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      Tips To Help Avoid Getting Scammed 
       When Buying Pot
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Buy Pot Online? Online MOM Providers? These Are The Result Of 
13+ Years Of Research, Feedback, & Input Into The Buying Medical Pot 
Marijuana Online Sub-Culture.

       An OnlinePot Exclusive Online News Report Expose’ 


These pages are just for Sick Legal Patients, Caregivers & Providers Information or Research Only! Legally We Can Not Recommend you try this information, It is a crime if you do, This is just an Online News Report Expose’. Our Free Speech "PROTECTED" By the US Bill Of Rights. If you ignore our warning, You do so at your own risk! We are not responsible for anything that you may do or try with this information!  We Suggest That You Always Consult A Lawyer Before Doing Anything Legally Questionable That You Might Find Anywhere, Whether Here On This Website Or Elsewhere?       
                             Sincerely  Chris/OLP


U.S. Postal Service Logging All Incoming Mail For Law Enforcement
      It’s Called The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking Program, And Mail Covers Program
    This Issue Shouldn’t Worry The Patients, Its ALL The MOMs That Need To Be Aware Of This.


  SECURITY ALERT!  Max Security Alert On Safe-Mail.Net Emails ARE NOT SECURE! 
They Have A Secret Spy Code Embedded That Forwards Copy’s Of "Some Emails" Sent Out To From Their Email
 Service At www.Safe-Mail.net. We Have Photo Captured PROOF THIS IS HAPPENING!

          Big Boss Sausage "Just Say No… Thank You"


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On any of our 10,000+ pages & Get Some Of The Best Rates On The
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We use 13+ years of knowledge & input from fellow patients to help the patients
 make educated decisions. With this knowledge & information only that will
 keep you from getting preyed upon by all the slime bag’s out there! 

Always be sure to check out the entire page, you may never know when we may
 ad something new to the bottom of the page. or change or add something to one
 of the things all ready posted. & Always let us know how things go when
 you try a new medical service provider whether good or bad,
So on down
 the road if another patient asks what’s the latest news on a certain service? They
 can have access to the latest Intel. With all the patients helping each other. We
 can spot the Online Scammers Faster, & Everyone can help keep ALL the valid
 medical patients safe.& The Online Scammer’s Broke & Out Of Business             

                Always Check All Of Scam Search’s Website And The
            Hall Of Shame Sections Before Sending Anyone Your $$
          And Check The MOM Caregiver Page To Make Sure A Caregiver Is 
          Still Listed & Legit, Or Not Taking A Short Vacation? They Will All Give
       Atlest a 2 Week Advance Notice Posted On Their Ad’s For Vacation Notices!

                              Scam Search     
                  Has NOT Been Updated In 5+ Years
                  Since Scam Detector Passed Away! 🙁
           But It Still Lists The "Long Time Pro Scammers"

                OnlinePot’s Famous "Hall Of Shame" 
           The Online Scammers & Thieves Section
   Hall of Shame" The Online MOM Scammers & Thieves

  Everyone At Rollitup.org Marijuana Message Forums Click & Read This Page

   The best way to "Check a Online MOM Out Before" you send
 them any $$, Is to simply "Google Their Name" Google Their
 Email Address" Google Their Web Address" Even Google
 their mailing address"  In 90% of the time. It will tell you all
 you need to know to see if they are, a long term MOM,
 What has been posted about their service. "Both good & 
bad reports" All you need to know in most cases is 
"All Ready Posted Online Somewhere?"

  Remember that you can always set up a small closet grow room to
  handle your own personal medical marijuana needs. Our grow
  guides section has plenty of options for you to consider, To teach
  you all you need to know to learn how to grow your own medical
  marijuana medicine!  
                 100’s Of Marijuana Grow Guides  

   Why Spend Your Money Supporting Foreign Drug Cartels? 
      Or Street Gangs & Getting Crappy Mexican Street Swag. 
               Learn How To Grow Your Own Medicine! 

