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MMJ Patient, Medical Activist,
Online Patients Advocate, 
Online MMJ News Journalist 

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  learn how to grow your own medical marijuana cannabis. 
  Learn how to grow your own marijuana- cannabis, indoor’s
  and outdoor cannabis cultivation.

   Learn everything that you need to know. Right here online 
  100’s Of Grow guides, Online video guides, In-depth step by 
  step directions. Everything that you need to know on how to
  grow your own marijuana medicine.

   There is no reason why you have to settle for that cheap,   
   medically all most useless swag that you get off the streets. &  
   Why help support foreign drug cartels? 

 Learn How To Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana Cannabis!

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  For those growers at harvest time why don’t you think about
 Donating Just 10% Of Each Harvest to the sick low income
medical patients from your own area. Whom are having to try to
  survive and to live on their little SSI disability income. And
 whom very seldom can afford to get the good high grade
 medical quality marijuana medicine that they all need. 

                             Trust me if you do!

You will feel a hell of a lot better afterwards. & 10% of your
 harvest is nothing major of a loss, And it will bring a pain free
 smile on the faces of many disabled, sick & terminal medical
 patient’s "Of Your Own Local Neighbors" in your own community
 and or area. 

If you do not know where to find some local low income medical patients in
 your own area, Try checking with your local NORML Chapter, Or in some
 area’s we know plenty of Valid Patients who end up having to settle for not
 much better then just Commercial  Swag. Because that’s all they can afford
 living on the little they get from SSI Disability. Simply Commercial Swag is
  almost useless for medical use, They need access to Good Indoor Medical
 Grade Cannabis Medicine. 

Please!  Donate just 10% of your harvest to the sick low income SSI medical
 patients in your own area or town! Or If you are a legal dispensary, Then
 donate just 10% of the medicine that you sell. & I am not talking about the
 shake from the bottom of your bags. Just because they are a "Low Income"
 and sick medical patient. Does not mean that they do not deserve and need
 the same high quality medicine that you are selling to everyone else. 

To All The Dispensary’s  you need to just put "Simple Compassion" for the
 truly sick low income patients back into your business. This might be the one
 thing that will help get the DEA off of your dispensary’s backs. And might just 
 help end a lot of the DEA raids. "Pure Simple Compassion"

    Because Good Karma!  Always Gets Returned To You 100 Fold! 

     Jack Herer’s Book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes"
                Available To Be Read Right Here On OnlinePot

                Healthier Medical Marijuana Vaporizers Of All Types

    Remember you can always set up a small closet grow room to
 handle your own personal medical marijuana needs. Our grow
 guides section has plenty of options for you to consider, To
 teach you all you need to know to learn how to grow your own
 medical marijuana medicine yourself!  
   Why spend your money supporting foreign drug cartels? Or
 local street gangs & Getting crappy bricked street swag. Learn
 how to grow your own medical marijuana cannabis right here
 online. Everything that you need to learn how to grow your own
 medicine is available right here online.

  Care By Cannabis Medical Marijuana Growing Tips Of The Week!
          Updated Each Week With New Marijuana Growing Cultivation Tips!

  What are you smoking? Study finds pesticides transfer to marijuana smoke
    Study Confirms That If You Use Pesticides When Growing Your Pot? It Ends Up In The Pot You Smoke!

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video)

How To Make Full Extract Cannabis Oil Video Directions
        Step By Step Video Directions On How To Make It Yourself!

  FAA Releases New US Based Drone List — Is Your Town on the Map..?

   How to Make Glycerine-Based Cannabis Medicated MMJ Tinctures

   The Winners In The 2013 6th Annual Italian Cannabis Cup

          High Times 2011 Cannabis Cup 24 Official Strain Entries Video

          Winners from the 24th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam 2011

        Award Winning Medical Quality Online Marijuana Seed Banks
        International Marijuana Cannabis Seed Banks!

          Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup Winners 1987 Thu 2008

        Marijuana Strain Data Base Which Strains Are Best For What Illness’s & Symptoms

       The OG  Marijuana Strain Guide

       More Medical Marijuana Cannabis Strain Genetics

       SENSI SEED BANK – Catalog 1996 Research For Cross Breeding True Marijuana Strains

       800 Marijuana Cannabis Strains, With Seed Banks & Crossed With Genetics

        How To Build Your Own Medical Marijuana Cannabis Vaporizers!

