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A To Z About Hash, Hash Oil, Kif, Making Hashish!


   A To Z All About Hash, Buying It, Making it, Judging it, Hash oil, Everything That You Need To
   Know Or Learn About Hash, Making
Hash, Smoking Hashish, All The Different Types Of Hash,
   Loaded With Photo’s
& How To’s



                               Chocatle_Black Dimond Hash.JPG (2094532 bytes)
                        Click Photo To Enlarge
                Real Hand Rubbed Moroccan Hash
              Chocolate & Black Diamond Hashish 



                                     tjubang2.jpg (51312 bytes)
                                Click Photo To Enlarge
                           The Tjubang Pipes The
                 Traditional Way To Smoke Hashish    

    A True Connoisseur Of Hash Does Not Smoke For The High It Gives Him. 
    But For The Taste As The Smoke Rolls Across Their Lips & Taste Buds!


              UK Soapbar Hash – Just Say NO!

Does your "Hash" look like this? 

        If so read on, It may just benefit your health…

                                soap2.gif (140489 bytes)  
                                Click to enlarge photo

Seeing as the UK Government seems not to care about the problems caused by
 "Soap" we have taken it upon ourselves to inform you, the public, of it’s dangers.
 Please read this, and distribute it amongst your friends / colleague’s, as the public
 need to know the dangers.


 Recently RED EYE EXPRESS magazine highlighted the DANGERS of
 smoking bad quality  hash, some of which contains very little cannabis at all.
 We refer to both "Soap" and the soft black gunk often referred to as
 "Squidgy Black", Affy Black or Pakki Black. The article explained that even
 the better soap‚ bars weighing about 250 grams contain less than 10
 grams of cannabis pollen (resin glands) and up to 200 grams of
 ground-up shade leaf, along with various noxious substances like glue to
 bind it, and coloring agents.

    Here are some of the other substances found in this bad quality 
    cannabis sold by rip-off dealers:
beeswax, boot polish, animal 
    excrement, turpentine, henna, ground coffee,  milk powder, pine resin,
    barbiturates, ketamine, aspirin, glues & dyes

     Simple Soap Bar (Hash) Purification Method


  Washington State: Legal Pot Prompts a Question: What About Hash?

  Hash Oil Explosion: ‘I looked down and both of my arms were on fire’
  WARNING: BHO, Headband, Butane Can EXPLODE With Just 1 Static Spark! 
   Just Say NO To Dabbing!  2nd to 3rd Decree Burns Over 40% 50% 
   Of Your Body!  Equals 5 To 7 Years Of 24/7, Pain, Burns, & Skin Grafts!
    Just 1 Simple Mistake While Trying To Make It? And YOUR TOAST! Unless Your
   Your A Trained With A Degree In Chemistry? & In A State Of The Art Lab For 
    All The Safety Equipment. You Simply Don’t Try Making This! It’s Dangerous! 

   A To Z Guide & Photo’s Of All The Different Types Of Hash

    How To Make Full Extract Cannabis Oil Video Directions
     Step By Step Video Directions On How To Make It Yourself!

    Hash from Ketama Morocco, Rif-mountain, North Morocco Chocolate Hash

    How can I make my own hash tumbler?

     What is hash and how do I make it?

     How can I make ice hash for less than $5 outlay?

      How do I make Ice Hash?

     Simple Soap Bar (Hash) Purification Method

     Mesh sizing and kif screening   

     How do I press lower quality resins?

     How can I easily, cheaply and quickly press a small amount of hash?

       A summary of hash extraction methods

        How to Make Butane Honey Oil Safely No Such Thing As "Safely" With Butane! 

        Salvaging Moldy Buds & Making Trichome Butter- CannaButter

       The Piece Maker Process Hash Trichrome Farming

       Harvesting & Curing Enjoying Your Harvest Hash Extraction

      How To Make Bubble Hash, Abby Style

      10 Steps For The Cheapest Way To Make Hash
      But Just Because It’s The Cheapest Way, Doesn’t 
      Mean It’s The Best Or The Safest Way To Make Hash.

