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   Care By Cannabis Medical Marijuana Pot Growing Tips Of The Week!


Grow Tip #22:  If your grow is big enough for co2 cylinders always be carefully with the threads on the bottle brass or
 steel threads are easy to mess up if hose or regulator end does not thread on easy. Do not force. back off wiggle and 
try again. if the threads are stripped return bottle for credit .never use Teflon tape or paste and if it screws on real dry 
never oil or grease just brush with a stainless steel brush. tighten with a tap from the Palm of your hand and spray with 
401 cleaner or Windex .anything soapy if no bubbles no gas leak. Turn on gas slow then set pressure. Oil and high 
pressure could blow up the regulator and your hand.

Grow Tip #21: tip of the week with this cold weather be sure to have extra heaters on hand. we use the oil filled electric radiator type with tape over the on light. during the day unplug the exhaust duct fans so the heat from the lights heat the room .45deg f is ok for night time temp, but I wouldn’t want any lower. & use less water in cold temps.

 Grow Tip #20:  Spider mites are easy to take care of. you just have to spray all the time. underneath the plant ,the soil and floors .wash walls with Clorox in water. use a bomb to knock them down, then a garden sprayer every 5 days. all year. I use flea and bedbug bombs from Lowes as a knock down and orchard spray afterward. if you know a grower don’t let him in…if working outside change before going into your grow. You can recover the plants quicker if their placed in bright sunlight .In the spring spray seven dust around the outside perimeter of the building. If you don’t like sprays griffins greenhouse supply in Grey has killer predator mites. expect a month to see results but they kill all of them. And you can still use neem oil with them as they eat only the mites. good luck p.s. wait 4-5 days after spraying to harvest. mist with h20 day before cutting down.

Grow Tip #19: Outdoor harvesting for better stronger bud always harvest in the early morning. make sure its during a dry spell to prevent bud rot while drying. Harvest the tops first and leave the rest to fatten up more and get a second harvest. Cut away any area of rot you find plus some if you find any. Then dry. Some people like to run a humidifier in the drying room. Keep cool and dry slow for the smoothest, best taste. Hope you have a great harvest, the burkes

Grow Tip #18: Water…with this heat wave your grow op is going to use more water. depending on your grow medium. 1st rule is water in the morning. That way the plant has a reserve for the day. Don’t over do it if around noon the leaves are drooping and the buckets heavy its drowning, I use about 1 liter per 5 gallons of dirt daily .use room temp water so as not to shock the plant. At night just mist the leaves a little and don’t water. The plant needs air to the roots at night. It’s a skill getting it right. Check the weight of the bucket at midday it should feel light. if your getting 1-2 inch of growth a day your right on the money. So water morning and don’t get it soggy.

Grow Tip #17:  We are always trying to lower our bottom line and improve produce so we tried using predatory bugs for spidermites and fungus gnats what a difference. They’re cheaper than sprays. You use less often. and no residue on plants. I got mine from griffins greenhouse supply. You can get all the info online. This is for indoors only.

Grow Tip # 16: Beating the heat your plants like you have a comfort zone where they grow best 70f-80f when your plants overheat their growth stops or worse die. The best method is to run an a/c unit set at 75f the ideal temp. Using co2 will help your grow run at higher temps but no higher then 85, as will misting with H2O and extra fans. Be very sure to give them enough water, as they will use a lot more. If using multiple lights you can run as example 3 lights run one in middle till noon and shut off for hot part of day. If 2 lights (12 hour cycle) run one 6hours and switch the other 6 like a flip box. or run lights at night. Do not enter room during dark time. Remember a cool bud is a tight heavy bud. Hope you and your grow stays cool.


Grow Tip #1: Buy a small shop vac to clean up your marijuana grow room. Also use it on adult veg and early
(just starting) to flowering pot plants! Works great on picking off spider mites and dead leaves.

Grow Tip #2: All newbee’s & new to growing medical marijuana, Stick to soil growing ONLY for awhile until you get
some experience under your belt. Do not attempt to trying growing "Via Hydro Methods", Soil is a lot more forgiving
then hydro is. Everyone is going to make some mistakes at first! With soil growing if & when you mess something up..?
It is more forgiving. And you can usually save the marijuana plants! But growing in "Hydro" If you mess up even just
the littlest thing! Your going to kill every plant you have growing! Mess the PH up just once! & Everything DIES! Learn
on soil on how to grow your medical marijuana. & Leave the "Hyrdo Growing To The Pro’s!" Beside my personal taste
buds, "Soil grown pot just tastes better!"

Grow Tip #3: When getting ready to transplant your clones or seed started plants out side in the spring. remember the
roots are very important. try to plant in 70f soil range. use black cloth or plastic to help warm up the ground, also don’t
pack the soil around the plant. the roots need air from loose soil. giving it a watering will pack it enough (always use
warm, air temp water) . if your seedling is from seed this will help give you more females and less males. I like to dig a
hole about the size of a 5 gallon bucket and put in commercial potting soil (compost is great) with a hand full of
steamed bone meal mixed in at the bottom. its the right ph and mix of additives and go easy on fertilizing for first 2
weeks. less shock=faster growing plants.