    1 Grow Tent, 90 Days, Marijuana Plants, Six LED 90 Watt UFO Grow Lights, CO2 & A $54 A Month Electric Bill   


                        Attention All Growers

  Be advised that when you set up your grow site. To make very sure that it is NOT
  within 1000 feet of any school property, It is a Federal Mandatory Minimum
  of at lest 3 years in a Federal Prison, If you get caught growing any amount within
 1000 feet of any school property. & You Will Do Every Day Of That Minimum 3
 Years Or More,
No time off for good behavior. + They are not done they will also still
 hit you with the normal charges that you face for running the grow site. So "IF" you
 get caught within that 1000 feet? Your not going to be free for a very very long time.
No Matter How Good Your Lawyer Is! 

  This is why you NEVER ship anything whether it Grow Equipment
 or Marijuana Seeds to the SAME ADDRESS that you plan to grow at!

 . These 2 items below came from Official Court Trial Records after 
  a Grow Operation Bust in CALI. Due to them ordering equipment 
  online &  shipping it to the SAME ADDRESS as they were growing at. 


  But as far as the UPS – the DEA subpoenaed UPS for a list of customers from certain retailers. I’m sure that Alt grow has (or had) a relationship with UPS and they have the fact that the return address is from Alt Grow in a computer database at UPS’s place. I’m sure this is the way for many mail order outfits who do business with UPS. This makes it all too easy to simply generate names by quarrying the database. It’s about as lazy a cop can be – and the results show that. The cop said "there were thousands upon thousands of names on the list."  At the hearing yesterday I got a bit more detail on this “info from the DEA.” It seems that the DEA is making available a disk – which the cop referred to as a “bulletin”, that contains the names of people who received shipments from a list of 5 hydroponics supply stores. Apparently this list is an ongoing thing – maybe even monthly.

Here is a direct quote from the search warrant affidavit :

"I have receive information from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that ONE BIG POTATO has received deliveries from the United Parcel Service (UPS) on five occasions between May 31, 2003 to May 8, 2004, from known distributors of hydroponic grow equipment companies. Hydroponics grow equipment is commonly used in the indoor cultivation of marijuana"

and I guess you know how cops think, but this info is from our suppression hearing transcript – the DA is questioning the cop :

"A. When we got the disk that had all of the UPS’s, the shipments, ship dates, it didn’t have what was shipped, it just had ship dates, name and addresses throughout the county from I believe it was five or six of the known manufactures for hydroponic grow equipment.

Q. And what significance does that have to you as a law enforcement officers about hydroponics and grow equipment.

A. Hydroponic grow equipment has been proven in court to be used in the manufacture and growing of marijuana."



                             "Pink Indica" Some Fine Ass Cannabis Genetics

              Medical Marijuana Patient Survey Form If you are a medical patient, Please fill out,

  Now Here Is A DEA Report That Is So Detailed, Its Basically Their Very
 Own Guide To Teach You How To Grow Your Very Own OPIUM! Now
 Who Else Besides Me, Thinks Who Ever Thought Up The Idea Of This
 Brilliant Little "OPIUM TEACHING GUIDE". Would Either Piss Test Dirty? 
 Or Was Clinically “INSANE” At The Time? 

 I Thought That Growing Opium Was a Bad Thing?  But Then Again Were
 Talking About The DEA. The same old story about Never using these 2 
  words "Government & Intelligence"  in the same sentence EVER. 

  Marijuana World A look at pot: its users, its trade, its cultivation, the research and the anti-prohibition movement

Inexpensive Grow Room Exhaust Fan Tip…

Here is tip for a cheapo fan. There is a huge squirrel cage fan in a furnace. Go to the junkyard, 
or find an old furnace somewhere….You will get thousands of cfm for free or very cheap….

Video detecting female from male marijuana cannabis plants 


Counter Intelligence On Online Drug Police 

 The DEA monitors just about all US mail or UPS packages that
 leaves any lighting & hydroponics stores. The senders address
 is noted & the full name & address of who these catalogs and
 equipment go to. "No warrant is even needed for the DEA to due
 this". & Every month or 2 they taken all these "All the names and 
 address’s" that they have collected. & burn all the information on
 to CD -Roms. And then they are send them out to any local LEO’s 
or state drug units that’s in the area that the packages were sent to.