 The Politics Of Contraband Medical Marijuana In The Mails

Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed  When Buying Pot Marijuana Online

The Below News Report Information Was Re-Updated On Nov 16th 2011

     "Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of
     temperance. It is a species of intemperance within
     itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in
     that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by
     legislation, and makes a crime out of things that
     are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at
     the very principles upon which our government was

          Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) U.S. President.
   Speech, 18 Dec. 1840, to Illinois House of Representatives

                    Webster’s Dictionary Definition of a Scam    

                                   Main Entry: scam 
                                 Pronunciation: 'skam
                                     Function: noun
                              Etymology: origin unknown
                                        Date: 1963
                     : a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

Some simple tips to try to spot a scammer online who just wants to rip-off your money,
 A scammer will do 1 of 4 things, Either send you nothing at all, or send you bricked swag
 when you paid for indoor, Or charge you double what the going rate is, Or mail a couple
 small orders to you, Then scam you when you place a big order when you feel safe with his

               Ether way its called scamming.

      In Scammer Hunting & When Trying To Decide If Someone Is A Legit MOM? Or Is A Scammer?
          Remember To Use The Occam’s Razor Theory To Help You In Your Own Decision Making!

We All Try To Use The "Occam’s Razor Theory" When Trying To  Decide If Some One Is A Legit MOM? Or Scammer?

In Simple Terms The Theory Is ""The Simplest Explanation Is Most Likely The Correct One"

Or In Even Simpler Terms, "Your First Gut Call About Something? Or Someone? Is Usually The Correct Call"

  Feds: Secret TOR Hidden Online Drug Farmers Market With Global Reach Busted

 10-19-12   There Is A NEW " Green Tape Monster" Letters Being Sent Out Now! A NEW US DOJ Threatening Letter!
 Same Thing As The Old "You Have Been A Bad Boy Or Girl Letters & Don’t Do It Again!" Just From A Different Sender!
This Was Fall Out From The FM Take Down! Both Patients I Heard From Were Using Adam, Till The DEA Took Them
 Down For Selling "Hard Core Drugs Online" DAM FRIGGN’ IDIOTS! 

 Plausible Deniability And Evasion Of Burden Of Proof A great PDF. on the in’s & outs of
 Deniability, & Them Being Able To Proof You Had ANY Knowledge of things that might happen?
 Or things that might appear in your mail.   By Professor Douglas Walton From
Department of
 Philosophy,  University of Winnipeg Canada.


 So I Hope Everyone Can Hopefully Understand This, "I Walk a Very Thin
 Grey Line Legally"
  With My Online Work I Due Here On My Websites. & The
 News Reports & Knowledge & Information "That I Can Post" For The Online 
Medical Patients Here On My Website. I Can "NEVER" Cross That Thin Grey Line 
 Ever! Or They Will Shut Me & My Website Down "EXTREMELY FAST".  
 I Provide & Post Online Only As Much Online News Information & Knowledge 
 As I Can Do  "Legally."  And I Can NOT Comment Further Then What’s All Ready Online!

                                Sincerely Chris K. /OLP

 The Average Fair Market Price For Normal Commercial is $35 to $55 a 1/4 Max! For Excellent Top 
Of The Line indoor high grade medical hydro is $75 to $150-$160 a 1/4, If You Want The 
Best Cali Or BC Bud? Then Be Prepared To Pay For It.  But there are other MOM’s with lower rates
 advertising here online & elsewhere… & anything more then $15 to $20 dollars shipping charge is a 
rip off!  & A Good Legit will always reship a lost letter should customs get lucky. Free Of Charge!
"On Proof Of The Green Tape Monster"  We just provided this Online News Expose’ to try to help keep
 the sick & dying medical patients from getting, The little money that they do have from being stolen by 
the Online Slime Bags, Predators & Online MOM Scammers That are out there. 13+ Years Of Work, 10,000+ 
Pages, Total of 13,000+ Files, 

     Always Remember That You Do Get What You Pay For..? Their Is A Big Difference 
  Between Low AAA Medical Grade Marijuana & High AAA+ Medical Grade Marijuana

                          And Welcome To "www.OnlinePot .Org"


Right Now The Action Has Switched Off The Big Message Boards & Onto The Smaller Single Person Run Message
 Boards. Due To All The Heat That The Massive Marijuana Message Boards Are Now Getting. But With This Switch
 Comes A Danger From The "In-Experience Message Board Operators" Not Being Able To Handle The Online
 Scammers & Their Online Trolls Using Their Many Different Names, & Many Different Email Address’s. & Many Fake Posts