Grow Tip #4: Grooming for a healthy plant. When plants are almost ready for flowering we look over the whole plant on
a table. Does it need a bigger pot? Does it need more soil to better cover roots? Also check for bugs?. (spidermites)
This Bug Is A Spidermite! See More Photo’s For Marijuana Pests Control In Your Grow Room


We pluck any dead leaves and trim bottom third of limbs as these only produce unusable bud and you ll get bigger
colas. The bottom gets the worst light and the plant needs the air to flow for health. Also trim any stunted skinny limbs
from upper limbs coming out of the trunk. Once done trimming take and spray with your favorite bug spray I mean
soak it! Every leaf top and underside. Now after its stopped dripping and almost dry put back in to veg or preveg for a
week or two before flower. It lets the plant recover from the shock before flowering. This one step will greatly help you
get much bigger healthier buds.

Grow Tip #5: This week I met an honest man. i was at urban garden center getting supplies, when he proudly told me he got 1/2 an ounce a plant with his indoor grow. we all hear about the one pound plant. And like fishing stories it becomes always every plant he/she gets a pound a plant (you never now their name or see them). the truth is its different with each grow. Outdoors will give the biggest. While indoor hydro inside is faster with smaller yield. My partner and I kept records for 3 years and with our strains the average was 2 1/2 oz’s outdoors and 20grams indoors. We counted the stunted one’s, the one the cat ate .the ones that drought killed and the 1/4 lb plants then we did the average. this is fine trimmed bud. the stronger the strain the lower the yield. Sativa’s are much lighter and lower yield than an Indica plant. You can veg a plant longer and flower a bigger plant but if you can grow to harvest 2 crops in the same time you haven’t gained anything. so just do your best and enjoy your work. Attention to the basics will give you a good harvest and give you a good yield for the strain your growing. not everyone can grow 6-8 foot indoor plants. And to Steve the guy with the 2 foot plant with the 1/2 oz harvest- I bet you’re a lousy fisherman.

Grow Tip #6: I get asked to look at grow set-ups from time to time and a few of the simplest common mistakes i see are; 1-using city water to water your plants. Chlorine ruins plants the best thing to do is have 2 trash cans of water, 1- you run a cheap $8 air pump with a cheap air stone for a couple of days it will remove the chlorine. Then use the good bucket while the other ones bubbling. Rotate as needed. 2-having light leaks in your flowering room/tent. It’s very important to have complete darkness. The little red light on an outlet strip will ruin the buds near it. So for bigger tight buds, close yourself in with your plants in the dark for 10-20 min to let your eyes adjust then with a roll of tape mark any light leaks you see with the tape so you can find them when the lights on. Black silicon caulking is what I use to block light. And 3rd- to many plants to one light. Only plant the area recommended by the light manufacturer. With my 1000 watt HPS I only place 4-5 plants under it at 3-4 foot in height.

Grow Tip #7: We all like to save money and a lot of us grow to get away from the high prices for quality herb. Here are a few of my favorites. 1- use 20 oz party cups with pro mix to start seedlings and rooted clones with a knife cut small slits in rim on the bottom. When plant is big enough to go outside cut off bottom and plant to top in the ground to keep out grubs and cutworms. Cut top rim to help prevent slugs. Cost $3 for 2-a 5 gal bucket from a bakery or construction site works great as a planter drill holes an inch or two up from bottom for a water reservoir cost $1 or free. Get bone meal, 50 lb bag dehydrated cow manure and a cheap peat potting soil like promix and 12oz cup meal to 1 gal manure to 5gal promix,, mix well and you will have a low cost high grade potting soil. (read the bag, make sure its pure manure not a mix. Agway, blue seal, and ace hardware are good sources. 3- Keep all your glass light hoods clean!!! Clean glass will give you bigger buds, faster. Growth with stronger potency. Put a quality timer on most everything if it doesn’t need to be on or you can shorten the on time do it. You can get nickel’d and dime’d bad with your electric bill. 4- make a list only go to the grow store when doing other errands. Think ahead. I’m sure you’ll think up others. Its fun being cheap.

Grow Tip #8: With all this warm Maine weather don’t get lulled into thinking you can put your plants out early. Remember its ground temp and late frost that does you in. If you must put them out early put down black plastic or mulch to warm the ground, and make or buy a poly tent or a 5 gal bucket to cover them at night or very cold days. Those cheap disposable hand warmers (iron oxide) or battery ones inside the shelter on a frosty night will help to save you. Myself I wait till last full moon in May or last week of May. Don’t forget to go easy on the fertilizer also. Good Luck!