   Never Order Anything That Goes To Your "Real Address" Or" Real
    Name" Or Any Medical Marijuana Grow Operation Site. No Seeds!
   No Growing Equipment!  No Supply’s!  Nothing Period! Just find
 another address to send your equipment orders to, Other then your
 "Grow Op’s Real Location"

  Please Don’t let this scare you off, from buying your needed grow
That is NOT the intent here, The intent is to just teach any
 sick patients what they need to do, In order to be "Safer In Their
Just find a  good friend or someone else that doesn’t
 mind just a few Packages of "Strictly Equipment " showing up at
 their address, & then just use their address to get your needed
 supply’s sent to when ordering something "From One Of The Many
 Local Or Online Grow & Light Shops" 

You just need to take some safety issues & security issues into account.

This news expose about a lighting store bust in Oregon, Will be 
a real eye opener for every MMJ Grower. Court Documents & Real
 Official  Court Records & DEA Documents On a Past Lighting Shop
 Bust & Arrests.   http://www.onlinepot.org/legal/lightshopexpose1.htm

  So never order anything to the "Real Address" of any growing  
  site. Or use your home phone or your own cell phone to call any
 grow shop! 

  God Made "Throw Away Cell Phones For A Reason." So just use another name
   and address on any equipment orders from any lighting and
   grow store anywhere. And that should more then keep you safe
   from this type of surveillance from the DEA on the grow & lighting
    equipment  stores.

  By learning "How The Drug Agencies Work!" You can then easily
 learn how to "Get around their surveillance" of the grow shops both
 online & local grow supplies stores. 

  The Famous Overgrow Marijuana Cannabis Cultivation: OG
 Overgrow’s GrowFAQ
OG Marijuana & Cannabis Growing FAQ:
 — 800 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana 
and Cannabis Cultivation, With Full Answers To All The Questions.

  The Inheritance of Chemical Phenotype in Cannabis sativa L. by Etienne P. M. de Meijer, et al.

1 Grow Tent, 90 Days, Marijuana Plants, Six 90 Watt UFO Grow Lights, CO2 & A $55 A Month Electric Bill
    Welcome To A Truly ECO Friendly Medical Marijuana Patient Small Grow Tent Grow Op & It’s All 100% Organic!

  Care By Cannabis Medical Marijuana Growing Tips Of The Week!
Updated Weekly! With New Pot Growing Tips From A PRO Medical Marijuana Grower!
These Weekly Growing Tips Are Hosted Off Of Our Sister Website www.MainePatientsCoalition.org 

 Step By Step Directions On How To Safely Mail Marijuana Clones Within US Borders

Cannabis Yields & Dosages A Guide To The Use & Production Of Medical Marijuana PDF


  Marijuana Cannabis Strains & Origins Genetics Research For Cannabis Cross Breeding

 6 Min How To Grow Marijuana You Tube Video:

  5 Different Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Grow Room Plans, Parts, Costs

   A Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Grow Room Tips & Design Plans PDF

  A Step By Step Guide To Building The Ultimate High-Tech Grow Room Discrete Security Door Lock

Exclusive: Video Tour Of The High-Tech Cannabis Factory of Tomorrow

No Joke: Secret Government Agents Circling Pot Farms in Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay, California
        DEA Still Using FLIR Heat Detection Equipment ILLEGALLY!  
         And Trust Me!  This Is Still Happening In EVERY STATE!

  Smart digital electric meters to nip illegal practice in the bud

 How can I build my own bubble cloner?

  SukonmiSkunk’s Cloning Method Step by Step

  Rockwool Cloning

  DIY Basic Carbon Filter For Marijuana Grow Rooms Odor Control

   How do I control grow room odor with ozonators?

   Carbon scrubber design (can filter style)

  D.I.Y Carbon Filter, Easy to make and under $100

Utility, conversion charts, formulas etc.

     Electrical Wire Gauge Conversion to Metric

      Metric to English conversion chart

      U.S- Metric conversion chart

      Converting Fertilizer NPK ratings to PPM and Teaspoons per Gallon


      What temperature will my growspace get and how much ventilation will I need?

     How do I determine the number of gallons my container holds?

      How do i convert between EC, CF, & PPMs?


  How Not To Grow Marijuana  Ten simple steps medicinal-cannabis patients 
can take to protect their crops

Medical Marijuana Strains Page #1 of 2 pages
A thru M Descriptions With Photo’s,

Growing Marijuana Cannabis With The Scrog Method

How To Hide Your Grow Room From Infrared Detection Cameras #3

Diagnosing Marijuana Cannabis Plant Abuse Problems Charts and Photos

      Harvesting & Curing Enjoying Your Harvest 

  10 Pot Pusher Profiles You Need To Know
Know Your Dealer! Learn what not to do or look like

      NPK Charts – Organic Fertilizers and Soil 
    Amendments For Marijuana Cannabis Plants

 How To Grow Dutch Medical Marijuana Online Video

  How To Grow Dutch Medical Marijuana Free Online Video’s Parts 1 & 2  

Mexican Troops Find "New Super Mexican Genetic Hybrid" Marijuana Cannabis Plant
  Anyone Have Any Photo’s On This "New Mexican Genetic Hybrid" Please Email Me Them?
  We Now Have The Genetic Details On This New Genetic Cannabis Hybrid That Will Auto Re-grow 
  Every 3 Months If You Don’t Pull Out The Root Balls.

