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 Learn how to grow your own marijuana medicine, We have 100’s of grow
 guides & video’s to teach you how to grow your own medical marijuana. 
There is no reason at all why you have to settle for that cheap almost medically
 useless swag, that you get off the streets. & Why help support some foreign
 drug cartels?  Learn how to grow your own medical marijuana cannabis
 medicine. Or found your own local "Co-Op" with 5 or 6 other sick patients.


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                       Marijuana Growing Equipment



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                  A Cannabis Garden Video


  Ten Interesting Facts About Growing Marijuana

Harvesting worm castings for marijuana growing soil improvements

Using worm castings in your soil

Worm Farming Reference Data

 How To Utilize Lighting CFL’s – A Must Read For Any Indoor Marijuana Grower

Video How To Set Up A Marijuana Grow Room

  The Scrog Method OF Growing Marijuana Cannabis


64w CFL Micro-Growing Marijuana Yielded 42g per 64w = 0.65g per watt
  This is the perfect small setup for a first time medical marijuana grower,

More Medical Marijuana Cannabis Pot Strains & Plant Descriptions

Flora Feeding Schedule For Medical Marijuana Soil Growers.

Basic Medical Marijuana Grow Room Setup Electrical Safety Guidelines

Molecular Biology of Flowering.pdf

Photoperiodism and Stimulation of Flowering

Cannabis: an environmentally and economically viable method for climate change mitigation

The Urban Grower is a weekly Internet only show 
that will teach you everything you will need to 
know to help you grow up to two pounds per light.

 Online Grow Tutorial and Info Archives beta V 1.0.chm
 Over Grow’s "Grow Tutorial" Fully Online & Search Able 
"Temp Offline Working To Fix This One"

 800 Marijuana Cannabis Strains, With Seed Banks & Crossed With Genetics

Cannabis Growing Guide From "Nirvana Seeds" PDF

The Home Cannabis Creator
A Northwestern Guide to Pretty Good Pot
by the Cannabis Creator

Whole House – In Duct Ozone Generator http://www.aaaozone.com/airduct2000.html

How To Hide Your Grow Op From Airborne Infrared Flair Detection Devices

 Active Remedy Ltd is a Not for Profit Company set up by Tara and Stella Joy
 to run the R.E.M.E.D.Y Project.  http://www.activeremedy.org.uk/
Cannabis: an environmentally and economically viable method for climate change mitigation.
http://www.activeremedy.org.uk/Thesis marcdeeley@yahoo.com 0141 6321223.pdf

  CO2 For ‘Free’ A Great Article Learn How To Get Free CO2

 Help the drug police waste their time
Stop the Grow Op Tippers Before They Stop You!

NPK charts – organic fertilizers and soil amendments

Delta940 DIY Raw Salt Fertilizers for Dummies

Nutrient management in recirculating hydroponic culture

Air Cleaners & Odor Elimination in marijuana grow rooms

Photo’s how to tell between Male, Female & Hermaphrodite Pot Plants  

PEST CONTROL & Plant Diseases For Marijuana Plants

How Do You Prune Marijuana Plants

The Farmers’ Almanac
Since 1876 the Farmers’ Almanac has been providing farmers with 
information about sunrise/sunset, moon cycle, and weather patterns.

US Plant Hardiness Zones

UNDCP Report: Cannabis as an illicit narcotic crop

WASHINGTON (AP) — Police violate the Constitution if they use a heat-sensing device to peer inside a home without a search warrant, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. This is a "Major" victory for the medical marijuana grower!! They just can not use it to get a warrant, The next place they will start looking is your trash! To get the evidence they need for a search warrant! And as a reminder the cops do not need a warrant to search thru your trash! The Courts have all ready ruled on this issue. So you need to be real sure that you do not throw anything connected with pot in your trash cans!! All trash from your grow room MUST be destroyed! Prior to throwing it away! 

 Side note: I have yet to find any trash from a grow room that could not
 be destroyed or melted down by throwing it into a Charcoal Grill Or A Fire Pit .


