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ARLINGTON, Va.  - The Arlington County Police Department in Virginia 
said it might have found the man who distributed marijuana-filled 
gumballs to Howard County.


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             Pubdate: Sat, 29 Jul 2006
           Source: Baltimore Examiner (MD)

Police arrested and charged Paul C.  Cofer, 20, of Arlington, with drug 
possession with intent to distribute July 22 after finding "hundreds" 
of yellow smiley-face gumballs in his apartment, some of which were 
filled with marijuana compound.


"Our concern is obviously that gumballs are appealing to young 
children, and we don't want these to harm anyone," said Detective Steve Gomez 
of the Arlington police force.

Gomez said authorities are unsure if Cofer was distributing the drugs 
up to Maryland, though the gumballs seem identical to those confiscated 
in Ellicott City.

"It appears he was turning the unaltered gumballs into the laced 
gumballs himself," Gomez said.

"They look like the ones seen in Howard County, but I don't know if 
this guy was connected there or not."

Howard County police said they are aware of the situation.

"We're working to determine if they are related," said officer Jennifer 
Reidy, a Howard County police spokeswoman.  "We can't tell for sure."

Howard County police arrested and charged three 17-year-old students at 
Ellicott City's Howard High School in January after confiscating the 
yellow gumballs called 'Greenades.'


The Examiner on Wednesday first reported on the federal Drug 
Enforcement Administration's bulletin, alerting its agents to be on the lookout 
for marijuana distributed in such a way.

The instructions on the foil of the gumballs found at Howard High told 
users to chew for 30 minutes to one hour "before you would like receive 
your high" and to "chew for as long as possible, then swallow."

The gumballs in Virginia had a new and different packaging, Gomez said.

Drug enforcement agents, Maryland State Police and Howard County police 
all said they had not seen drugs transported in such a way before.

Gomez described the packaging as 'very ingenious.' 


Feds Warn Of Marijuana-Filled Gumballs Called ‘Greenades’

             ELLICOTT CITY, Md.
Authorities aren’t happy about yellow, smiley face gumballs.



POSTED: 7:00 am CDT July 27, 2006

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency is warning about so-called "Greenades," which are marijuana-containing gumballs.

The DEA is issuing an intelligence bulletin about the pot candies to police departments across the country. The smiley face gumballs were first discovered at a Howard County, Md., high school in January.

Police charged three 17-year-old students after a teacher alerted a school resource officer. She told the officer that she saw a student give a plastic bag that the teacher believed contained drugs to another student.

The officer seized the bag, which contained two "candy balls," police said. The gumballs came wrapped in colorful tin foil labeled as "Greenades" with a marijuana leaf on the wrapper and detailed instructions for use. Instructions on the foil told users to chew for 30 minutes to 1 hour "before you would like receive your high" and to "chew for as long as possible, then swallow."

Officers charged two students with distribution of drugs on school property and a third with possession of marijuana.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency recently released an intelligence bulletin about the "greenades."

Each gumball contained approximately one gram of marijuana, and the total net mass of the two gumballs was 17.5 grams.

If a toddler were to ingest the amount of THC, the active chemical in marijuana, in one gram of high grade marijuana it could produce harmful effects, according to PRWeb.

"The way drugs are being marketed and packaged these days to encourage kids to buy and use them is getting pretty sophisticated. The purpose, of course, is to create future clientele for drugs and what better-targeted market for a pusher than kids. They are young, experimental by nature and have the money to buy it. If they try it and like it, they could end up being a permanent customer that one day ends up in our rehabilitation facility, in jail or dead," J.T. Daily, Director of Drug Education for Narconon Arrowhead, one of the country’s leading drug rehabilitation and education centers, told PRWeb.