‘Marijuana/Cannabis USA’s Biggest Cash Crop, Special Report: 
 Marijuana Production "In The United States".  PDF File
 Pot Value In U.S. Pegged At $35 Billion (2006) by Jon Gettman

The 3LB’s Guano Guide- The Scoop on Poop

The 3LB’s Molasses Manual – A Marijuana Growers Guide To Soil Sweeteners

  Loaded With Some Awesome Photos & Directions.

How do I convert a common home security light into a remote ballast grow light?

How to Make Hash & Hashish Oil The Easy Way

What Types of Security Locks Should U Buy?
 For Your Marijuana Grow Ops

  How do I make an ebb & flow hydroponic system?

Photo’s How To Tell Male, Female, & Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plants

H.I.D Grow Room Lights Bulb Information

 How do I build a short-range grow room timer?

 How do I safely wire and connect an in-line grow room duct fan?

  Germinating Cannabis Seeds (for Bio Growers). Soil Growers

  How do I deter slugs and snails without using chemicals?

  What is nutrient lockout?

  How can I determine the sex of seed plants with clones?

  Nutrients PH Problems On Marijuana Plants Spots Symptoms That Appear  
 This page is a "Must Bookmark" for any serious medical
 marijuana cannabis cultivator. It is a "Goldmine" of Information, 
 Loaded with photo’s to help you diagnose your plant’s problem. 

  Can I use desiccant for seed or pollen storage?

  Chemist’s Salt Fertilizer Recipes For Marijuana Cannabis Cultivation

   How much ventilation do I need in my marijuana grow room?

          Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Cannabis Grow Guide
            Downloadable Zipped File Using WinRAR.  4 Stars 

The Urban Grower is a weekly Internet only show that will teach you
 everything you will need to know to help you grow up to two pounds
 per light. We are going to show you everything you will ever need to
 know about growing & producing some of the biggest yields you will
 ever see. Some topics that will be covered include: buying the right
 lights, how to mix your soil, buying your clones, Co2 and heat
 exchange basics, humidity control, controlling mildew and mold,
 how to use your fans correctly, how to fight off disease & insects,
 harvesting and curing.  

MARIJUANA OPTICS: An elaboration on the process that makes THC
      April 2006 Update Of Marijuana Optics

         Making Hashish From Marijuana, Cannabis  
                Leaf & Trimmings Online Video
     Free 6 Min Online Video Directions To Make Hash

       Plans To Make A $100 Dollar Greenhouse

     How To Hide From Airborne Infrared FLIR Detection Devices 

The Basics Of Thermal Imaging Heat Detection FLIR Camera’s

  Oregon Grow Light Shop News Expose’ Page #1 Learn How
 The DEA & Police Bust You From Just Calling In To A Grow
 Shop! A Must Read Expose’ This will be happening in every
  And tips on how to avoid getting busted when you
 need to pick up your supply’s.  A Must Read For Every One!

Everything you wanted to know about Infrared Photography but
 were afraid to ask….. http://www.cocam.co.uk/CoCamWS/Infrared/INFRARED.HTM 
 Infrared is what they use to spot the indoor grow rooms. 
 Knowledge Is Power To Beat It!

Hydroponics? Ridiculous! A Real Farmer Looks At Medical Marijuana 
 Just 1 persons view on growing outdoors

  Cash and Money Laundering – A Primer

  Concealment Tips Written By A Government Trained
  Ex Drug & Explosive Dog Trainer & Dog Handler

   Radiant Barrier Paint, a Radiant Barrier: Stops Heat From Entering or Escaping.  
  Your Grow Op & The Cops Illegal Thermal Imaging From Spotting Your Grow Operation

 Tips From The Toronto Cops To Spot Your Grow Operation

Know Just When To Harvest Every Time.