Grow Tip#9: SLUGS their a constant problem with cannabis i swear they will crawl away from every plant in an acre to eat 1 pot plant. the slug bait you get at Wal-Mart, blue seal, away, Lowes etc; works fine for a couple of weeks put it down heavy spread in a complete circle around the plant. It helps to keep the area clear of grass twigs and such so they can’t crawl over to your plant. When you dig your transplant hole put a piece of window screen 12inch high in a circle totally around the plant about a foot out and 6inch under ground. Now very important pull the top strand or two of wire off the screen. It forms a sharp row of mini spikes to stop them. You also get the underground screen to help stop grubs from attacking the roots. An other trick is to bury a can of beer 1/4 empty level with to ground a cup with beer works also. Slugs love beer. Put can inside the screen fence for a good organic control. So next month remember slug control as they will clean your hard work out over night. Good luck.


Grow Tip #10: The big question when to plant outside without a frost. It’s different where you live. Near the coast with the salt air is earlier than the mountain area the best bet is to find some one in town you see every year with the nicest gardens and ask around in central Maine its usually after the last full moon in may. But in Stratton Maine I’ve seen snow in June. So don’t take chances if you think you might get a frost cover them, and keep a ground cover (plastic) or old sheet handy, a 5 gallon bucket over the plant for the night works good. and watch the weather. Frost, if it doesn’t kill your plant. It will shock it and greatly slow the growth. Don’t get fooled by a couple of early warm days. Play it safe.

Grow Tip #11:  When harvesting an indoor grow most people consider only the large cola bud as prime quality smoke. That’s wrong you can get more. So to get the the most out when the largest bud is ready cut those. Now you have better light on the next level in a week or two when the hairs redden up and the tricromes frost over trim the next set. Now repeat with bottom branches and harvest them. Now roll a joint of the large bud and one of the small bud you’ll be surprised that they’re both the same quality. Only being able to grow 6 mature flowering plant this will help keep you supplied in quality med’s while your next grow is in preflower


Grow Tip #12 Ever have one of those plants that knocked your socks off? Only to have to harvested it? a good trick if you see a plant that’s standing out from the rest is to leave the lower limbs with small buds on them. Put the plant back into veg 18-24 hour light. Now dry and cure the rest. If it is a one to remember you now have the bottom to use as a mother for clones. if not throw it away. Try to trim back to 12inch by 12 inch even if you must replant the stem so it won’t count toward your total. Remember it will take a month for that plant to start re-veging. Use a high in nitrogen plant food.

Grow Tip #13 Most indoor growers try at some time to use co2 to speed up the growth of their grow. Yes it does work. We must also look at where you’re growing. 1. If in a bedroom or a tent in a small apartment. I say no for safety sake. Instead use a fan to replace and recirculate stale air. The air outside works fine. 2- if you have a safe well-vented area. Is the cost worth it? For a small grow 6-12 plants I’d say no. go to 36-108 plants with customers screaming for their med’s and yes its well worth the expense. I use bottled gas as i don’t have to deal with the extra heat of a co2 generator and in a separate building.. Just remember all that gas sinks to the floor spreads and you will drop dead asleep and not know it happened. No call for help, nothing!! I’ve seen it twice from propane welders. You don’t forget that. And turn off the gas & ventilate the room before working.

Grow Tip #14  More on critters. deer, moose, mice, woodchucks etc all love to eat small pot plants . There are various ways that work. Some put ivory or Irish spring soap shavings around or piss near the plants to scare critters, I’ve heard of hair cuttings ,to putting a doghouse near by. Myself I make a spray. Take a bucket with a couple of gallons of water add 2 cups pipe tobacco, one tablespoon liquid dishsoap,2-jars of red pepper powder or the best is 1- bottle David’s ultimate insanity hot sauce. Let bucket sit a week, strain and spray your plants, I also use seven dust in mix for bugs mixed in. spray after every rain. I stop use at the first sign of budding. This mix will go a long ways and save you some money and remember don’t piss too near your plants as it will nitrogen burn your plants.1-tablespoon per gallon of urine=nitrogen fertilizer.

Grow Tip #15  When you harvest your hard earned bud to get the best flavor we harvest after 2 watering with no food. Next trim the fan leaf (the big ones) off. Plus any dead leaf. Next we dry the whole plant. Use a dark dry cool closet 50-70f temp. Put a small fan to help dry and prevent mold. in 3-5 days its ready for trimming. Cut a bud stick off and trim any shaggy leaf or leaf tips off and save. now place bud in a jar or Ziploc bag. Let bud sit overnight sealed. Now open and you will find all the bud damp again. All you did was draw the moisture out of the center of the bud. Now leave jar or bag open for two days till at the dryness you like to roll. Now you can seal the jar. Jars work best with a rubber seal.  As your jar sits remember to burp or open it for a bit for fresh air once a day. It takes about 2 weeks to get good cured bud. You are getting rid of the chlorophyll, and preventing mold. You will get rid of the cough and harsh taste. Leaving a smooth more enjoyable product. If it gets to dry in storage add a slice of apple, lemon, orange or potato (for no flavor) leave sealed overnight not touching the weed. Remove in 12 to 24 hours. (or you might get mold) use trim for cooking or smoke soak in cold water for a few hours and dry. Use while waiting for bud to cure. store all in a dark, cool, dry area. Enjoy!