So Be Very Cautious Out There Folks. I Personally Learned This Point The "Hard Way" That Running a Message
 Forum That MOM Talk Is Allowed On!  I Now Realize? After Over 13+ Years Now. That Basically "IT’S IMPOSSIBLE"
 To Run A Message Forum & Be Able To Keep Off The "Online MOM Scammers" From Getting On Your MOM
 Forum. They May Start Out At First With Everyone Being Legit? But Within 2 to 3 Months, ALL MOM FORUMS Will
 All Be Loaded With Online Scammers, & Their Many Fake Names, & Fake Posts & Their Personal Trolls Scamming
The Patients On It! And There Is ONLY 1 Way To Stop Them! & That Is To Just Shut Down The Entire MOM Message
 Forum! 13+ Years Now & I Have NEVER Seen One Last More Then 3 to 5 Months, Before They Just Implode! From
 All The Online MOM Scammers Disruptions & Fake Posts & Just Disappears! With A Lot Of Patients Loosing Their

   My Advice Is Don’t Even Try To Open Or Use A MOM Message Forum!   

             It Just Can’t Be Done Long Time Safely! 🙁
  Also Please Email Us & Keep Us Informed On Any New MOM Message 
 Boards That Pop Up. "Good Ones & Bad Ones"  So We Can Keep An Eye
 On Things, & Make Sure That We Are Able To Try To Spot Any Possible
 Problem Sites, Before They Get Too Far Out Of Control, & Patients End Up
 Losing The Little Money That They Do Have.  Chris/OLP

                  Email Us About Any MOM’s Or Scammers Message Boards 
                               NEW 100% Encrypted Email Server

     How To Fund & Use An E-Gold Account Securely & Anonymously


We Do Not & Can Not Comment Any Further then what is all ready posted online in the News Report
 Exposé’s on this topic. Any & all information that we know is all ready "Clearly Posted Online"
There is no more information that isn’t posted all ready online. So please don’t waste your time
 emailing us for "More Information?" Or To "Recommend Someone?".  Read The News Reports Exposé’s 
& make up your own mind!  We do NOT EVER recommend anyone to anyone ever!  Sincerely Chris

     Read & Learn!  So Hopefully You Do Not Get Scammed Or Ripped Off!

1. If the deal sounds to good to be true? Then the odds are its a scam. Be wary of service providers offering strains that are long time Dead Strains like "Columbian Gold" or "Acapulco Gold" or Panama Red" all 3 strains are from the 1970"s, & have not been seen in at lest 20+ years. & Are what we call "Lost Strains", lost before the seed banks started saving all known strains, if they are lying about the strain names what else are they lying about?

2. Do not let them hurry you into buying, If they are a legit service? they will still be there in a few weeks. So just go & check them out on a few message boards, or with other people you know,  There have been a couple other supposedly other scams search sites out there in the past. BUT! they were setup by the scammers themselves, Just as a way to lure more victims into their slimy scams! 
        The Website Here Is Scam Search 
             But Has NOT Been Updated In 5+ Years
                  Since Scam Detector Passed Away! 🙁
           But It Still Lists The "Long Time Pro Scammers"

3. Most Legit Mail Order services will ship a small sample of what they have, to a first time buyer with them for a token fee,  & just because they ship a sample,
  DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE A LEGIT, & Always keep your first few orders with a new service small NEVER try more then a 1/4oz, at one time or preferably even less for a first order, & then after awhile when you feel comfortable with that service then & Never go over a 1/2oz.   preferable stick to 1/8ths & 1/4’s 1/2’s at a time. & Ask if they will reship an order for free if it gets Green Taped from Customs? Most good Legit’s will gladly reship an order for free upon proof of The Green Tape Monster Because its just good for their business, If not? Then find another service. And Coast To Other Coast 3 Day
Priority Mailing Only Costs $6 Bucks!

4. If a services says that they will ship more then a 1 OZ or so of meds at one time?  That Should be a Red Flag, It is just to hard & to dangerous to ship more, Especially if it has to pass thru US Customs, & It also greatly increases the odds of it getting found coming thru US Customs. & NEVER GO ABOVE YOUR STATE OR COUNTRY’S DECRIMINALIZED LIMIT!  Always Stay Below Felony Weight!. & No cop will ever knock on your door! Never Order Felony Weight Felony Weight If found always assures that you will get a knock on your door from the cops!  All it takes is them finding it just once.& That’s major heat that you don’t want or need. What keeps them from knocking on your door Is The Small Amounts! Its just Not Worth the US Customs time, money & energy for less then a 1/2 a oz. If you break this cardinal rule? & get caught. You are looking at Major Legal Problems & Lawyer bills. & Jail Time, Probation, Community service, Fines, Etc! Need I go on? Simply Put!   Don’t Even Try It. It Isn’t Worth The Risk.

