativa or Indica, Type Of
     High, The Scent Of It, & Taste Of It, 3 PDF’s Files

         1.  cannabis_characteristics2.pdf

         2.  cannabis_characteristics3.pdf

         3.  cannabis_characteristics4.pdf

 Remember NEVER  ship your seeds or lighting equipment or
 anything grow related to the address that you plan to grow at!  

Also with seeds that you always have to remember that you
 get what you pay for. If you want $25 dollar seeds? Then you 
 will get $25 dollar seeds, But if your looking for good high quality
 genetics to grow with? You need to start looking around $75
 To $100 & up on prices. Trust Me! You Spend $1000’s On
 Equipment, Don’t Go Cheap On Your Seed Stock Strains. 

        Advertise Your Seed Bank Business or Products Here   
On any of our 10,000+ pages & Get Some Of The Best Rates On The Web

Cannabis Cup Winners 2008

Cannabis Cup
1) Arjan’s Ultra Haze#1/Green House
2) G13 Haze/Barney’s
3) Martian Mean Green/Grey Area

Sativa Cup
1) Mako Haze/Kiwi Seeds
2) Opium/Paradise Seeds
3) Blue Cheese/Big Buddha Seeds

1) Big Buddha Cheese/Big Buddha Seeds
2) Fruity Thai/Ceres Seeds
3) Night Shade/Barney’s

1) Carmello Cream/Barney’s
2) Carmello Royale/Green House
3) Rifman’s Noor/De Dampkring

1) Barney Rubble/Barney’s
2) Water Works/De Dampkring
3) Master Kush Isolater/Green House

1) Super Vapezilla/Wicked Roots
2) Portable Vortex Gravity Bong/Gravity Vortex
3) Aleda Papers/Aleda

1) Barney’s Farm
2) Green House
3) Wicked Roots

 Past Cannabis Cup Winners Page


         The majority of marijuana seed banks complaints, about you
         the Medical Patients, are customers send bad or misspelled
         addresses causing orders to come back to the seedbank as
         undeliverable, therefore taking months to resolve.  Companies
          complain customers are not polite when asking for help.  The
          best thing to do when trying to deal with a company is not to
          swear and threaten, but rather be persistent and polite. 

 Also CC: Us Your Email Communication With The Seed
 Bank. If you are having any problems. Because them seeing
 that the email you sent with your complaint "was also sent
 here to us
" Can at times help get things straighten out. They
 know if we see too many complaints from the Medical
 Patients on any seed bank. & They will also be getting an
 email from US informing them that there Ad Listing  

Is being pulled from being listed here on OnlinePot

Email Chris at olpwebs@yahoo.com If You Are Having Problems With A Seed Bank!

And You Can Check Out A Seed Bank On This Following Link, He Is Running The Same
 Basic Thing That We Due With The "Online MOM Scammers In Our Hall Of Shame
 Except He Is Doing It For The Seed Bank Scammers! & We Handle The MOM Online

       If You Run a Medical Marijuana Cannabis Seed Bank, 
        Anywhere In The World, & Wish To Be Posted Here. 
          Please Feel Free To Email Us & Just Let Us Know.



  http://www.bcseedking.com Buy Marijuana Seeds From
  BCSeedKing. The best BC strains. Marijuana seeds for indoor 
  and  outdoor growing. Free shipping worldwide!

  Marihuana & Cannabis Seeds available at SensiSeeds.com
  Based In The Netherlands,  SensiSeeds.com One Of The Top
  3 Rated Marijuana Seed Banks In The World. 


 http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/ Marijuana-Seeds.nl offers the
 highest quality marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) in the world at
 excellent prices. 

Award Winning Cannabis Cup Seed Banks


  Reserva Privada


   Paradise Seeds

   Big Buddha Seeds

   Soma Seeds

   DNA Genetics

   Paradise Seeds


    Greenhouse Seed Co

   White Label Seeds

   Magus Genetics

     Serious Seeds

KC Brains Holland

   Hemp Depot

    Sagarmatha Seeds

   Dutch Passion B.C.

Dutch Passion Seed Bank Blacklist

We cannot guarantee that you will purchase genuine Dutch Passion seeds
from these companies.

  • Shaman Seedbank, Poland
  • Canafoia di Pipicella, Rimini, Italy
  • dutch-seeds-japan.com
  • www.dutch-passion.co.uk
  • www.nansons.com
  • Quebec Seed Bank
  • Montreal, Canada


I keep getting bad reports on bc bud depot. Non delivery or poor quality seeds if they do arrive.

Attitude 4 star 1/2 (F****1/2)
Bluenose 3 star (***) (2)
Dr. Greenthumbs 4 star (F****) (1,2,3)
Hemp Depot 4 star and 1/2 (F****1/2) (1,2,4,)
Hemcy 4 and 1/2 star (F****1/2) (1,4)
Highland 2 star and 1/2 (**1/2)
Joey Weed 4 star and a half (F****1/2) (1,2)
Klozit King 3 star and 1/2 (***1/2) (1,2)
Natural Mystic 3 star and 1/2 (***1/2)
Peakseeds BC 4 star and 1/2 (****1/2)F
Seedboutique 3 stars and 1/2 (F***1/2) (1)
Seedbank.co.uk 2 star and 1/2 (**1/2)
Tambu 3 star (S***) (1,3)



The following seedbanks I’ve heard many bad things about. They are NOT recommended. aka means also known as. X means they seldom or never send the product. N means sending non viable seeds (non sprouting seeds) M indicates they send very inferior seeds or nothing at all

Online Scammer Seed Banks

www.medicalseeds*com  I Replaced The Dot With a * So To Make It A Non Workable Link!
A-1 Seedbank (X,N)
BC Seeds (X,M)
BCbuddepot (X,M)
Beeoo (X)
Fairlight (X,N)
Greenmanspage (X,M)
Software Services aka Cannabis4u aka Medical hemp aka cannabis@direct.A2000.nl [L.Pafort] (X)
Richies Seedshack (X)
Stinkey’s (X)
Weedseed (X)
Pot a Gold (X)