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How To Clone Marijuana Plants Using Rockwool 


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Materials Needed

  • hunidicrib with RW holder if you have.
  • Rock wool 1inch x 1inch
  • Scalpel ans scissors
  • Clonex or clone powder
  • ATleast one Flouro
  • A poker/ plastic spike to make holes in RW
  • RIzotonic
  • Water and bucket.

 Rock wool cloning -> Directions

1. Get everything you need sterilise scissors, scalpel, humidicrib,poker in water mixed with 1ml per liter of peroxide or bleach. While cleaning prepare cube by soaking in PH 6.0 water and 4ml of Rizotonic per liter for 4 hours

2. Select mums or donor plant branches need atleast 5 nodes and should feel woody mot too limp, Mum should be more than 8 weeks old very healthy and well fed in week prior to cloning.

OS Image

OS Image

3.Rw needs to have soak water removed 4 good flicks or shake, dont squeese as cube becomes lesslikley to hold air and too much water.

4. Holes should go 3/4 through cube so as it can support cut.
Clean and rinse crib, scissors and scalpel, Find a branch that is suitable. Either remove whole 5/6 node branch and cut on chopping board clean cut leaves off nodes leaving top two.

OS Image

5. Lay branch flat on board and select a node. 3 or 4 slices within 5mm below node only scrathing stem and a 45 angle cutting right through straight into cut solution for 10 seconds and then into cube. If leaves are big remove 50% of larger leaves with scissors.

OS Image

6. With cut in RW it will wilt fast so needs to go straight into crib is why i do 1 at a time, Cut will benifit from having her leaves trimmed back slightly with a clean pair of sissors.

OS Image

7. once in the crib and all cuts are done close all vents add 500 ml of rizo water into tray and foliar spray inside of crib and cuts. half hour later if seal is good you will notice the humidity build if it does there is no need to touch or open box for three days,

OS Image

8. 3 days later i will update and water for first time only about 10/15ml per cube

#3 days have passed have not needed to water or open box was humid enough constant moisture building , vents where opend half way top open full on 3rd day temps got a little high about 28c but no sign of damage

They have all made it so 100% can be expected now, if there going to die/ fall or disease they would have done so or shown signs of stress by now. Have not fed at all just rizo in the water for crib but will foliar feed dutch Master foliatech in next few days to keep green. Cubes are quite dry but can go another day, although humidity is dropping with vents open.

Ccubes can be picked up to see how much water is in them if there light the need 15ml water if med/heavy leave or drain out of cube some times when moisture is high drops of water fall from roof of crib and overwater cubes, is why it is important to check after 3 days

OS Image

Day 6 or 7.. check for moisture in cubes use scales if your finding it hard if i dought add 10ml if it runs out of cube dont water again until rooted. All vents are fully opened today to harden up a bit and crid lid was removed to breath for 5 min, becareful dont walk away as they can wilt if done to early. Crib is pretty warm when checked i had to chech if id turned heater on was just heat from light and water in base.

Pics from day seven No roots yet

This pic prolly isnt needed but its now 7 whole days since removing from plant, They where checked again today 3 days since watering and opening vents half way. Moisture in cubes was still high so no need to water but i did need to add more water to crib tray about 500ml plain water this time. Think i will wait for first cubes to root to start foliar feeding about half of the cuts have grown a few new nodes about 1cm growth this is a sign all is good and roots are not far away with 3/4days but we will see. If you wanted ive done before foliar feed from day 3 no chance of yellowing from no food.

Cuts are all healthy i used cocktal spikes to support but they where only there for the first 3 days and never really needed them but makes for straight cuts.

OS Image

Day 9
First cube rooted,
Cube should be planted into a cup of coco or into larger rock wool to keep roots healthy.

One cut is showing slight yellowing maby got too much water or is rooted and wants food, experimenting here so i fed it plain R/O water if its hungry yellowing should get worse.

Soon as roots are visable foliar spray with weak nute and start rizo in to feeds still around 15/20 ml per cube until in coco/bigger RW.

This cut will be kept for a mum if is stays healthy and grows well

OS Image

12 DAY

All but three cubes are rooted well, the three behind seem to be wettest and of Rhino strain. Looking back i think 500ml of water in base of crib made for too much moisture what ive done in the past to raise humidity was to add two large rock wool cubes wet in with rooting cuts from day 1. I should of have had a humidity metre in crib around 80%RH would be ideal inside crib with all vents closed .

When lid was removed today within seconds leaves curled up slightly a sign that some cuts still needed the protection and humidity, Today i will remove lid twice for five minutes, three/ four times tomorrow and if they look ok leave it off.

Rooted cuts have been planted into coco in insulated foam cups, clear BEER cups are abit bigger and better suited if cuts are spending a week or more in Preveg but need to be covered with plastic or paper to keep light out preventing green mould through roots.

A couple of pics showing the repot and yellowing of Rhino cut, BB looks very good. Hmmmmm
WR isnt getting worse as far as i can tell, This often happens to my cuts soon as they hit the coco and nutes they repair themselves. ONly one cause overwatering so i still have a way to go before i master RW cloning.
I like to kEep it simple and compact so RW is the go for me and my future cloning.

Ive done another batch of HP cuts from cuts of seed plant all are 100% sexed now, i ended up with 3 good growing FEms worth flowering . Flower room is just about full so i will veg HP for 2 months cutting back clone again and try to fit into next grow for there grow off against BB.

Happy cloning peoples

OS Image