      Hash Oil At Home – A Connoisseur’s Guide To Home Oil Extraction 

      A Must Read Before Anyone Should Attempt To Make Hash Oil

      Morocco: Making A Hash Of It

       Morocco Riff (Hashish) Marijuana Cannabis Farms

       How To Make Your Your Own Hashish 
      Honey Oil From Marijuana Cannabis

      Making Hashish From Marijuana, Cannabis  
      Leaf & Trimmings Online Video
      Free 6 Min Online Video Directions

      Hash Making In Morocco Video 

       Smuggler’s Blues " An Awesome Story From A
     Former Major Hash Smuggler Now Turned Book Author

                 Chocolte Hash 17 grams_2.JPG (2256367 bytes)
Moroccan Chocolate Hash
          Click To Enlarge Photo

    A Story/Guide To Smuggling 
    Medical Hash By Swallowing It 

    Drug War in Afghanistan

     A Road Not Taken
    A Hash Filled Motorcycle Trip Thu Afghanistan 

    Who Rules Afghanistan (Marijuana Fields)

    The geopolitics of Afghani hash


     End Of An Cultural Era Cario Hashish

     [PDF] HASHISH! by Robert Connell Clarke  File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – In addition to tracing the
     fascinating history of hashish from ancient … Part III,  continues the history of hashish from 1850

   The History Of Hashish

   The Ice-O-Later Newest Method to Making Dutch Hash

   What is Hash Oil & How To Make Hash Oil

    How to make your own Hash,

    How They Make Hash In Morocco       

    http://www.thc.nl/Product/How to make Hash (pressing).htm#Cold A great Guide!

    http://www.thc.nl/Product/HowToMakePollem.htm Learn how to make Pollem

    www.bubblebag.com Used to make your own Bubble Hash

         Okief Pollen Tumblers 

We offer affordable pollen tumblers, water filtration bags, honey oil tubes, and
 everything for your extraction needs. Tumblers have several mesh sizes to choose
 from and we are the first and only company to offer stainless mesh drums.


"If it doesn’t have the O’kief name, 
You probably paid too much"



   Soma’s Jelly Hash"
  The Finest in The World

How to judge Good Hash

Pinch a small lump of hash (about the size of a match head) on to a flat enamel surface or ashtray, and play the flame of a lighter over the hashish for a few seconds. If it’s GREAT hash it will light on the first or second attempt. The harder the piece of hash is to light, the more likely it is that you’ve been sold a ‘lemon’.

Once you’ve got your test piece of cannabis in flames, let it burn for a couple of seconds and blow it out. The embers should glow evenly like fine incense or a hot coal. The smoke it gives off should be milky white to blue gray with a heady, rich and sweet aroma. If you can smell rubber, this is never good, and is another excellent indication that you’ve been shafted.

       Click to enlarge photo

Once your hashish tester has burnt completely, you should look for a fine white ash. If it’s too dark, this indicates contaminants. These can be anything from waste leaves to car oil. Around the ash, a ring of oil will form. The more oil and the lighter it’s color, the purer and higher quality your hash.

The secret ‘recipes’ of Moroccan hash-making are jealously guarded. Some include honey; others use old car tires. As a general rule of thumb, if it’s easy to crumble when at room temperature and gives a rich aromatic smell, then it’s more than likely to be okay gear. If it’s got more in common with the consistency of a brick, and no real smell, leave well alone.

Smell and taste aside, some simply believe that if it gets you stoned and makes you smile, it’s good hash.

      Click to enlarge photo

  The History Of Hashish

  The Ice-O-Later Newest Method to Making Dutch Hash

  What is Hash Oil & How To Make Hash Oil

  How to make your own Hash,

  How They Make Hash In Morocco       

  http://www.thc.nl/Product/How to make Hash (pressing).htm#Cold A great Guide!

  http://www.thc.nl/Product/HowToMakePollem.htm Learn how to make Pollem

  http://www.bubblebag.com Used to make your own Bubble Hash