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1 Grow Tent, 90 Days, Marijuana Plants, Six 90 Watt UFO Grow Lights, 
CO2 & A $54 A Month Electric Bill 


How To Run A Medical Marijuana Grow Op In An Apt Setting, When You Have A Limited Power
 Supply, And Still Get An Output Of One & 1/2 To 2+ oz’s Per Pot Plant At Harvest Time!

Welcome To A Truly ECO Friendly Medical Marijuana Patient Small Grow Tent Grow Op &  It’s All 100% Organic!


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      Main Grow Page#1 Or Main Grow Page#2


  I Live In An Apt Building That Is At Lest 50+ Years Old With Old Original Wiring. & I Only Have One 15 Amp Power Line To
 Run The Grow Op With Growing My Maine Legal Medical Marijuana. And I Also Needed To Be Able To Live In The Apt As
 Well. ALL Without Kicking That 1 Single 15 Amp Electric Circuit Breaker!

The "Mad Scientist In Me" Has Been Very Busy The Last 90 Days! Now I Did This "With Sparing No Expense!" If I Was
 Going To Build This "Project Low Wattage Medical Marijuana Tent Grow..?"  I Was Going To Due This The Right Way!
 Any Patient Can Set One Up To Grow Your Own Meds For Yourself Or Loved One, & Not Have A Sky High Electric Bill!

First Off This Was A "100% Maine Legal Medical Marijuana Grow Operation!" And Have All Maine DHHS Legal Paperwork
Required To Run This Medical Marijuana Grow Op & Plant Count. OK Here Is What I Have Done & Learned In Just 90 Days
Time Frame. When Using These 90 Watt UFO Lights, You Need To "Pay Close Attention To Any Plant Leaves That Are
Turning Yellow..?" The Orange & Red Colors These UFO Lights Put Out. It Helps In Covering Up The Yellowing On Any Of
 The Plant Leaves.  And With These New LED Grow Lights, The Little Heat They Do Put Out? Will Make Them Almost FLIR
  Heat Detection Proof!

This Grow Tent Project After The Harvest, Was Completely Torn Down & All Equipment Boxed Up!

   My Maine State Legal DHHS Caregiver Grower Paperwork Clearly Posted Next To The Grow Tent

                          MaineLegalMMJPaperwork.JPG (1658415 bytes)

   Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


I Started Off With The Grow Tent Which Was Sized "5 Foot 11 Inches By 5 Foot 11 Inches & 7 Foot Tall" Tent Cost Was
 About $175 

  And I Found That You Needed To Also Run CO2 Enrichment. Cost $550 For 2  CO2 Tanks, Regulator,& The PPM4
 To Monitor Your CO2 Levels, And Automatically Keeping The CO2 Levels Inside The Tent At A Constant 1500PPM.

  Each 90 Watt LED Grow Light Uses Just The Equal Power Of Just A Single 90 Watt Light Bulb..!  Cost Online $125
  Per Light, Or Around $150 At Your Local Grow Store! & Each Are Set Up With Adjustable Ratchet Hangers That Makes 
  Each One Easily To Be Adjusted Up Or Down As The Pot Plants Grow.

        Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


   Two CO2 Tanks & Regulator To Keep CO2 Levels At 1500 PPM’s Constantly

                         CO2.JPG (1685637 bytes)
Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size

In The Event Of A Power Failure!  Dual Battery Back Up Power Supply’s! 
Which Can Run All Lights & Everything Else For Up To 1 &1/2+ Hours. 

                         BatteryPowerBackups.JPG (719068 bytes)


Vortex Exhaust Fan Blowing Air Out Of The Grow Tent & Into A Carbon Can Air/Odor Filter

                         CarbonCanExshust.JPG (673288 bytes)

    Seedlings Just Started In Veg Cycle! Six 90 Watt Tri-Color LED UFO’s
      Lights On 19 Hours Per Day, Lights Off For 3 Hours Per Day

                               seedlings.JPG (3204099 bytes)
           Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


               A Sneek Peek In Thru The Grow Tent Flap

                             GEDC0540.JPG (1900091 bytes)

          Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


      Day 26! 4 Grand Daddy Purples & White Rhino’s In The Veg Cycle

                         Day26.JPG (3140386 bytes)

             Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


     Grand Daddy Purple At Day 25 In The Budding Stage

                          GDP Day25 Buddding2.JPG (2383838 bytes)

            Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


    White Rhino’s 10 Days Into Budding Stage

                         White Rhino 10 days into buddding2.JPG (2955734 bytes)

        Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


    White Rhino’s 5 Weeks Into Budding Stage

                      White Rhinos_5 Weeks Budding.JPG (2813121 bytes)

      Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


           Two Weeks Before Harvest

                     2WeeksBeforeHarvest.JPG (2865159 bytes)

  Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


Pure Humboldt County Grand Daddy Purple Genetics At Harvest Time!

                          GDPatHarvest_Time.JPG (2022048 bytes)

    Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size


And Finished Buds Hanging Upside Down Curing On Harvest Day!

                     Cola's Hanging To Cure_Harvest.JPG (1931273 bytes) 

      Click On All Photo’s To Enlarge To Full Size

All Told My Electric Bill Was Only $65 Per Month With The Lights On 24/7 
Which Is Only $35 Dollars Higher Then Normal. And Last Months Electric
Bill, With The Lights on 12 On & 12 Off! Was Only $54 For A Month TOTAL!  LOL 
And Remember That $54 Dollars A Month, Includes My Own Electric Costs For Computer
& Big Flat Screen TV 24/7. It Cost "Just Me" From $30 To $35 A Month Living Here As Well.

Welcome To A Truly ECO Friendly Medical Marijuana Patient Small Grow Tent Grow Op &  It’s All 100% Organic!

                       WhiteRhinoNugsHarvested.JPG (940521 bytes)
 The Nirvana White Rhino Buds Harvested & Cured!

And All Totaled? I Averaged Roughly One &1/2 OZ’s Of Dry "AAA Medical Grade Buds" Per Plant!
 Are They Big Fat Tight Buds That The HID’s Can Get You..? Of Course Not!  But It Is All Very Smoke
 Able Small Nugs Covered With Crystals & Red Hairs! Definitely AAA Medical Grade! Genetics Is The 
 Secret! Perfect For Any Patients Vaporizers, Bowls. Joint Rolling, Tinctures, & Edibles. & You Cant 
 Beat A "$54 Electric Monthly Electric Bill"  I Am ROFLMAO!

And Did I Kick That 1 Single 15 Amp Electric Circuit Breaker…? 

NOPE!  Not Even Once The Entire Grow Cycle!

And The Beautiful Part Of All This Is..? I Had My Apt Handyman Come in & Inspect The Grow Tent Set Up?
These NEW 90 Watt LED Lights Put Out Almost ZERO Heat! Which Means ZERO Moisture Buildup That Is
ALWAYS! An Issue In Any Grow Op?  "How To Get Rid Of All The Excess Heat & Moisture…?" Using LED UFO’s!
They Is NO Heat Or Moisture Issues To Deal With! My Maintenance Man Has "No Problems" With It At All
Once He Inspected It! "Every Things Stays Self Contained Inside The Grow Tent!" Not Even One Single Nail 
In Any Wall Was Used! Perfect Grow Op For City Apts Or Other Small Area’s, Which Makes It Very Landlord Friendly!