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  Your Harvest : Hash and


How Do I Extract THC From Cannabis Easily? This article will
 describe, in detail, a technique of extracting the essential oils
 from cannabis. The final
product will be a dark, oily liquid that
 contains 70+% pure THC. The following steps require nothing
more than simple, easy to find materials and a little time.


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               Hash, Hash Oil & Making Hash
               Main Hash Section Starting Page   



Easy THC Extraction. Contributed By: Foe Bud Liberty


This article will describe, in detail, a technique of extracting the essential oils from cannabis. The final

product will be a dark, oily liquid that contains 70+% pure THC. The following steps require nothing

more than simple, easy to find materials and a little time.

Advantages of THC oil:

No hot, harsh smoke to irritate your lungs

No tar to stain your teeth and fingers

Very little smell

5 times as much THC in bloodstream

Get 5 times as many "trips" per $$$ as compared to joint/bong smoking

No carcinogens to give you cancer

The list goes on and on but let’s get down to business…

Materials you’ll need for extraction:

A glass jar with a watertight lid (wide mouth Mason jars work great)

A metal measuring cup with handle (2 cup capacity recommended)

Bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear brand is perfect)

Any quantity of pot, any strength (from a gram up to a few ounces)

A 1′ X 1′ piece of sturdy cloth (t-shirt material works fine)

An eye-dropper bottle (contact lens type bottles work great)

The use of an ELECTRIC stove and its overhead fan

Step 1

You’ll need to chop up your weed and pick apart the buds until it looks like grass clippings. Remove

any seeds; they have their own oils that we don’t want. Dump the powdered pot into the mason jar

and pour in just enough grain alcohol so the weed particles float freely in the mixture. Place the lid

securely on the jar and shake a few times.

Let this mixture sit for a few hours, shaking it every once in a while. The alcohol should have turned


How Do I Extract THC From Cannabis Easily? – GrowFAQ @ Overgrow.com Page 1 of 3


a dark green color and when shaken should form colorful, oily bubbles on top.

Place the sturdy cloth over the metal container and press the cloth down to form a funnel. Carefully

pour the contents of the mason jar onto the cloth which is in the metal cup. Make sure to get most of

the weed particles out of the jar. Gather up the edges of the cloth and squeeze the remaining liquid

out of the lump of weed into the metal cup.

Step 1a

you should now have a quantity of dark green liquid in your metal measuring cup. It is possible to

extract more THC oil from the remaining pot. I recommend performing Step 1 a second time

immediately after completing it the first time. No sense throwing away the good stuff. Dump the pot

from the cloth back into the mason jar and repeat step 1. You now have twice as much liquid in your

metal cup upon repeating the first step.

Step 2

Be sure to use an electric stove in this step! (If you don’t have one, read Step 2a)

Take the metal cup containing the green liquid over to the stove. Turn one of the electric eyes on

LOW setting and place the metal cup on that burner. I highly suggest using the fan over the stove to

remove the alcohol vapours during this entire step. Watch the liquid closely. It should only boil

slightly; never raise the burner temperature above MEDIUM LOW. We need the liquid to cook down

until it’s slightly thick. This may take some time but be patient.

Once the liquid starts to thicken and turn darker, remove it from the heat. Never let it get too thick

or it’ll be too difficult to work with. If you do accidentally make it too thick, just add a small quantity

of the grain alcohol to the metal cup and swirl it around till it’s thinner.

Let it cool down to room temperature inside the metal cup. It should be runny enough to be poured

into the eyedropper bottle easily. You now have your final product: THC oil. It’s necessary to have

some grain alcohol left in the resulting liquid so it’s easy to work with. This will not affect the potency

of the oil.

Step 2a

This part is for the people with gas stoves. Do not use a gas stove to cook down alcohol! The vapours

will explode! You’ll have to have patience to complete this step. To get a final product just put the

metal container in a place where it won’t be disturbed. The alcohol will have to evaporate on its own.

If at all possible keep it in a slightly warm area with decent ventilation. It may take days.

Once it’s evaporated test to see if it’s too thick. If it is, pour a small amount of grain alcohol in the

metal cup and mix. Pour the liquid into your eyedropper bottle.

Smoking Instructions

(NOTE: When smoking this oil in any form, do not let it come into direct contact with a flame. That

destroys much of the THC and defeats the purpose of this whole project.) You have the oil in the

eyedropper bottle and you’re ready to smoke some? Clean up your mess first. You don’t want to

have to explain why a rag of wet marijuana is lying on the kitchen table do you? Wash out the jar,

the metal cup, and throw away the cloth (Throw away the weed too, it’s useless). Use a

water/alcohol mixture to wash out the jar and cup.


How Do I Extract THC From Cannabis Easily? – GrowFAQ @ Overgrow.com Page 2 of 3


Materials you’ll need for smoking:

A 5" X 5" piece of aluminium foil

A Bic pen tube (take out all the stuff until it’s hollow)

A stationary flame source (a butane torch works best, but you can use a candle, lighter, etc.)

The THC oil in the eyedropper bottle

Make a "spoon" out of the aluminium foil. This takes some practice but you’ll get a design that

works. Put 6-8 drops of the oil into the "spoon" and hold it about 4" over the flame. It should begin

to boil slightly. Don’t let it get too close to the flame just yet. It’ll cook down and turn very dark

brown and begin to make crackling sounds. Now you should lower the spoon so the THC is directly

over the flame. The spoon is still face up; we’re just really putting the heat to it. Hold the Bic pen

tube about 1" above the dark brown area and inhale through the tube. You’ll see a white smoke

come up from the dark area, this is vaporized THC. Once you have a lungful, remove the spoon from

the flame. You’ll feel the effects almost instantly. Exhale and place the spoon back over the flame

and inhale again.

Once you’ve smoked what’s in the spoon, put a few more drops in and repeat as many times as you


All You Need To Know A To Z About  
   Hash, Hash Oil & Making Hash
   Main Hash Section Starting Page