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GrowFAQ :

How do I keep my well chosen outdoor plot secure?

  Added by: snoofer  Last edited by: 10k  Viewed: 421 times   Rated by 28 users: 8.81/10
Contributed by: l kiz l
submitted: 03-04-2003

After spending many hours planning, scouting, and preparing your outdoor plots for the upcoming grow season, keeping your well hidden site secure is very important if you plan on bringing in a harvest this year.

Shoes: Although they may not seem to be an element in keeping you plots secure, if for some reason your plots are intruded upon, and busted, you could possibly be put at risk because of your shoe size and brand.

To prevent this from being a problem, you can tape over the bottom of your shoes and use shoes that are either a size or two too small or too large.

Vegetation: The vegetation directly around your plot offers a good deal of protection. While entering and leaving, use anything you can to prevent a path from being made (this can involve logs, stones, rivers, etc.). As long as you don’t make a noticeable path to your plants, you should be fine.

Planting in areas that you would never want to go is a good idea, because if you don’t want to go there’s a big chance that rippers won’t want to go there either. Planting in a patch of stinging nettles or pricker bushes helps a great deal to prevent any unwanted creatures from checking out your grow . Nettles look very similar to cannabis, and when you so much as brush by them…you get a nice surprise (burning sensation for approx 20 min)

Getting there: Getting to your plot without risking your security can be a problem.

  • Going during the late afternoon when people would most likely be in the woods is a smart thing.
  • Park your car at an inconspicuous place with some distance from your entry spot to the woods.
  • It is good to have a story ready if anyone questions you (such as picking wild berries, bird watching, or fishing) and use props to fit the story.
  • By going later in the afternoon, you can have ample time to work, and the sun will begin to set by the time you get back giving you the security of the blanket of twilight.

    If you need to go to your plot at night for some reason, a flashlight with a red lens can be very helpful. Red lenses help your eyes see better in the dark and adjust your eyes to the setting.

    Large Risk Situations: During the course of a grow, you will mostly be watering and fertilizing either via a local lake or stream, or possibly an irrigation system.

    There are however some big trips that you need to take such as bringing clones/seedlings in to be planted at the beginning of the season, and the harvest at the very end of the season.

    Some questions to consider include: when you plan to go, how you will bring in your seedlings and bring out your final harvest, how you will get your harvested plants to where you plan to dry it.

    Final Note:

    While in the field, ALWAYS STAY ALERT. This is a highly risky situation. Hopefully this information will lessen the degree of danger, and help secure your grow sites.

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    faq:1456 “How do I keep my well chosen outdoor plot secure?”