List of Grow Equipment Suppliers

Everything you need to know about hash

 A how to on  Comparing Cannabis sativa with Cannabis Indica and their hybrids

Comparing Cannabis Sativa & Cannabis Indica part 2

 Marijuana Botany An Advanced Study: The Propagation 
and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis
 In four parts

 Where to buy medical marijuana cannabis seeds online,


A Tale of Two Gardens by Ed Rosenthal originally published in High Times

When to harvest your medical marijuana plants

Subject: Nomadic, Clandestine, Hydroponics Garden!

 HOW TO PRESERVE POT POTENCY…by stopping bugs 
and fungi before they damage your weed

Gorilla (outdoor) pot growing guide!!

 History of hydroponics

More information on marijuana cultivation

More grow information

 How to Grow Marijuana courtesy of the Jolly Roger


How to Build Your Own Nomadic, Hydroponics’ Garden 
– – On a Limited Budget

Sea Of Green  Growing Guide!  Get more pot in less time! 

Sea of Green: The Perpetual Harvest

Great book for beginners, or people who want to learn more about growing medical marijuana indoors. 
Based on the video about weed growing, includes step by step instructions that will help anyone start growing.

 Sea of Green (SOG) Marijuana Growing Guide

  Outdoors growing tips 

I have a good tip!!! If you are growing outdoors where there are a lot of deer to eat you plants!!! Take along some 50# fishing line!! Put about three different lines around your planting area, At different heights!! Tie them of on the trees  around the whole garden! The deer will hit the almost invisible fishing lines!! & will freak!! panic & they should run off without eating your plants!! & the fishing line is almost invisible from the air! 

Another tip! Remember all the moonshine movies from the 70’s???  OK! so I am dating how old I am! 40 years of Experience is talking!! Take Real light fishing line 4-5 pound test! string some trip lines in the vicinity of your outdoor garden!! tie on some tin cans with rocks on them for an alarm system!! If  It worked for a moonshine still!! It will work just as well for a medical pot garden!!  Cops have been well known to stake a garden out for a few days to see if you will show up!! If your tending your plants & the cans start rattling!! 
Run like hell!!! 

"Feet don’t fail me now!!" 

If you are really smart!! You will have a couple hide area’s all ready mapped out For Emergency’s  with in a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile from your garden! in all directions!! get to one of your hide spots!! & do not move for at lest 12 hours!!!

Try stashing a couple of those "Thermal Survival Blankets"  In your hide area!! Feel free to paint them in greens & browns Camouflage paint! Wrap yourself in the blankets!! & It should do a good job of  Masking your body heat  from the "Thermal Images Camera’s" That the police helicopters use!  

 When trying to out run the helicopters!! Hug a big tree!!! keep your tree between you & the helicopter at all times!!! the big tree will hide your body heat from the thermal camera’s!  

&  For God Sake Do Not Shoot at The Helicopters!  Trust Me!   They Have Bigger Guns Then You!  
   Those M-60’s Rounds Coming At You At 2000 Rounds a Min & 3200 Feet Per Second!

             Can Seriously Ruin Your Day & Life!

                     This is a must read page!!

        Growing guide & How to survive encounters with the cops with lots of tips from me 

The complete "Rockwool The Book" Complete guide to show you step by step how 
to grow with Rockwool.  All 8 chapters, Everything you need to learn to grow with Rockwool.

Rockwool the Book  Chapter #1 
Learn how to grow medical marijuana hydroponic,
 All 8 chapters are ONLINE!

Rockwool #2  Physiology of Plants

Rockwool #3  Necessities and Climate Control

Rockwool chapter #4  Lights

Rockwool #5  Lights,CO2,Climate,Humidity

Rockwool #6  Water

Rockwool #7  Growing Cannabis

Rockwool #8  Diseases, Pests,& Plagues

                      Grow Guides Page #1

We Split Up All New Additions Between Both 
    Grow Guides Pages, To Help Page Download Times.
    We Have 100’s Of Grow Guides So Check Both Pages