5. If their minimum first time order is more then $90 to $100 dollars, then that should be a Red Flag to you

6. Watch out for message boards scammers, They are well known to post False Reports on their own service, Its called "Chumming" for New Victims. Always Check 2 things when dealing with any message board posts. 1. The Date The poster Joined The Message Board, & 2. How many post they have made to the Message Board?. The Slime on these boards change their names more often then most people change their sheets on their beds. If they have not been a member of that board for at lest 6+ months & Have Made at lest 300+ posts! Do Not Listen to much that they have to say.

7.  Ask the service if they Vacume or heat seal the medicine, Vacume sealed meds almost always make it thru US Customs. With Vacume Sealing or Heat Sealing, We have seen up to a 1/2 Oz of prime medical grade bud come in a normal legal size letter envelope, With it being no thicker then a normal letter. & No Bumps! No Bulges! & No Smell! = No US Customs Seizure Green Tape -AKA The Green Tape Monster

8. When you do receive your first order, Check to see how well the packing stealth was?  If its real lousy packing stealth, you should keep looking for another service, shoddy packing will result in a higher odds of it getting caught in the mail.Smell the package real hard before you open it?  If you can smell It yourself what is in it?  Keep Looking for another service. "All Letters" should be vacuumed or heat Sealed NO EXCEPTIONS!   NO EXCUSES!    Vacume
 Sealed Every time!

9. There is a real easy way to check out a MOM & Its Real Simple, Just "Goggle All Their Info" that you know about them, Names, Company names, Mailing Address’s, Email Address’ Etc!  Before sending anyone your money.

10. For every 1 Legit mail order services they are 3 or 4 SCAMMERS! Just remember those odds folks! 

11. If a service starts not answering back emails with in a reasonable time 3 or 4 days TOPS,  that could be a Red Flag for you. Unless they notify you well in advance that they are going to be on vacation or something during a certain period of time. & If you are a customer of theirs & they are going to take a vacation, They will notify you well in advance to allow you time to stock up on your meds. Its just good business them taking care of their patients.

12. If a service offers you more then 6 or 8 items, A complete A to Z shopping :List, That should be a Major Red Flag for you, 
If the shopping list is to good to believe, Then do not believe it!   I saw one online listing recently that had 106 Posted Items!

13.  If it is a US based service that is running a website that openly or even hints to sells pot, Odds Are IT’S A SCAM!  & Even with Foreign websites! 
Most of them that openly lists pot for sale are SCAMMING! 

15. Even Today’s legit services can turn to into an "Online MOM Scammer Almost Overnight!, especially the smaller fly by
 night US based one’s, So be sure to check out Our Hall Of Shame First!", or the message boards, 

16.  If you decide that you would like to place an order with a MOM using a Credit Card???  Make sure it’s a Wal-Mart/Green Dot Pre Paid Visa Credit Card, Just when you sign in, Post a slightly difference in your "Real Name"    Drop 1 Letter in It,  Or Add 1 Letter to your name etc!

17. Stay clear of  Evocash, or anything like that. Its far to easy for someone to take the money and run. Why should you give your address out and not get the sellers address?

19. Stay away from all AOL & Hotmail Email accounts. This is a personal preference, If you were selling something not quite legal, would you use an account
 that is so easily traced back to you?  I don’t think so.

20. Even if you think you are emailing a legit source, look at the email address VERY carefully. Scammers will try to use "look-alike email addresses of legit service providers  Its called "Cloning".

21.  Be smart! Do not order large amounts Ever.  Never order more then 1/2 oz or so of meds at one time! Its to risky as far as a rip-off, & its way to risky if it has to come thru US Customs. A typical scam is to suck a buyer in with a couple small deals, then go for the big scam when the buyer trusts the seller and places a large order.