The Ultimate Discrete Marijuana Grow Room Security Lock
      Part 1

  A Step By Step Guide To Building The Ultimate High-Tech  
     Grow Room Discrete Security Door Lock Part 2

  MARIJUANA OPTICS, An elaboration on the photochemical process that makes THC, A Continuing Updating Manual

DNA database tracks pot trafficking

Report On Marijuana From The DEA

Man uses bees to protect pot stash

Pot grower pulls vanishing act in tunnels at Miami home  

When to Harvest By Mr. Grow Big!  

Some Great Plant Photo’s Submitted By "Master Grower’s"
Sort Of Like A "Hall of Fame"
From Master Growers, Future Photo
 Submissions Gladly Accepted. No Names Even Needed For Any 
 Submissions.  mailto:olpwebs@yahoo.com

Medical Marijuana Growing tips #1 from Myself.
& How to survive Encounters with the cops

List Of Marijuana Grow Equipment Suppliers

Medical Marijuana Strains Descriptions With Photo’s,

Seed Banks to buy Medical Quality Marijuana seeds,

How To Build Your Own Medical Marijuana Vaporizer!

“World’s Most Useful Plant” Targeted for Biological Bug Attack

Organic Compost Materials And There NPK Values

 Build your own, kills all odors BEFORE someone smells them,

We Also Broke The News First Here at OnlinePot Of Another 
Secret Federally Funded Medical Pot Farm In Hawaii,  
With National Guard & FBI As Security

         9/21/02  An OnlinePot News Exclusive!

                                   govpotcan.jpg (112916 bytes)
Click thumb nail to enlarge photo of this USA Government Issued Medical Marijuana, 
The 7 Federal Patients that are still alive receive 1 can just like this one each month! 
Gee! Maybe we should All go down to Oxford, Mississippi & Demand our own US 
Government Grown & Issued Medical Marijuana Medicine!

     Quick Tip! Check your electric bill for the next meter reading date? 
     It is on every electric bill you get, when the next meter reading date is.
     & Make sure that if your running a multi light set-up to turn it down to 
     just 1 light on that day. Just enough to keep the light cycle going, so not 
     to mess up the ladies budding cycle. & It wont have your meter spinning 
     at "Mock Speeds" while your meter reader is looking at it. They have 
     been told to look out for meters spinning faster then they should be.

When to Harvest By Mr. Grow Big!  

Death Star Bong, How To Make This Far Out Space Bong!

2 Nutrient And Deficiency Reports  

Step By Step Plans To Build A Marijuana Grow Box  

Lighting Types and Bulb Intensities  

Closet Grow Setup Plans  

Frightful risk for medical pot users Home-invasion robbers don’t care who’s growing or using the marijuana  

Creating True Breeding Strains of Marijuana Plants  

Describes the differences between F1 & F2 Hybrid Marijuana Plant Strains,

Nutrient Disorders in Marijuana Plants    

Great Recipes For Mixing Great Soil For Your Marijuana Plants

Things The Police & Your Neighbors Look For to Bust Your Grow Site  

Some More Great Grow information Submitted  by Mr. Grow Big  

Marijuana Grow Guides from other websites

  DEA survey report on marijuana from the Miami Office of the  DEA, Released thru Freedom of information act! God Bless America! 

Air Cleaners & Odor Elimination in Marijuana Grow Rooms  

CO-2 Generators, Lots of photo’s, Prices,   
 & Why they are needed in a Grow Room,  

Ozone Generators   For odor elimination in a grow room

HOW TO PRESERVE POT POTENCY…by stopping Mold, Bugs and Fungi before they damage your weed/ 2 separate reports,

Step by Step Instructions on How to Wire your own Grow Lights!

Here is a great site for buying all the parts to wire your own lights

Magic Vacume Machines  Shrinks Wrap Your Medical Marijuana Before Storage  
Learn About It On this Link It helps to preserve Medicine 
for long term storage, Or Shipping

Here is a great Link It’s A Free Service by Hydrofarm, You in
 put your grow room measurements, & it lays out your room
 design for you, To optimize your grow room efficiency.

Light Measurement Handbook
Rather technical, but an excellent resource on the behavior
of light, 64 page PDF file

 Plant Lighting Glossary,  Learn all the different lighting terms  

Frequently Asked Questions about Cultivation,  

Green House Grow Light Guide  


              We Split Up All New Additions Between Both 
            Grow Guides Pages, To Help Page Download Times.
            We Have 100’s Of Grow Guides So Check Both Pages
                            Grow Guides Page #2



           Song Title "420"- By The Garden Of Weeden


                                   Get Windows Media Player