  22. When you get your medical get well letter in the mail & if you are for any reason a little concerned or fear that a safe delivery may not have been made?, Then just mark on the outside of the envelope in nice big letters "Return To Sender"  & Then just let the letter sit there for a few hours or so, Or even overnight. As long as you have not opened it, even if the cops do show up. which is a million to one shot in the first place of that ever happing, there is NOTHING they can do to you! Especially with the slight name mistake  

             Just always remember these 3 words  

      DENY! DENY! DENY!  Never Admit To Any Knowledge Of It! Or Anything Else!

      Legally You Are "Not Responsible" For Anything That Just Shows Up In Your Mail Box!

 23.  & Always have your Medical Providers do a slight name change on your
 name when they make out the mailing address on your medicine, Have them
 change or add 1  letter in your name, Just a slight "Typo" to any mailman
 delivering it. & It’s not enough for him to NOT delivery your letter! BUT! Legally
 it is enough for "Legal Reasonable Doubt" Because Its Not Legally Even Your 
Name Or Addressed to You. As long as you NEVER admit to having any knowledge
 of it. They have absolutely NOTHING on you. 

    Always Deny! Deny! Deny! 
                  & When you think you are done Denying?

                                    Deny Some More!  

    As Long As You Say Nothing, They Have "NO CASE" On You At ALL.

24. Also Never post on any message board that you are "looking for a legit provider" The only thing that that will accomplish 
is a email box full of Scammers Replying Back To You!. Trying To Steal Your Money! Or Worse A Cop 🙁

  25. There Are NO Legit MOMS Working Out Of The African Continent!  Its All Just Wild Grown Ditch Weed!  Why Import SWAG?

Remember you can always set up a small closet grow room to handle your own personal medical marijuana needs. Our grow guides 
pages has plenty of options for you to consider, To teach you how to grow your own medicine!   100’s Of Marijuana Grow Guides


When On These MOM Message Boards This Following Written Post Is Very Good Tips & Advice On How The Message Boards Work. "For Any Newbie’s"


                                  This is the infamous Advice To
                              "Newbies" thread by the Phillykid:

"1) Do NOT ask people for legits. We don’t know you
and therefore cannot trust you. This is not some elitist
thing but rather a necessary security precaution. You
maybe Leo, DEA, or Asa Hutchinson himself for all we
know. Would you give your parent’s address to

2) Take the time and have the patience to do some
research. Look over the archives and use the search
function to learn how things work here and who you can
trust and who is sketchy. Just because someone has
a name registered 2 years ago doesn’t mean that they
are here posting regularly or that anyone knows them.
If you’re not willing to put in the work that the rest of us
has put in then why should we give you anything?

3) This is a community. Info comes to those who are
trusted. So post about anything and just join in the
jokes, discussions, politics, etc and after awhile people
will know who you are, what your intentions are, and
you’ll be more easily able to find out the info you seek.

4) scammers are everywhere. New vendors are always
considered scammers until they prove themselves
through consistent and long term good business
practices. Always do your research on a guy. Ask
questions before giving out personal info (or it can
come back to bite your ass BIG time)

4a) Samples are only a way to determine if quality is
worth the asking price. It lessens scam risk because
you know the person has access to whatever he says
he does. It does not prove legitimacy (it’s easy to send
out 10 samples and then run away once the 10 people
send out 200 bucks each)
4b) most people who solicit you are scammers. Legits
don’t need more business
4c) CODs to regulars seems to becoming more
prevalent judging by recent posts. Although this is
good it is not foolproof. Everything that applies to
samples applies to this as well. It’s easy to send out 1
order to a regular and then take everyone else’s money
and run.

COD in this case does not mean that you sign and pay
the delivery guy. You just wait till you receive and then
pay the guy in whatever manner they prefer. (don’t ever
sign for sensitive material)

5) If you know of someone or were told of someone
who is legit…DO NOT post his info. Or if you feel
inclined to do a review then ask for his permission
FIRST and also ask how that person would like to be
referred to. Even if it is just an alias, remember that the
more info that is out here the more info that is available
to the whole public. If you mention that Mr. X has the
best Y and Z here then the next thing you know is that
1000 people will ask for his info. Mr. X is now Mr.
Popular and will soon be Mr. Incarcerated followed by Mr.
Anally raped."


             Always Check The Hall Of Shame & All Of Scam Search’s 
             Sections Before Sending Anyone Your $$ 

                             Scam Search